Mitch and Deidre Sala

Mitch Sala, a civil engineer and his wife Deidre Sala (a product manager) were new in Australia when they enrolled in Amway Australia business in 1982. The couple at first misunderstood the Amway opportunity and quickly wrote it off, with Deidre leading the way.  All in all, Mitch Sala decided to give it a try because he seriously needed at least an extra $100 USD a week.

Mitch and Deidre Sala then came up with the famous ‘ridiculous’ 100 dream list that later became their success blueprint! The then crazy 100 wish list is now printed in various offline and online publications, and has inspired many to achieving their financial freedom. Mitch and Deidre Sala however says that they were able to achieve each of their 100 wishes and many more, through hard work and by being fully committed to their Amway Global business.

Deidre and Mitch Sala are now a highly respected mlm top earners and multi-millionaires with Amway Business. The couple has eventually achieved their dream of owning a house on water and travelling in private jets. As a result, the couple no longer lives in their two bedroom apartment, but is instead financially free and has more than enough time with their lovely family of five.

The Salas have been quoted saying that committed individuals only focus on one dream in life, they also say that we should always be focused on achieving one of our dreams, rather than the distractions and stresses that life brings our way. The Salas also adds that millionaires always focus on rewards and not their efforts, and there is always a solution to every challenge that life brings in business!

Mitch and Deidre Sala are in the top 100 list of all-time top mlm income earners in the world and earn a monthly check of $175,000, and are always assured of a check of $2,100,000 per year just from their Amway international business.  Here is a detailed analysis of the couple’s background, journey in Amway Australia and some of the important awards and accolades they have earned since enrolling in Amway global Business. Enjoy!

Biography of Mitch and Deidre Sala

Mitch and Deidre Sala is an Amway business multi-millionaire couple from Gold Cost, Australia.  Mitch is a civil engineer by profession, while his wife was a business manager just before joining the Amway Australia business.

The family lived in Sydney, Australia before relocating to their dream home that they built in the Gold Coast, Australia. They have been blessed with three gorgeous children: Rick, Blake and Tamsen, who is also in the Amway international business.

The family now lives in a prestigious house in the Gold Coast, with a beach in their backyard. They own a country property in Australia, complete with beautiful horses. The family has more than 7 cars in their Garage, and has all the time to travel and have anything they ever dreamt about in the world.

Mitch and Deidre Sala do everything just because of their children. They for instance moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast, so that their children can live near their school, and live in a calmer environment, away from the buzzing and hustle of the City.

Our Amway Millionaires couple has also readjusted their work schedule, so that they can have some good time with their children, after school.

Mitch and Deidre Sala has even set aside a six week holiday each year. The family’s simple holidaying rule is zero electronics; whether it is an iPod, a phone, a laptop or even opening an email address.

The couple objectively spends their holidaying weeks as if they live in the 18th century, with very few electronics! Mitch and Deidre Sala use this time to concentrate more on their family, have earnest chats, share and bond. Mitch and Deidre’s children initially used to complain about their parent’s zero electronics holidaying rule, but they are now having fun with it. It is even funny that they are the ones who currently enforce the rule!

Mitch and Deidre Sala says that having holidays with your family is the best way to build friendship, togetherness and encourage openness. This is one of the lessons the Salas learnt from their Amway sponsors; Jim and Nancy Dornan. This has surprisingly worked so well in their family and they are sure it will be instrumental in building their children’s future families.

Mitch and Deidre Sala’s Journey in Amway Global

Mitch and Deidre Sala was a very frustrated couple when they joined Amway international. Everything they did simply never went right for them.  There seemed to be a big success wall that was strongly built against them. They trolled at 3% for a whole 18 months, but never gave up their quest of achieving financial freedom with Amway Australia. Mitch and Deidre’s never say die attitude was and is still a motivating factor in their journey to becoming direct selling stars.

Mitch and Deidre’s story always makes me happy. Their 100 dreams list is however the most fascinating of them all! The couple was seriously struggling in their Amway relationship marketing business, but they had the audacity to dream big, although they never even looked like a couple who can achieve anything in life! Some of their friends saw this as a joke of the year and always laughed about it!

It is however amazing that the Amway Millionaire couple have achieved all of their 100 dreams they scribbled down. They have even surprised themselves by achieving the Crown Ambassador dream, which was their no. 36 wish in their famous 100 dream list. Majority of their friends however thought they were insane to imagine that they can achieve that dream. Mitch and Deidre Sala are however happy they did it, thanks to the Amway business.

The Salas are in the up line of the direct selling legend and multi-millionaire Jim and Nancy Dornan. The couple still sticks with the advice they got from the Dornans, which include looking at their future life from their children’s angle.

Mitch and Deidre Sala however have a totally different approach to Amway Global network marketing business. They have never concentrated on being number one as many network marketing gurus, but instead concentrate on daily changing their lives. This approach has enabled them become deadly focused and concentrate on achieving their goals in Amway direct sales business, like never before.

The family is however happy to have achieved almost all of their 100 dreams. The Salas are contented with the many cars, numerous vacations and exotic trips Amway business has afforded them. The endless support, time and financial freedom they have got from the Amway business has been of exceptional value in their lives. Mitch and Deidre are currently fully stay at home parents and are happy to give their children all the love and company they ever needed in life.

Business Advice from Mitch and Deidre Sala of Amway Global

Mitch Sala and Deidre Sala have been gracious enough to avail to us a success blueprint they have been following in achieving their dreams in their Amway MLM business. According to the this millionaire couple, we should set our goals; this is obviously exemplified by their 100 dreams list, the second one is to avoid any form of prejudgments, this is followed by living a simple life and always being a good example to others.

The couple however advices us to first focus on the basics of our businesses and always help others where possible. The Salas say that a lot of people have become very successful by just duplicating them and now is your time! Mitch and Deidre Sala believes that being a good example to others is not only the main thing, but also the only thing in relationship marketing businesses.

Sala, Mitch and Deidre have built their Amway business in various parts of the world. Some of the countries where their business has experienced tremendous success include their home country, Australia, New Zealand, China, Europe, South America, The United States of America, South Africa and some parts of Asian continent.

Mitch and Deidre Sala’s Awards and Accolades in Amway

The Salas are the first ever couple to achieve the Crown ambassadors and the first ever Founders Crown Ambassadors in Australia. The couple has hit headlines as having one of the most dynamic network marketing businesses in the globe.

Other awards and accolades the Salas from Australia have achieved in their mlm businesses include Diamond ,EDC, double diamond, Triple Diamond, Crown, Crown Ambassadors, Founders Crown Ambassadors and many others.

Mitch and Deidre Sala are members of the Network 21 business abbreviated as N21. The couple struggled in their first 18 months in Amway business; only achieving a 3% and qualified for a 6% just once, when one of their customers bought a cookware from their business. Almost all of their achievements were in their 100 dream list.