Max Schwarz

Max Schwarz – Amway’s Max Club

maxschwarzMax Schwarz is a celebrated Amway European Champion, to say the least!

Max Schwarz and his late wife Marianne Schwarz are Amway Global multi-level marketing heroes in every sense and angle. They are a very hard working couple who believe in success, a good life, financial freedom, and a lot of free time for their family.

If this is part of your future dreams, then Max Schwarz’s story and journey to financial freedom will give you the motivation you need to make that life changing decision in your life.

Okay, why do I perceive the story of Max Schwarz to be so important to prospective entrepreneurs and mlm investors?

I love every bit of their entrepreneurial journey in Amway, because they have the right mindset, hard work, dedication, and all the motivation you will ever need to see your multi-level marketing business flourish.

Have I told you that Max Schwarz is super successful?

If not, then that is a very big omission that I cannot get away with!

Max Schwarz currently makes more than $250,000 per month and over $3,000,000 in a single year from his Amway direct sells and commissions from his strong down-line.

This means that Max Schwarz gets compensated for the work he did several years back, and the above figures are continuously rising.

He is however, not yet contented with what he makes, although he continues changing the lives of others in multi-level marketing through his philanthropic nature, couching, and his mentorship programs.

Let us move on to his background for more information about our super talented Max Schwarz.

Background of Max Schwarz

Max Schwarz is a Germany national and an Amway USA direct seller and product distributor. He is fluent in German and lives in Langensonmosen, Germany.

marianne schwarz amway

The late Marianne Schwarz

Max Schwarz was married to Marianne who succumbed to Leukemia in 1997.

Marianne was very instrumental in their Amway business and had been blessed with two children; a son Andreas who was born in 1976 and their daughter Anja who was born in 1977.

Both of their children and Oliver Viereck, Anja’s husband are also in the Amway business.

Max Schwarz has been happy for the most of his life until 1997, when he lost his beloved wife to a Leukemia attack.

He calls this the darkest day of his life, but left all to God. Marianne was not only a wife to him, but also a colleague, business partner, and a self-made Amway entrepreneur.

She left a permanent gap in their family; but Max still does not believe that she is gone for good.

Max Schwarz again got married to his fellow Amway USA product distributor Mona May.Max_Schwarz_and_Mana_May amway

They have together been blessed with two children; Marilena born in 2006 and Maximilian born in 2004.

Max is a very humble and always enthusiastic father, who always has a word to every entrepreneur he comes across, either in Amway business or any other multi-level marketing ventures.

Max Schwarz enjoys traveling and holidaying.

Which, honestly, who wouldn’t?

That is one of my personal goals and dreams – to travel the world!

This is however the reason why he chose a business model that would let him have maximum free time with his family, while affording to give them everything they need.

He confesses that in order to have gotten all this, he gives thanks to the Amway Global multi-level marketing.

The Humble Journey of Max Schwarz to Becoming a Millionaire in Amway

Max Schwarz’s Multi-level Marketing Philosophy

Max Schwarz believes that nothing is impossible in the world. He advises entrepreneurs to work hard in anything they feel can be of value in their lives.

Max Schwarz has used his motto for a very long time, and agrees that it has been his main inspiration in his bid to achieve the highest distinction in Amway Europe, and almost be at par with the highly rated Bill Britt in the Amway USA.

Max Schwarz has achieved the Founders Crown Ambassador 50 and 60, which is one of the highest achievements in Amway global like Dexter & Birdie Yager.

Max Schwarz believes that one does not need to have everything so as to be successful. All an entrepreneur needs is sufficient belief in themselves and a surplus of inner conviction that they can achieve anything, and overcome any obstacle that might come their way.

I was therefore not surprised to know that Max has always believed in himself and always looked ahead of every situation he faced.

Perhaps that is what has brought him a lot of success in his Amway Global business.

What I am, however sure about, is the fact that he is a very good example of a serious businessman and entrepreneur in his Amway business Corporation. He is well known for his advanced persuasion prowess and a hunger for action.

Max Schwarz is an entrepreneur with a real vision for his multi-level marketing business.

Max Schwarz is also a real sign of consistency and dedication.

Although he is aged now, he is still very close to his down-line members, who he recruited several years ago.

