Michiko and Bruno Graf

Michiko and Bruno Graf of Nu Skin Japan are a housewife and corporate manager, turned Nu Skin business multi-millionaires. The couple is enjoying the fruits of their hard work and the bold step of joining NuSkin multilevel marketing business, amidst negative publicity and illegal pyramid scheme allegations on Nu Skin enterprise, when it first opened its offices in Japan.

Bruno and Michiko Graf are exceptional NuSkin multi-millionaires. Their unique approach to Nu Skin business is based on honesty, faithfulness and persistency. Michiko &Bruno Graf never had a smooth ‘Nu Skin ride’ like many mistakenly think. They met several ups and downs in network marketing business just like any other direct selling millionaires, but they had fortunately made up their mind to be financially free.

The couple’s story also happens to be revolving around the journey of a stay at home mum, who had succeeded in saving her husband from the stress and frustrations of losing a well-paying job. I really like covering such stories, because they really change the perception of majority of people, who think that it is only through a corporate job and ‘working’ that one can be successful in life. So, seat back and enjoy our story about ‘modern working’, using Michiko and Bruno Graf of Nu Skin enterprises as our point of reference.

Before I continue, I will like to let you know that entrepreneurship is not rocket science, but rather an easy task that you and I can involve ourselves in and equally replicate from others. Please, read on for more revelations on how Michiko and Bruno Graf started from zero, to becoming Nu Skin Japan top mlm earners. I like the story of this couple because their story is simple and replicable. The couple currently makes a recurring commission of $155,000 per month and a whole $1,860,000 in a year.

Let us now have a look at this multi-millionaire couple’s background information.

Biography of Michiko and Bruno Graf

Michiko and Bruno Graf are Nu Skin relationship marketing multi-millionaires couple from Japan. Michiko and Bruno were born in Japan and spent the whole of their childhood and adulthood life in this Asian country, until they were introduced to the Nu Skin business opportunity.

Michiko was already married to Bruno Graf before they even joined NuSkin enterprises, and are currently among the many successful couples in relationship marketing. Michiko and Bruno Graf had been blessed with two beautiful children, who were also born before the family knew of the Nu Skin business idea. The family built its dream house in Japan, where they currently live; although they have other investments in other parts of the world.

Michiko Graf was and still is a housewife, the only difference being that she is currently more than 20 million dollars rich than she was before joining NuSkin.  She loves playing tennis, boat riding and other water sports. Michiko also has unrivaled passion for music. She has even worked as a lead vocalist at a local band in Tokyo, before joining the Nu Skin business opportunity.

Michiko and Bruno Graf’s Journey in NuSkin Business

Michiko Graf was the first member of the family to be introduced to the Nu Skin enterprise business opportunity. She was initially a stay at home mum, other than being a lead vocalist and a member of a local band. Her life looked complete, just like many of us see ours today until she was introduced to Nu Skin ‘gold mine’.

Michiko Graf

Michiko Graf was introduced to Nu Skin by Kaoru Bannister, while in her comfort zone as a fulltime stay at home mom. She was so impressed and excited by Kaoru’s presentation and the uniqueness of Nu Skin products that she couldn’t sleep well for some days. She therefore made it her habit of going out and talking about the Nu Skin ‘good news’ to all her friends each and every day, before she even joined it herself.

Michiko was then surprised at the way her friends took her seriously and the way they got interested on those products. She later learnt that Nu Skin Japan was on its way to starting its operations and knew the real business opportunity that it presented. Michiko then went ahead and joined Nu Skin Business, before even people next to the NuSkin Japan offices knew what the Nu Skin Company was all about.

Bruno Graf

Bruno Graf’s side of the story on how he got involved in Nu Skin enterprises is totally different from that of his wife. Bruno unlike his wife Michiko was an executive board member and employee of one big company in Hong Kong. Life was so smooth on his path and he never even imagined himself doing what his wife was then doing in NuSkin business.

Then one dark day and out of the blues, the owners of the Company sold it to a different investor! That meant that their new BOSSES had the freedom to do whatever they saw fit for the interests of their business. It therefore never took long before Bruno Graf; then a high profile executive in that company got fired!

Bruno became so frustrated and stressed out that he even failed to secure another job. Bruno terms this as the most difficult time of his whole life that he cannot forget! I hope you have noted here how working for somebody can be frustrating!

Fortunately, Bruno’s wife Michiko Graf was doing well with Nu Skin business and he at last decided to join her, but after being thoroughly convinced by his wife and the rest is redemption and financial freedom tales. Bruno Graf is however currently glad that he joined the Nu Skin business and he will never look back. He sees his decision of joining Nu Skin as one of the best decisions he has ever made in his life, so far.

