Michael Palmstierna Hamilton

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton of Herbalife international is a friend to success, although his birth was surrounded by a hell lot of controversies.

Fast forward, Michael Palmstierna Hamilton has defied all the odds to run one of the most successful Herbalife businesses in the world.

Michael Palmstierna was born from a noble family in Sweden, but spent the better part of his life struggling to make ends meet, while his mother kept all this as a secret from him.

Before we start looking at the biography and journey of Michael Palmstierna Hamilton in Herbalife, it is important I let you know that Michael was raised by a single mother, and his mother never allowed him to talk about his father in front of her.

Our herbalife international champion and mlm celebrity was rejected by his paternal family before he was even born, but that never became a barrier in his bid to leading a fulfilled life.

Michael Palmstierna has had a turbulent life, beginning from becoming a Splash champion in France for more than 10 years, having a celebrity daughter, owning a Splash fitness club and of course becoming the Herbalife multi level marketing hero.

Michael Palmstierna’s life history and career life is one of those biographies that easily make their way to the front pages of top magazines in the world. Michael filed one of the biggest, controversial and highly publicized lawsuits against a noble family in the history of Sweden. This was however in his bid to know who his real father was, and receive permission to use Hamilton as his surname.

All in all, Michael Palmstierna Hamilton had already made a name and wealthy for himself in herbalife prior to the lawsuits and amidst all those controversy and herbalife scam advises. This proved that Michael never filed a lawsuit out of greediness, but wanted to seek justice for himself and her mother.

Michael is currently a Herbalife mlm superstar, making a monthly passive income of $130,000 per month. Michael Palmstierna Hamilton is a champion in every sector and his story is surely worth your time if you love inspirational stories!

The Biography of Michael Palmstierna Hamilton of Herbalife

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton’s family background is full of controversies and interesting turn of events.

Let me however start by saying that Mr. Hamilton was born out of an extra- marital affair between Count Ulph Hamilton; who came from a noble family in Sweden, and a baroness by the name of Margaretha Palmstierna also from Sweden.

Michael Palmstierna was born in 1955, but never came to know his father because his mother lied to him that he had died from a heart attack, a day before he was born.

Michael lived under that ‘truth’ for over 24 years, until his mother spilled the beans on the Christmas Eve of 1979.

Before then, it was a taboo for Michael Palmstierna Hamilton to ask a question or talk about his “late” father. Michael’s mother always cried, wherever Michael mentioned his father in their house, something that made Michael to stop talking about him altogether for fear of hurting his mum.

The secret about Michael’s paternity was safe with his mother until December 1979, when Beatrice Hamilton, who was then a fiancée to Michael Palmstierna insisted on knowing what really happened with Michael’ s father and how he was like.

That is when mrs. Margaretha Palmstierna opened up about Ulph Hamilton, who was the real father to Michael and how she was rejected by Ulph Hamilton and his Erna Hamilton, who was Michael Palmstierna’s grandmother when she was still pregnant. This is what prompted Michael Palmstierna to start seeking justice for his paternity.

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton’s father was at one time working with Waffen-SS, and later worked as a soldier at the Eastern Front for approximately 18 months. Michael also unknowingly followed his father’s roots and became a marine for a short period, before becoming an entrepreneur.

To cut the long story short, Michael Palmstierna Hamilton was later married to Beatrice Hamilton; who was a professional designer of clothes and jewelry from France.

The family have been blessed with a very beautiful daughter; Filippa Palmstierna Hamilton, who was born in December 3, 1985 in France.

Filippa Palmstirna Hamilton has the generic nobility of her parents and grandparents. Filippa therefore turned out to be a one super beautiful Swedish- French model, and a celebrity that graced various stages in Sweden, France and other parts of the world under the popular Ralph Lauren cloth line and designs.

It is alleged that Filippa Palmstierna is an ardent promoter of Herbalife products and she is the reason why his father became one of the mlm top earner in Herbalife.

Various online publications and Herbalife product distributors have been quoted saying that Filippa is as beautiful as she is today, because she grew up using the herbalife products as from the age of 8 years old.

Filippa won 180 million Danish Crowns worth of deal with Ralph Lauren designs, before the deal was pre-maturely cancelled after a Photoshop controversy and defamation. Filippa has however been a model since the age of 15 years.

The Journey of Michael Palmstierna Hamilton in Herbalife International

Michael Palmstierna was a professional squash player in France for more than 10 years before joining the Herbalife multi level marketing business opportunity.

