Max Knowles

Max Knowles – ACN Top Earner


When Max Knowles first became an entrepreneur at 18, his goal was to pay for college. However, as his monthly income started to increase, he knew he was on the right path to building a successful network marketing business. Within a year, he was grossing close to $10,000.00 a month. Max made the decision to leave college (against his family’s wishes) to go into business for himself.


Growing up in Miami, FL, his family didn’t have a lot of money. He would see the nice houses and cars, and he would dream of a life like this for himself. He knew he want to live a successful life, but he just didn’t know how to get accomplish it.


Max was going to college to study law, but after seeing how much tuition was, and how many hours he had to put into being a top attorney, he decided it wasn’t what he wanted. When he started earning good residual money (a check with my name on it and a comma in the dollar amount—Max’s words), as well earning a position in ACN, he knew he had done the right thing.


Now in MLM, Max Knowles worked hard to grow not only his business, but himself. He read how-to books on how to become the best in direct selling and entrepreneurship. As far as learning from the MLM leaders, Max found a lot of dishonesty. Most of the individuals who were supposed to be MLM leaders had no leadership skills at all.


They were more interested in selling him their personal merchandise then providing him with effective strategies. Max decided to create his own direct selling model based on what he knew personally worked and didn’t work. His method became known as “The Dynasty Process.”


Over the years, Max has made changes and additions to his network marketing techniques. Today, “The Dynasty Process” is one of the most results-driven network marketing processes in the industry. Max Knowles not only became a millionaire, he also mentored others in becoming six and seven-figure multilevel marketers.


His “The Dynasty Process” is used by MLM companies around the world to improve team building, as well as sales teams in major corporations. Max can be proud that he created methodology that is viewed as the best in the sales and marketing sector. If you want to know how Max Knowles became the success he is, “The Dynasty Process” is the answer.


Dynasty International


It is apparent that Max Knowles is all about growth. In 2005, he established the Dynasty International Marketing Group. His goal was to create the most-skilled and knowledgeable marketing group in the multilevel industry. The diverse group of individuals in Dynasty International comes from all walks of life, but they share the common aim of being MLM top earners.


What a determined young man Max Knowles is. While the objective of most college freshmen is to party at as many frat houses as they can, he was securing a future for himself, his family, and all those around him. He has such maturity for someone at such a young age. There are men (and women for that matter) who are twice his age, and they act like the world owes them something.


But this is an example of what I constantly talk about in my articles: determination and hard work will get you where you want to be. This is how Max Knowles became successful in life and in business. I think that is just as important in how to live your life as it is in MLM.


When Max began at ACN, he had no experience in multilevel marketing. In a short period of time, he became a direct selling expert. At 21, he became the youngest person in ACN’s history to become Regional Vice President. Today, he holds the prestigious position of Senior Vice President, and he is a member of the Circle of Champions. His residual income is $120,000.00 a month.


Max says he feels empowered. As he put a little more effort, a little more determination into his business, it continues to grow. According to Max, one of the advantages of working in the southern Florida region is its diversity. Everyone knows someone from other places, therefore, your MLM business can grow internationally quickly.


He has brought family members into his fold. His sister is a regional manager, and his father is a team coordinator. They all work hard, but they also have fun together, enjoying life and doing the things they love. Max is proud that he has stuck with ACN and direct selling so long. He has been in the industry for six years, and he still is going strong.


Max states that he is not only strong on the outside, but his core strength is tough. It shows who you are as an individual. With ACN, he has learned how to become a leader and how to be successful. He is grateful for the education he got at ACN, because to him, it is priceless.


I like this next part from Max. He says to anyone wanting to come into the network marketing business, you will have to grow. You can’t be successful in MLM the way you are now.


I have said it so many times, but in order for you to be prosperous and live the life you want, you are going to have to make some changes. No questions about it.


Max went on to say the changes you make are for the best. The question is (according to Mr. Max Knowles): do you have the desire to separate yourself from the masses?


Again, I have stated this over and over again. When you change, or want to change your life for the better, you are going to have to be real careful about whom you keep company with. You can’t be around negative, naysayers, who don’t want to grow and prosper.


Max said that he didn’t want to wait until he was 35 or 40 years old to enjoy a fulfilled life. He wanted it now, so he could take pleasure in his hard work and devotion for many years to come. He loves the fact that he owns his own company, and he is his own boss. He doesn’t have anybody to tell him when to report to work, and when to wake up.


Max says, “You can have it all. It really is up to you.” Like I said, it is surprising (in a good way) and amazing to hear about a young man with such maturity. Wow, what an inspiring individual!




In keeping with his aim to give back to the community, Max and Dynasty International joined forces with Ronald McDonald Houses in South Florida. Since 2010, this partnership has done quite a bit for people in need, including feeding thousands through the Adopt-A-Meal program, purchasing new refrigerators for both Ronald McDonald Houses in South Florida, and raising over $5,000 in donations.


ACN works with Ronald McDonald Houses of South Florida as well. The company wants to improve the life of every child in the area. Giving back to those in need is a mission for this MLM business.




I have talked about ACN before, but I will tell you again what this innovative business is all about. Established in 1993, ACN first started offering its services in the U.S. A few years later, it grew rapidly to the point it extended operations to Europe. The name ACN comes from American Communications Network, which is what the business used to be called before it went international.


ACN provides landline telephone, cell phone, energy, internet, banking, and other services to home and small business owners. ACN provides some of the services, but the majority is sold by some of the big-name retailers.


Like most direct selling companies, the services are sold to customers by an independent business owner (IBO).  If the IBO finds someone that is interested in selling ACN services, he or she recruits that person. This is pretty much the typical way that multilevel marketing works.


ACN Compensation Plan


Again, it’s just like most other MLM compensation plans. As an IBO, you earn residual income for every customer you sign up. If that customer signs up as a consultant, you earn bonuses for every customer that the recruit signs up. ACN also offers consultants, another name for IBOs, free service if their customers pay their bills on time.


That really is a good bargain. Who wouldn’t like free satellite television, internet, or cell phone service? As a MLM marketer for ACN, you sell the service, but the billing and installation are handled by the provider. And let me tell you, these folks work with AT& T, Verizon, Sprint, and Time Warner Cable to name a few.


If you have every thought about starting your own home-based business, ACN will provide you with that opportunity. According to those that work as IBOs, the appeal of ACN is the fact that you are not trying to hock potions or face creams that people may or may not want.


In this technologically-advanced world, everyone wants cell phone and internet. If you have children, there is absolutely no way you can keep a happy household without your child having a cell phone and WIFI so that can text friends all night that they just saw at school a couple of hours earlier. You have children? Then you know I am telling the truth.


And speaking of children, operating a business from your home, making your own hours, gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family. You can go on vacation, attend sporting events, and be a part of parental groups for your children’s schools. You can do so much more than what you can working a 9-5. As ACN likes to say, “The next success story could be yours.”




Max Knowles want to bring opportunity to the people of Miami; people from all different walks of life. He succeeded in showing them how to obtain personal wealth and time freedom. He worked his way to the top, and he wants to show South Floridians through training events and seminars how ACN can give them the life they dream of. As an IBO, you gain knowledge, independence, and worth. From what I can see, it certainly has worked for him.