Nancy Dornan – Amway’s Amazing Lady

Nancy Dornan – True Amway Beauty

Nancy Dornan is a renowned, beautiful, and well respected woman in the world of Multi-level Network marketing. She is a very successful mlm entrepreneur, highly respected philanthropist, and a mother to three children Eric, David and their beautiful first born daughter; Heather. She is a widow and a wife to the ever responsible and supportive late husband Jim Dornan; who passed on in 2013. It is so painful to lose a loving husband after all the struggle you have gone through, and at your financial prime time, may his soul rest in eternal peace. Nancy Dornan is a special need education graduate from Purdue University, and one of the most respected mlm entrepreneur in Amway top earners list of all times. Nancy and Jim started the Mlm business back in 1970, while still struggling with establishing their life in their various professionals. Nancy Dornan is a Speech Therapist while her late husband and friend, Jim Dornan, has an aeronautical degree from the same university. The beautiful Nancy is now a multi-millionaire and a very successful brand in the MLM business, working for the Michigan based Health and Wellness Company called Amway International. She currently earns a whopping $350,000 per month translating to more than $3,900,000 in a single year. This is however nothing when compared with her BIG heart to humanity and philanthropy in general. My friend, this millionaire dollar woman had and is still touching lives in a supernatural way. But if you were to ask Nancy, she would tell you that the weight of the suffering far outweighs her generosity. But I can almost guarantee you that if you ask the countless number of lives that she and her husband have touched, they would see it very differently. They may not be able to make a difference to EVERYONE’S lives, but the lives they did touch – they made a huge difference. Her success journey is the most humbling one. Please continue reading and see it for yourself.

The Background of Nancy Dornan

The mlm top earner Nancy Dornan was born and raised in the southern peach state in Atlanta Georgia. She got married to Jim Dornan: an aeronautical engineer in her early 20s. Nancy Dornan worked as a district school speech therapist while her husband worked for the MacDonnell Douglas aerospace manufacturing Company in California before quitting their jobs to concentrate AmWay mlm opportunity. Just imagine an engineer quitting his job to do mlm business! A tough decision indeed! Mrs. Dornan, is a proud mother of three beautiful children; Heather who has a daughter called Ashley-Kate; their son Eric, who was born with Spina Bifida disorder now married to Abbie; and her other son David, who is now married to Jules; a thriving Quxter business owner. Nancy Dornan and Jim Dornan were a really happy family, who used to share every challenge and life hurdle with their loved ones. They are both professionals who never really loved their work, probably like you and me, hehee. They have lived a simple and happy life, but thankful to God for bringing forth the “make money with Amway” idea and a business opportunity into their life. Nancy Dorman’s husband Jim had this to say when he was asked about their inspiration to start the mlm business, “It’s very stimulating to grow an international business, and I love the adventure of building it again. It’s rejuvenating for Nancy and me to go to places like Hungary, Indonesia, India, or Russia. We’re experiencing the thrill of building friendships and having a business that really connects with people.” Nancy also explained how they developed interest in the business by saying; “It was obvious to me when I was only 22 that if we fast-forwarded the tape of our lives, we wouldn’t be heading in the direction we wanted to be.” The Dornan family however acknowledges a fact that their journey has not been easy. Nancy Dornan also agrees that there has not been a more stressful and painful situation in their lives, than the death of her husband in 2013. Jim Dorman succumbed to cancer at the age of 56 years after a long and fierce struggle with the disease. Nancy recalls how stressful the sickness of their son Eric, that took him 11 surgeries in his 9 first months, and needed a lot of cash for the mountains of medical bills. Yes, that had been stressful, but not like the death of her loving husband. I really feel for her!

Nancy Dornan Journey to Amway Top Earners List

The Dornan family’s financial freedom from Amway Mlm Company can be credited to the late Nancy Dornan’s Husband; Jim Dornan. He got the idea of multi-level marketing in 1970 while working for The McDonnell Douglas Aerospace manufacturing company in California. Although he liked the business opportunity in it, he never shifted his attention fully from having a formal job to being an entrepreneur. Jim Dornan did however introduced the idea to his wise wife, Nancy Dornan, who was then a professional district school speech therapist. They enrolled in the program in 1970 and started doing direct selling while his husband was 25 years old. A simple lesson here, learn early and start small. Do you agree with me? The Dornans were able to live an ordinary life just like other American civil servants until when Nancy Dornan was pregnant for her second child Eric in 1974. Everything however went from bad to worse when Jim Dornan decided to quit his job; which he never enjoyed doing, to take care of his pregnant wife and try out the AmWay multilevel network marketing business opportunity. They had no medical insurance and they became very broke at this time as they had to save for the new baby Eric. Back then, a hospital stay was not not medically insured then. Life took a toll on them when their son Eric, was born with Spina Bifida. Eric underwent 11 surgeries within his first 9 months on earth. My heart absoluetly goes out to them. Iknow the struggle of having a sick infant in the hospital going through such a stressful time as that. Add to the stress of no money – well, you can only imagine how much of a toil this took on the Dornans. This brought stress and financial difficulties to the family that had no jobs and that had a young Amway MLM business that was struggling. This is a point where many entrepreneurs throw their hopes to the thin air but not with this couple. Most would have tucked tail and run. I am sure many would have said, “Well, I guess it was not meant to be”. What exactly is not meant to be? Your success? Your freedom? The ability to live a life of touching others lives and helping them? Absolutely not! In fact, their suffering and the disease of their son gave them hope to stand strong and fight this battle to the end. Talk about turning lemons to lemonade! They knew they needed an alternative plan to their business and that is what they exactly did. When Nancy’s colleague teacher called her to give her an alternative plan, Nancy Dornan was more than ready and invited her to their house that same evening. It is through this that they started to make money with Amway. The couple however did a lot of direct selling until 1977 when they achieved the Pearl and Emerald Qualifications. They started to get a steady flow of income that the Eric’s medical bills were being paid without any struggle at all. Relieved at last. Nancy Dornan and her husband achieved the diamond and double diamond qualifications in 1978 while generating a lot of commissions from their top sellers’ affiliates Mike and Karla Wilson. Jim Dornan met Mike; a professional Tennis player, at a restaurant. The couple then moved to more than 4 diamonds, 10 emeralds and 30 pearls with more than 150 directs in the Amway organization and 4 directs within their group in a period of two and half years. This is incredibly unimaginable! As if this was not enough, the amazing Nancy Dorman and her late husband achieved the Crown ambassadors in 1997 and the rare Founders Crown Ambassadors with a more than 40 AAA qualification in 2006. Nancy Dornan is currently the owner of the Network Twenty One business with over 26 offices in other countries in the world. The Network Twenty One has been criticized and challenged in the UK court as being an Amway scam but it is still active and strong.

Nancy Dornan’s Philanthropic work

Anybody omitting Nancy Dornan’s philanthropic work from her role as an mlm top earner is making a very big mistake and should not be trusted. She and her husband have been the king and queen of philanthropy. They own Network of Caring, A Network Twenty One branch that is solely responsible for their Philanthropic work all over the world. She has partnered with World Vision International to help the suffering children and communities all over the world. They have visited many countries to do philanthropic work in various continents of the world. Their most recent donations are to countries like South Africa, Uganda, and many other countries in Asia and Europe. It is said that a blessed hand is one that gives, and I truly agree with this today, do you?