Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen

Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen are Nu Skin Business mlm millionaires that have severally stood from the crowd for reasoning independently. They have a totally unique approach to almost everything they have involved themselves in, and have so far never regretted doing so. Joining Nu Skin enterprises was one of those irrational decisions, which the couple is currently glad they made!

Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen’s relationship marketing career is a journey full of uniqueness and ingenuity. The latter however is a point of contention, which you have the full discretion to make a decision on, but after completing reading our MLM Top Earners’ cover story for today!

The only thing that I can bravely stand at the top of the mountains, and shout with confidence is the fact that Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen are wealthy NuSkin direct sales superstars. Oooh! Did I exaggerate? In my opinion it is a solid fact, ladies and gentlemen!

Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen have made and still makes a fortune out of the controversial Nu Skin multilevel marketing business, and that is why I am here today to show you how they managed it.

As an Introductory remark, allow me to bring to your attention the fact that Wang Kuan and Mind Chu Chen are in the top 100 list of mlm top earners in the world. The couple has closed the mark of making a recurring commission of $155,000 per month and a whole $1,860,000 per year; by the time of writing this article, and guesses what? They are still doing a wonderful job in Nu Skin business.

I bet their NuSkin journey and Family background is a mouth watering one. Take your time to peruse through and let me know what you think about them at the end! Enjoy!

Biography of Wang Kuan and Ming Chu Chen of Nu Skin Business

Wang Kuan and Chen Chu are Nu Skin business entrepreneurs and mlm multi-millionaires. They are also a couple, with Wang Kuan Ming being the husband and Chen Ming Chu the wife; for those who are not familiar with these names, just like me.

Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen met while in college at a college welcoming party, which Wang Kuan Ming had organized. They started out as just friends, but later fell in love and eventually got married. The couple however led a totally different lifestyle and had a totally different perception on life and academics.

Wang Kuan Ming was a highly disorganized young man when he was at the University. He always looked shabby and had never worn a suit then; even if he was taking a degree in business Administration. Wang Kuan Ming’s hair used to be long and unkempt, but that never mattered to him. He was the funny character in his class and he rarely concentrated in his lecturers.

Wang Kuan Ming took a business administration degree at the University, just to please his parents. He however felt odd in business classes and got irritated whenever he saw a business textbook.

Wang Kan Ming however had passion for arts. You could find him at the back of the class perusing arts books or glued on an arts magazine. Chen Ming Chu was at first surprised at her boyfriend’s lack of seriousness in academics, because not once in their dating life did she found him reading a business textbook, unless it was near exam time. Very funny indeed, but she decided to stick by him! Just say love is blind in such situations and you will never go wrong!

Wang Kuan Ming was however following his heart and he equally excelled in clubs and academics; surprisingly! Can you believe it if I tell you that Wang Kuan also served as the president of his class during his years in college? Better you believe me, because he surely did!

Chen Ming Chu on the other hand was directly the opposite of Wang Kuan. She was the academic champion in her class, who used to excel in all her exams. Ming Chu Chen was always featured in the school news bulletins as the ultimate scholarship winner, year in, year out until she graduated.

All in all, Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen of Nu Skin enterprises are both exceptionally successful in life. The couple has nevertheless brought all that different perspectives on life and academics into their NuSkin Business, and they cherish that moment they met one another.

Wang Kuan Ming for instance, managed to blend his business administration degree with his artistic love and skills to start a printing company. Wang Kuan Ming managed to employ 30 people into his company before eagerness led him to move on into network marketing business.

The Journey of Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen in Nu Skin Business

Wang Kuan Ming established his printing company for 13 years and became very successful in it. He had the much needed cash that he used to pay bills for his family, but the curiosity he had in college still made him feel unfulfilled in life. He was therefore badly in need of a different business opportunity that could engage him less, and give him more time to travel the world and make new friends.

Wang Kuan Ming however knew such opportunities existed only in multilevel marketing businesses, but he knew none. Wang Kuan’s now NU Skin Business success then started out by looking at the best mlm company for him to join. Wang Kuan Ming always hate to reason with the crowd, so he wanted to be different by retiring at fifth, and still have all time and financial freedom  that his printing business could not afford him.

