Megan & Anthony Wolfenden – Mona Vie Success from Down Under!

Megan & Anthony Wolfenden – From Banking to MLM

can you make money in mona vieMegan Wolfenden and her husband Anthony Wolfenden are a must know Mona Vie multilevel marketing celebrities by choice!

Yes, they are one of the highly followed and respected entrepreneurship world stars in business.

If it is your first time to read about them here, then make yourself comfortable because you are at the right place, at the right time, taking a very right step towards a positive change in your life!

So, why is Anthony and Megan Wolfenden so popular in mlms business?

Is it because they are just MonaVie mlm top earners?

Or it is because the family is a prolific real estate investor?

I personally feel that it is because of the ‘Extraordinary You’ book by Megan Wolfenden, which is the best seller on Amazon today!

I might not be right on my above opinion, based on your area of reference. It is under the above note that I would love to give you all the details about this millionaire family, so that you can get inspired and maybe be successful just like them!

Before I dig deeper into their background, their journey in Monavie Australia and their success story, let me start by letting you know how rich Megan and Anthony Wolfenden are, although it is something that is known to almost anybody and everybody interested in network marketing!

Anthony and Megan Wolfenden are almost abnormally wealthy my friend!

Just imagine a human being just like you and me, earning a lifetime passive income, yes a TOTALLY PASSIVE income of over $200,000 USD per Month, translating to a whole $2,400,000 USD per year!

Anyway, don’t let me get started before I even tell you about the background of Megan and Anthony Wolfenden!

Biography of Megan and Anthony Wolfenden

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden of Mona Vie are an entrepreneurial family from Sydney, Australia. They relocated to the United States of America, after husband, Anthony Wolfenden, got a corporate job there. It is out of this that they eventually found themselves in Mona Vie network marketing business.

Anthony and Megan Wolfenden have been blessed with two handsome and energetic boys: Peter and Sam, who have an age difference of two years.

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden are a business family. They worked in the corporate world for long time before they switched to Mona Vie business where they are top earners in mlm.

Megan Wolfenden is also a prolific self-publishing author and businesswoman who Megan wolfenden bookloves traveling to various parts of the world, teaching people how to reach their full potential by building their own home based businesses.

Megan has passion for education and she is an inspiration for the few people who have been lucky to meet with and share with her. She is one of the few people in the world who have tested the real fruits of entrepreneurship and loves encouraging others to take that SIMPLE but bold step of starting their own businesses.

This is the spirit and passion that led her to writing and publishing her first inspirational book in Amazon on 1st November 2013. The book is entitled ‘Extraordinary You’, and has for sure turned out to be extraordinary in its own style to its leaders, and is one of Amazon’s bestseller copy.

What makes me agree with majority of people that Megan is a super talented business lady is the fact that she wrote this book in a single holiday vacation!

In my opinion, writing an Amazon bestseller book in a single sitting is simply extraordinary, to say the least!

Megan Wolfenden believes that everybody has a book in themselves. It is only that we don’t have time or don’t want to put it in writing!

Megan Wolfenden started her business career life in the banking and finance industries, while still in Sydney, Australia. This changed when she moved to the United States of America, following her husband’s job opportunity in the US.

Megan and her husband, Anthony, started their new adventure in business by investing in various sectors including oil, gas, venture capital, gold, real estate, and MonaVie network marketing.

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden returned to Australia, after living in California, USA for over 10 years, where their two sons; Peter and Sam were born.

The family has now retired from the ordinary jobs because their Mona vi multi-million network marketing businesses established in more than 17 countries brings them more than enough revenue in terms of recurring commissions.

megan-anthony-wolfenden makes money with MonavieMegan and Anthony Wolfenden bought a two acre property on the Gold Coast, and are currently living there together with their puppy, Molly. The family is the lucky owners of one of the few waterfront properties on those areas.

The Wolfendens’ Journey in MonaVie

Anthony and Megan Wolfenden started their business investments ordinarily, just like majority of us today.

They had their first jobs in the corporate world like many of us and guess what? This is the time Anthony and Megan Wolfenden wore suits for the first time in their lives.

Megan says that she was not as excited as she later became when they got their first paychecks, while working in their ordinary 8:00 am to 5:00 pm job in the corporate world.

Megan Wolfenden, in fact, thought they had had everything they needed in life before joining MonaVie.

The family then got into the regular trade mail, where they managed to secure their mortgage, and then decided to invest in real estate for the benefit of their future young family.