His Founders Crown Ambassador 50 has not changed him or made him forget who made him what he is today. He always visits his down line members to just motivate them, make them have trust in Amway, and above all make them succeed through his mentorship.

Now, How did Max Schwarz Build his Business In Amway?

Max Schwarz joined Amway business in November 1977 after being sponsored by Willi and Dora Seyfried.

Max was already married to Marianne when he joined the Amway USA business.  They both jumped into the Amway Global business with a lot of excitement, discipline, optimism, single mindedness, and very high levels of interest.

Max Schwarz turned out to be very successful with Amway business and eventually became one of the most trusted Amway product distributors in Europe according to the Amway reviews.

The couple managed to achieve numerous awards before Marianne passed on in 1997.

The passing on of Marianne was a very big blow in Schwarz’s Amway Global business and the Amway staff in general.

Mr. Max started his Amway business in various parts of the world, although Germany still remains his core business center.

Some of the countries he had invested in include:

  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Greece
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Scandinavia

The Schwarz Organization

Max Schwarz is the founder of Amway Schwarz Organization, which has its capital in Germany.

The organization was voted the biggest mlm company in Amway Global and also received some critics as an mlm scam by various individuals and organizations all over the world. But many of those critics however lacked important supporting evidence and proof.

The Schwarz Organization is the backbone of the Max Schwarz business, and has made him open branches in various countries in Europe.

The Max Schwarz organization has a record breaking down-line and a multi-level marketing members from all the 12 countries Max has built in his Amway global business.

The most interesting thing is that Max Schwarz still has plans of expanding his organization in future, although it has experienced a lot of success.

Max Schwarz’s Business Minded Offspring…

Max Schwarz was blessed with children who have an interest in multi-level marketing, just like their father. Anja, Max Schwarz’s daughter, took over their Amway business in Austria as from 2001, her brother Andreas also takes care of their well-established farm in Germany.

The Max Club

It is in 2003, Max Schwarz founded the Max Club with the intention of educating his fellow Amway product distributors and entrepreneurs on how to be successful in multi-level marketing business.

The Max club is also a motivational center for multi-level marketing leaders who are working hard to qualify for a Diamond in their respective businesses.

Awards and Accolades

Max Schwarz is a man of many awards in Europe, just like Bill Britt is in Amway USA. His investment philosophy and dedication has worked out and brought him fame, a heck of a lot of money, and numerous awards.

It is in Germany though, that he has left a more permanent impact in business.

Awards and Accolades in Germany

Max Schwarz achieved his first platinum award after tirelessly working for about 9 months, since 1977.

The award came in August 1978, about a half a year after being convinced that mlm is the right business opportunity for him.

Max won Ruby in December 1979, Pearl in March 1980, and Emerald in August of the same year.

founders crown ambassador pinMax achieved his first Diamond and Double Diamond in March 1981; he then achieved a Triple Diamond and Crown in November the same year. It is in January 1982 that Max achieved his first Crown ambassador, before being given the Founders Distinguished Service Award in 1996.

Max Schwarz then took some time off to go and invest in other countries outside Germany. He returned in Germany in 2002 and was awarded the Founders Crown Ambassador, followed by the Ultimate Crown Ambassador in August 2003. He has since then won the Founders Crown Ambassador 50 and the Founders Crown Ambassador 60 and several other awards.

Awards and Accolade in other Countries

Max’s awards in other countries include:

  1. A Crown award in Austria
  2. Double Diamond Awards in Italy
  3. An Executive Diamond and Founder Executive Diamonds in Russia
  4. Another Executive Diamond and Founders Diamond in Hungary
  5. A Founders Executive Diamond in Poland
  6. Max Schwarz has also won an Executive Diamond in Czech Republic
  7. An Emerald in Slovakia and Slovenia,A
  8. Sapphire in Greece and Romania
  9. Platinum in South Africa
  10. Founders Platinum in Scandinavia.

Bottom Line

Max Schwarz still dreams of more success and achievement and yet we are here relaxed and contented with what we have achieved!

This is the main reason why it is important to hang out with big minds in multi-level marketing, if we really want to be big in the industry.

One of most successful people that you can replicate their business models are Bill Britt and of course Max Schwarz.

Do you agree with me in this?

Let me know about this in our comment section.