Before joining Herbalife mlm, Michael Palmstierna Hamilton had never knew the meaning of failure. All he knew in life are triumphs, even on his lawsuit against her grandmother who rejected him on her doorstep, even after agreeing that Michael resembled her son; Ulph Hamilton.

Away from paternity lawsuits and inheritance controversy, Michael first invested in a Squash and fitness club, immediately after retiring from his sports career. But, within a year of operation, his club accrued a debt of almost 1 million dollars.

Michael then decided to shut down the club and look for a different business opportunity, but something strange happened as he was busy making arrangements on this. A stranger by the name of John Tartol visited him in his club and told him about the herbalife business opportunity that has since then changed his life for good.

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton was however not in a rush to join herbalife international. He started by trying out the products, and the herbalife products gave him the energy that he thought he will never have again in his life.

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton quickly enrolled into the business under John Tartol and always smiles when he remembers the irony of closing down a business and immediately getting an opportunity to start a new one. Michael however took the herbalife business opportunity as a lifetime chance he would not afford to lose.

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton started his Herbalife business opportunity when he had a debt of approximately one million dollars. Michael however went back to Sweden and decided to invest in the Herbalife business full-time there. Michael never had a lot of money to spend, so he worked really hard trying not to use any more money that could lead him to accruing more debts.

Nevertheless, Michael Hamilton of herbalife became really disciplined when it came to spending money. He eventually introduced Herbalife in Scandinavia, buttoned his shirt and started by talking to at least 40 people in a day.

Michael Palmstierna’s hard work and determination eventually paid off. Michael started receiving hefty checks from Herbalife and later got promoted to the position of the President Team member in Herbalife international.

Michael was now fired up and worked extremely hard because he now understood the unique business opportunity Herbalife presented. He started to market his business in various parts of Europe and has as a result built one of the largest down line in Herbalife Europe and some parts of Asia.

Currently, Michael Palmstierna Hamilton’s downline has thousands of members. His herbalife mlm business has expanded to over 40 countries, including Taiwan, US, Australia among many other places.

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton is nowadays extremely wealthy, and a very respected leader in Herbalife International. He has however not forgotten the people who helped him on his way up, such as his sponsor and mentor John Tartol, and the late Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes. These two gentlemen are his most valuable advisers since he started out his multilevel marketing business in 1993; the same year he was rejected by his grandmother, who swore to make sure Michael gets zero inheritance from her family, even after her death.

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton currently spends most of his time travelling the world, attending herbalife multi level marketing bootcamps, seminars and vacations with his lovely wife Beatrice Hamilton.

Michael however loves sharing the business opportunity with anybody he talks to. He believes that Herbalife has given people the opportunity to live a life they ever wanted, so it is the responsibility of leaders in the business to educate others about the business opportunity.

Michael leaves us with success tips that say:

“There are so many places to expand your herbalife business, so get out and travel wherever you can and meet as many people as you could.”

“Whatever method you are using to build your business, always do it on a massive scale. Herbalife business is similar to any other business in life, the bigger you make it look, the greater success you will achieve.”

“You should only market what you have used and know it is importance. Make the Herbalife products part of your life.”

Michael Palmstierna’s Herbalife Pyramid Scheme Allegations

There has been however some speculations and allegations about the involvement of Michael Palmstierna in Herbalife pyramid scheme, but that has never stopped him from achieving his goals in life.

Let me stop there on the herbalife scam advices there, because there has not been enough evidence to support those claims in my opinion.

I have however noted that almost all those mlm scam advisers, mostly on Michael Palmstierna were made when he sued his supposedly paternal family in an epic lawsuit that saw many bloggers in Sweden, and several media stations make it their daily business to dig into Michael Palmstierna Hamilton’s personal life, although many supported him.

Awards and Accolades

Michael Palmstierna has defied all the controversies to become one of the greatest direct selling superstars in the industry. He started out as a splash player, graduated to purchasing a Splash and fitness club to becoming one of the most celebrated Herbalife multilevel marketing leaders, multi-millionaires and one of the herbalife top earners.

Michael Palmstierna Hamilton was born a winner and he has backed this up by winning numerous awards, including the president team membership award, the Herbalife round Table membership award and the ultimate Chairman Club Award; without forgetting the Bentley Continental he currently drives and his multi-millionaire extravagant lifestyle.