Anthony and Meagan Wolfenden continued with their normal work in Australia, until Anthony Wolfenden got an opportunity to work in the United States of America. That resulted to Megan relocating to US, so that she can go and live with her husband. Megan says that they had a lot of fun working in the US, interacting with friends and acquaintances for the few years they lived there.

Then came the economic crisis or economic bubble bursting as they call it in their YouTube documentary video. The situation was so harsh that they lost almost everything they had worked so hard for.

That is when Anthony and Megan Wolfenden knew the meaning and importance of diversification in life and business.

So, how did Megan and Anthony Wolfenden join MonaVie?

Anthony and Megan Wolfenden were in one business seminar, when they were introduced to MonaVie. The speaker of that seminar just mentioned MonaVie as a top mlm business venture.

Megan Wolfenden says that the Speaker never even had time to explain in details what Mona Vie was, but Megan is today glad that the speaker at least mentioned it then! She cannot recall how disastrous their lives would have been, had they not have been introduced to MonaVie in the first place.

The family, at first, wondered what that ‘Mona Vie’ was all about considering their short stay in the US. They went back home, researched about the various top mlm companies, contacted some top mlm distributors in MonaVie and tried the MonaVie products.

Anthony and Megan Wolfenden became so amused at the network marketing business opportunity that MonaVie presented and yet they have been struggling both with their time and financial freedom! They contacted and met with one Sergio who gave them a presentation about MonaVie multilevel marketing. This is how Megan and Anthony Wolfenden got themselves in MonaVie USA.

Anthony Wolfenden says that he used to spend over 60 hours in a cubicle (office), working tirelessly for an ordinary pay. He thanks MonaVie for the perfect business opportunity it has given them and the time freedom to be with their two handsome boys.

Anthony Wolfenden nowadays spend most of his time chilling out with his family and traveling to various countries in the world.  Anthony Wolfenden even transacts his business from the inside of his boat!

Is that not a dream life for majority of us?

He has even invited you to join him there, if you feel like doing so, anytime!

Megan Wolfenden attributes their success in MonaVie mlm business to their hard work and wonderful network of friends. She says that it is the excitement, courage and knowledge of their friends on how to build a successful network marketing business in MonaVie that led them to where they are today.

So, that is how friends can influence you to achieving your ultimate goal in life!

Anthony was very reluctant at first to become a ‘juice guy’! He became comfortable on marketing the MonaVie juice after building a simple network marketing team that started to appreciate the value of his hard work.

The most challenging section of it all was to tell his children what he does for a living, provided they would not be able to understand the whole multi-level marketing business idea because of their age. Anthony figured it out by himself. He now tells his children that his work is to help people get healthy and set them free from their financial bondages.

When Megan and Anthony Wolfenden started out with MonaVie, their kids were two and four years respectively. It was a real challenge to them on how to go out and have presentations, mostly during night times, leaving at home two young kids. The kids themselves used to cry requesting them not to go, but they used to comfort them by promising to play with them after work.

Megan Wolfenden says that a lot of people use kids as an excuse of not working hard and full time. But, according to them, their children are the reason as to why they used to work hard, day and night when they were building their MonaVie network marketing business. They simply work hard to ensure their children live a comfortable life forever in life.

Megan Wolfenden says that what excites them most is helping someone enter into the mlm business, develops their business and themselves and then become successful. The Wolfendens also get excited watching people do what they enjoy doing most in life.

Anthony is excited to see many of his friends see and appreciate what they are doing, many of them have joined them, and several enjoy success as they do today. He says that they have helped hundreds of people in mlms. Majority of their friends accompany them while traveling and exploring the world.

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden have had it all with MonaVie network marketing company.

Yes, they are among the mlm top earners in Mona Vie and are never looking back.

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden’s success in MonaVie is evident by the millions of dollars they rake into their accounts each year, the flourishing real estate businesses they own in various parts of the world, and of course the expensive holiday vacations and trips they regularly have.

Life can be sweet with money, and that is exactly what Megan and Anthony Wolfenden from Mona Vie Australia have achieved!

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden’s Awards and Accolades

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden have seen it all in MonaVie mlm business. They are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the MonaVie rank advancement bonus in Australia.

They have won themselves a classy BMW from MonaVie and are the holders of the second ever Royal Black Diamond from the Land Down Under as the world calls it. As if that is not all, they are one of the most respected Mona Vie Products individual distributors and the third MonaVie top Earners of all times, right behind Carol & Ken Porter and Steve and Gina Merritt.

They are, nevertheless, in the list of top 50 top earners in mlm in the world. The family is seriously wealthy and they cannot lie about it in their extravagant lifestyle!