Since joining Nu Skin, Michiko and Bruno Graf have achieved a lot of success. First of all they have achieved the much sought after financial freedom, other than living a health life and leading a healthy lifestyle. They are ardent users of Nu Skin’s Pharmanex products and they attribute their good health to this special product from Nu Skin International.

There are also a number of things that have changed in their lives, other than the financial independence they enjoy today. Michiko and Bruno Graf are for instance no longer stressed by the bustle and hustle of their corporate careers. They also do not need to commute to any offices, no alarm clocks, no reporting to shareholders and bosses, and they do not need to put up with the office politics, because they surely do not require it in Nu Skin business. Bruno is always smiling because he does not need to worry about the productivity of his subordinates at work, he instead concentrate in his downline, which is like a family to them. The couple feels that they are experiencing Nu Skin relationship marketing business at its very best!

Michiko and Bruno Graf are currently twenty million Dollar Circle members and still going strong. The couple says that they have achieved the success they have today simply because they always enroll the right people into their mlm business. These hall of fame celebrities also treat all their downline more of a family than business partners, who stick together both in good and bad times. Michiko and Bruno Graf are always faithful to their downline and treats them with a lot of sincerity and honesty.

Michiko and Bruno always lead by example in their NuSkin business. The couple believes that if one has a desire of being a successful leader, then you should look like one from the first day. This is the reason as to why, Michiko and Bruno Graf always keep themselves physically fit and live an exemplary life. The couple also believes that a successful leader is one who trains his downline until they become independent leaders, who can manage business by themselves. Michiko and Bruno Graf only facilitates the motivation of its downline and always leads by helping others not by pushing them.

Michiko and Bruno Graf have also experienced a lot of challenges just like any other multilevel marketing top earners. One of their biggest challenges has however been dealing with the negativity associated with direct selling business and the whole mlm companies.

Nevertheless, experiencing all those challenges is not a big issue here. The real deal lies on how Michiko and Bruno Graf have been able to overcome these challenges in their Nu skin business.

So, how did they do it? The first thing this multi-millionaire couple did is to accept these negativities as normal and view them from the perspective of those individuals spreading them. They then build friendship with them for some time and support them in everything, even if their issues or problems are not related to their Nu Skin Business. The trick here is to enable them see how important and interesting life can be if you are in Nu Skin and get a chance to learn about them before making conclusions. This is how they have been able to win the hearts of many in NuSkin Network marketing business.

The Graf family confesses that they learnt how to recruit distributors into their Nu Skin business through their sponsors. Michiko and Bruno Graf believes that NuSkin is the best mlm company in the world. They however support their trust in Nu Skin enterprises by mentioning the company’s innovative and unique products, the virtues of the company, the intelligence and integrity of Nu Skin management and its Founders, and the philosophy of the company, which capitalize on family values and Goodwill to its individual product distributors.  The couple therefore feels that they can use the Nu Skin business opportunity to make the world a better place for everybody. Will Michiko and Bruno Graf succeed in doing that? Let us wait and see!

Last but not least, Michiko and Bruno have vowed to support their downline until all of them become team elite members. They also have a dream of making sure that Nu Skin Mlm Company becomes the best direct selling company in the world.

Michiko and Bruno Graf’s Awards and Accolades

It is quite obvious that Michiko and Bruno Graf have seen it and have it all through the Nu Skin enterprises; just from their journey in Nu Skin business. I will however like to let you know that they have also achieved a lot of awards and accolades as they climbed the Nu Skin ladder.

To start with, it is important to note that Bruno and Michiko Graf are in the Nu Skin and multilevel marketing hall of fame and millionaires club members. The couple is in top ten list of all time millionaires in NuSkin enterprises and in the top 100 list of network marketing top earners in the world.

To be where they are today, Michiko and Bruno Graf have also achieved Nu Skin’s NU PIN Achievers awards, Blue Diamond executives awards, Team elite members award, 1 million Dollar Circle Member, 5 million Dollar Circle Member, 10 Million Dollar Circle Member and the 20 Million Circle Member among others. It should be noted that to be a 20 million circle member, you must have earned a lifetime income of 20 million Dollars or more from your NuSkin Business.

Bottom Line

Michiko and Bruno Graf are very grateful for the Nu Skin business opportunity. They will also never forget the unconditional support they received from their sponsors; Kaoru Bannister and Peter Bannister. Bruno Graf says that he will forever be grateful to his wife Michiko Graf for convincing and introducing him to the Nu Skin Business opportunity. This is the power of a good wife, in session! I hope you have been inspired, see you next time!