Michael Destruel

Michael Destruel, popularly known as Michel Destruel is a very dedicated and extremely passionate ACN entrepreneur.

I know each and every entrepreneur has something unique that motivates them to wake up early in the morning, and sleep late at night. That can either be your childhood dream, need to get out of financial struggles or simply your family, just like Michel Destruel.

Michel Destruel has an exceptional love for his only son and family. He is the main reason why he quit his fitness venture to join ACN business in the first place, and the sole reason why he has been so dedicated to ensure he makes a bright future for his son through the direct selling business.

The story of Michael Destruel is a typical example of how parents sacrifice their time and energy to ensure their children live a decent life. Michel for instance, sacrificed his lifetime investment of over half a million Euros, to join ACN multilevel marketing business, so that he can have some free time with his only son and build a bright future for him. What an admirable father!

Today, Michel Destruel is a living legend in ACN Europe. But before that he knew nothing about the ACN business and the whole of direct selling business. He simply became excited when he heard of the relationship marketing business opportunity.

Michael currently makes a passive income of $150,000 per month and $1,800,000 per year. He has won numerous awards in ACN, and he is still changing the lives of thousands of people in various parts of the world. His Journey in ACN is simply worth reading. Have Fun!

The Journey of Michel Destruel in ACN International

Michel Destruel, just like majority of network marketing entrepreneurs today never had any prior experience in MLM business, before joining it. Michel was however a very committed entrepreneur who owned a very successful fitness business in Barcelona, Spain.

His business was worth over half a million Euros and was at its peak, when Michel first heard of the ACN business opportunity.

Michael Destruel was not financially struggling, but he hardly had time to be with his son; who he loves so much. He used to work for over 85 hours a week, and only go home when extremely tired.

In fact, Michael says that he never even had time to talk to his neighbors and be with friends when he had his fitness business. Michel Destruel was therefore an unhappy wealthy man, which is sadly typical of many traditional entrepreneurs, today.

Michel was however tired of all these pressure and stress in life and was seriously looking for another business opportunity that will give him at least some free time to be at home. Many people never understood him, and in fact thought he was crazy to shift his attention from his very successful fitness business to relationship marketing venture.

Joining ACN International…

It was in 27th July 2008 when Michel was finally introduced to his dream business opportunity. It was during this time that one of Michael’s friend, who was also an independent distributor with ACN walked into Michel Destruel’s office to just tell him about the wonderful ACN business. His friend came to safe the busy life of Michel Destruel, although he was not sure whether he will comply.

Contrary to the expectations of his friend, Michel Destruel was very excited about the relationship marketing business opportunity, and he immediately made a decision to start his own home based business with the ACN Company.

Michel spent most of his time distributing ACN products and recruiting more and more people into the ACN Business. He started with his customers at his fitness business and slowly built his ACN downline to be one of the biggest and most dynamic organizations in ACN international.

Michel Destruel’s Vision…

Michael Destruel had a vision in life. He surely knew that he needed to bring an immediate change into his life. Michel surely knew that if he does not do something today, he will still have the same type of lifestyle, working 85 hours a week for the next 20 years.

Michel Destruel also knew that by that time, he will still have very little time to see his son, and maybe he will shorten his life out of stress and frustrations in his business. He however said enough is enough and made a decision to change his life once and for all!

Going Full Time into ACN…

Michel is currently one of ACN top earners and one of the most successful ACN distributors in ACN Europe and ACN worldwide.

Michel Destruel has currently sold his two fitness businesses, and he is now a full member of ACN, working from home. Mr. Michel Destruel had also managed to multiply what he used to earn in his fitness businesses; meaning that he is now more financially free, spending every available time with his dear son and pursuing the love of his life; traveling.

Michel Destruel attributes his success in ACN to his commitment and the passion he had for entrepreneurship. Mr. Michel will however be forever grateful to his downline, crossline, upline and his son for all the support they gave him all through; from the time he started the ACN business opportunity to becoming the ACN Regional Vice president in Europe.

Our ACN Top Earner today is also an ardent user of the ACN products. Michel Destruel also admits to have fallen in love with the ACN Benevita product. He says that he used the product in his first three months in ACN, and he was surely surprised at its effects.

Michel was obese before joining ACN business but he is no more, thanks to the Benevita product from ACN Global. In short, the Benevita ACN product enabled him loose 18 kgs in just three months. This made Michel so excited and he in fact had to completely change his wardrobe. He discarded all his XL size clothes and went shopping for Size M. He now felt funny fitting in clothes he used to wear when he was a youth.

Michel Destruel felt born again in his new body weight, and was extremely excited. Since then Mr. Michael Destruel fell in love with that product from ACN, and he has used it severally in his life changing testimonies in various parts of the world.

Michael however, believes that nobody has the right to stop you from pursuing your dream in life. He also insists that nobody has a right to prevent you from achieving the dream life of your children and family.

Michael is a multi-millionaire today and travels the world, touching and changing lives socially and in ACN business.

Awards and Accolades

Michael Destruel is a fired-up ACN product distributor and multi level marketing champion. He is extremely dedicated and managed to triple his earnings from his fitness business in just one year with ACN international.

Michel is one of the ACN Top Earners and he is in the top 100 list of top income earners in the world of network marketing.

Our MLM champion has achieved the Regional Vice president Award in ACN, making him one of the most highly respected members in the company. He has also been included in the ACN circle of champions and the MLM Hall of Fame.

Michael Destruel has also featured in a number of TV programs and Top journals in the world.