Wang Kuan Ming’s journey of looking at a best mlm company ended, when he eventually found Nu Skin Enterprises. Wang Kuan Ming mobilized the love of his life; Chen Ming Chu and they joined Nu Skin business, once again ignoring all the negativity, NuSkin Scam advises and the Nu Skin pyramid scheme allegations that were still hot topics on both electronic and print media outlets. Wang Kuan Ming was ridiculed by his friends but all that fell on deaf ears.

To cut the long story short, the couple’s believe in Nu Skin and unique thinking finally bore fruits. The couple is now one of the most respected leaders in NuSkin multilevel marketing business and are multi-millionaires with all the free time to do whatever they wish to do in the world.

Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen attributes their massive success in Nu Skin Enterprises partly to their unconditional positive attitude and hard work. Wang says that he cannot remember being negative in life since graduating from college, and he has brought that into the NuSkin business.

Wang however says that being always positive in life today is like a habit in his life and in his Nu Skin business. Wang Kuan Ming nevertheless admits of being impulsive and excessively disorganized when in college, but he calls that a bitter past. Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen currently maintains a very positive attitude about life and business. They simply know that the Nu Skin enterprise business is a business that revolves around people, and they are not ready to jeopardize it by distancing themselves from their downline. They also know that they are going to use the Nu Skin business model to change the lives of others in the world. So, what are you planning to use to make a world a better place just like Wang Kuan and Chen Ming Chu? The ball is on your court, my friend!

Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen have already started living their dream of making the world a better place, of course by beginning with their family. It normally pains Wang Kuan Ming that both his father and mother-in –law are no longer there to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and unique approach to business. The couple however uses every opportunity they have to travel with their remaining parents, so that they can see how sweet life can be to human beings, granted they have time and financial freedom.

Wang Kuan and Chen Ming are unique Nu skin business leaders that will forever stand from the crowd. There are a number of reasons as to why I am saying this and I will not continue without stating them!

First of all, unlike any or every other Nu Skin enterprise multilevel marketing millionaires who normally relax and enjoy the fruits of their hard work, Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen are still working! Yes, not working to make enroll more members in their Nu Skin network marketing business, but they are working as multi level marketing volunteers. Whaat! Have you ever heard of this before? This is the reason as to why I am saying that they are exceptionally unique and deserve all the respect they have and the position they hold in direct selling business.

The couple’s vision however, is to lead by example and educate newbies joining the Nu Skin business. Although, this multi-millionaire family knows that being ahead of others in mlm business is very important. They are simply doing it in style!

Wang Kuan and Ming Chu Cheng therefore understand that direct selling is all about educating others and love quoting the classic Chinese proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Last but not least, Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen’s Nu Skin business is thriving. The couple loves marketing Nu Skin ageLOC products because they sell like hot cakes. They therefore believe their business would have reached a totally new level, had they started their business with the ageLoc product line from Nuskin. Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen currently manage their Nu Skin business with maturity, calmness, persistence and exhibit a sense of satisfaction that has been key in the achievement of their goals in life.

Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen Awards and Accolades

Wang Ming and Chen Ming are among the Nu Skin top achievers. Ask this couple how entrepreneurship is sweet and you will have a whole hour of inspirational lecture about it. I wasn’t talking about that, but showing you how much they have achieved in NuSkin business. So, stay tuned!

To spark off my revelation, let me touch on some of the awards and accolades this couple has accumulated so far. Wang Kuan Ming and his wife Chen Ming Chu are Nu Skin team elite members and have the NU PIN Achievers award. The couple has also achieved the Blue diamond executive award, other than being in the mlm millionaires’ club members and in the multilevel marketing hall of fame.

As if that is not enough, Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen are multi-millionaires who have achieved 1, 5, 10 and 20 Million Dollar Circle Membership. By saying that, I have excluded the many trips, vacations and bonuses they have won to travel the earth, together with their families and friends. Ming Kuan & Ming Chu Chen of Nu Skin Business or Nu Skin Enterprises are a unique relationship marketing top earners worth following and replicating! I hope you enjoyed!