Mongi Errahal

Mongi Errahal is a special MLM leader, not only in Wor(l)d Global network business, but also in the whole of network marketing fraternity.

We have heard that the multilevel marketing business is an industry with all calibers of people, but Mongi Errahal confirms this today, beyond any reasonable doubt.

We have seen people quit their prestigious corporate jobs to involve themselves in the network marketing industry, but very few even imagined of doing what our World Global Network MLM superstar did!

Mongi Errahal has surely confirmed the fact that the multilevel marketing business in general is an ocean that has many types of fishes. If you have never believed in this saying, then you will be in for a shock of your lifetime today. In fact, Mongi Errahal has pulled a lot of surprises and shocks in life, before and after joining World Global Network Network Marketing business.

I have seen and heard a lot of people leave their low paying professional jobs such as cleaning, secretarial jobs, driving and teaching to happily become distributors in the multilevel marketing business, which is reasonable, but I have never imagined of a sane man with a family and bills to pay, resign from a law profession when at its peak, to put his trust in the unpredictable network marketing business at World Global Network. Mongi Errahal is such a daring guy! But leave law, seriously!

Yes, that is the life Mongi Errahal chose to live, and he had proved thousands of doubters wrong by taking the World Global Network multilevel marketing business to the whole next level.

As if that was not a shock enough, Mongi Errahal joined World Global Network business when not even the new employees in the Company knew anything about the World Global Network compensation plan, and how the whole WGN thing worked.

By this I mean that Mongi Errahal was not only among the very first people to join the World Global Network multilevel marketing business, but one of the first people to put their full trust in the  Fabio Galdi’s vision.

To cut the long story short, Mongi Errahal is currently a full time World Global Network consultant and in the top three list of the World Global Top earners.

As a matter of fact, Mongi is currently in a semi-retirement mode, making a recurring passive income of $150,000 per month and approximately $1,800,000 per year. I believe it would have taken him ages to achieve all this in his law career, without any doubt! I can therefore conclude that Mongi made one of the best decisions in his life; in my opinion!

Are you reading Mongi Errahal’s story for the first time? Do not worry anymore because I have you covered! The following are some important facts about this lawyer-turned MLM multi-millionaire celebrity through World Global network.

Biography of Mongi Errahal of World Global Network

Before I tell you more about the personal life of this highly respected and celebrated mlm superstar. Let me start by letting you know that it is against the policies of many mlm companies to disclose some personal information to the public. This information include commissions earned, families or disclose their total earnings from sales for security reasons.

As a result, I am going to just stick to Mongi Errahal as close as possible, although there is not enough information available about him anyway.

I cannot however fail to stress enough that Mongi Errahal is a leader, a qualified lawyer, family man and a multi-millionaire in the network marketing business, because I admire the decision he made to join World Global Network mlm business!

Mongi was born in Dubai in the United Arabs emirates, meaning that the rest of his family still resides there. It is however obvious that it s not easy to find Mongi in Dubai because he resides in Paris France. He however travels there regularly both for business purposes, vacations or to meet with his extended family.

So, Mongi Errahal was never excommunicated from this strict Islamic country! No! It is simply because Mongi Errahal relocated to Saint, Paris in France, maybe to pursue his dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Let me however add that Mr. Mongi Errahal of World Global network network marketing is a fluent in French speaker, and most obviously the Arabic language.

Mongi Errahal studied law at Jean Moulin University Lyon in France, and worked at THCS Collete after graduating from the law school.

Journey of Mongi Errahal in World Global Network

Mongi Errahal always dreamt of a better life in his childhood. Mongi however decided to pursue his goals in life with a lot of caution, strategy, passion and perseverance.

Mongi initially knew that the only way to be financially free and be very successful in life is to be a high profile lawyer. He therefore worked extremely hard to ensure he succeeds in his dream. And he surely did!

While working as a lawyer, Mongi Errahal discovered that he was too busy to enjoy the life he had worked so hard for, and decided to look for an alternative investment opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Mongi found himself in the MLM business; under the World Global Network.

Mongi, the now multi-millionaire with WGN was initially very skeptical to join any MLM Business. He in fact thought that all multi level marketing businesses are illegal pyramid scheme and a total waste of resources, but not until he met Fabio Galdi.

Mr. Mongi Errahal however says that his meeting with the visionary World Global network President and CEO Fabio Galdi completely changed his perception of the network marketing industry.  He says that the opportunity Fabio Galdi gave him of building a home based business has enabled him experience a lot of success in Africa, Europe, Caribbean Sea and Asia among many regions of the world.

Mongi Errahal has currently built one of the most successful downline not only in World Global Network, but also in the whole of the multilevel marketing business. He is currently one of the most popular top mlm earners in world Global network, and a very close friend to the World Global Network president; Fabio Galdi, and some of the World Global Network Top Earners and legends; Toufik Rezig, Lamia Bettaieb and Natalia Lichagina.

Here are Mong Errahal’s Success Secrets from World Global Network…

Mongi Errahal believes that the first secret of anybody surviving and succeeding in the network marketing industry is creating a relationship with your downline, crossline and upline, in readiness for a long term partnership that is full of trust. After all it is relationship marketing, hehee!

The close partnership should also be accompanied by the power of duplication, which also involves constant work and having a passion for what you will be doing!

Mongi Errahal however says that any kind of success is a result of a very careful thought, great patience and perseverance. All in all, the final advice from Mongi is that with faith you will get everything you ever wanted in life.

Awards and Accolades

Mongi Errahal is one of the most successful individual distributors in Word Global Network. He has broken almost all the records, regarding qualifications in World Global Network, including becoming the first ever distributor to reach the president Diamond award in the Company.

Mongi Errahal is a millionaire club member, who was also awarded a blue Ferrari in one of the most publicized events in the world of network marketing. Mongi celebrated his award with his international team in various regions, including Russia, Colombia, Argentine, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, French, Ivory Coast and other parts of the world.

Mr. Mongi of World Global network has also been featured in various World Global Network MLM Events such as the World Global Network 7 grand opening in Russia, and other events in Russia, France, Brazil among many other countries.

It is however worth noting that World Global Network superstar has also won a number of holidays and shopping sprees to various parts of the world with his MLM Company. The most memorable one, however, include the Diamond Live holiday to Dominican Republic.

Lastly but not least, Mongi Errahal has been featured in various top TV Channels and top publishing magazines in the world. For instance, Mr. Mongi has been featured in Ted Nuyten’s 150 all time MLM top Earners in The Business For Home magazine. Mongi Errahal is also a proud hall of Fame celebrity, to say the least!

Bottom Line

The only way to achieve your dreams in life is by following your heart. Mongi Errahal left a prestigious law profession to follow his dream, and he has emerged as one of the most successful MLM leaders on the globe. This is just one example, but there are millions of others in life. Please follow your dream and you will never regret in life! Thank you for taking your time to read my article!