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Ok Hee Kwan – Herbalife

Interested in multi-level marketing? It wouldn’t be any surprise. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of financial freedom and time to do the things they enjoy? Traveling to Italy or the French Riviera on your private jet sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

I don’t have to even go that far. I can bring it down to everyday living. How would you like to pull out your checkbook, pay all your bills, and not have to worry about budgeting or robbing Peter to pay Paul? Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Well, this is the things that MLM top earners are constantly saying. They all speak of having the freedom to do everything they have ever dreamed of and not worry about a thing. They are living their dream life. I don’t know about you, but this seems like an incredible way of living.

The stories I enjoy the most are those where the independent distributor comes from humble beginnings and become a success. I don’t know how they did it. When you are living paycheck to paycheck, and someone tells you about a great opportunity to be your own boss and make six figures a month, you won’t believe it.

The first place your mind goes is this is some sort of pyramid scheme, or one of those MLM scams. But when you look at the websites of some of the direct sales marketing company, such as Herbalife, these individuals look quite happy. They sure look a lot happier than the people I see going to their 9-5 job every day.


If you are a regular to my blog, you know I write plenty of information on what it takes to be a success in network marketing. If you haven’t picked up this information, I will supply it to you, no worries.

In order for you to be a top-earning multi-level marketer, you have to first realize that what you are doing now isn’t working for you. I know I said that many MLMs started off in humble beginnings. But there are some that were married and working a full-time job when they started in the biz.

The common denominator was they each and every last one of these folks was ready for some changes. People, this is what you must be willing to admit to yourself. That what you are doing now isn’t making you happy. There is a big difference in making money at a job and having a career. You will need to realize this before you even get started in network marketing.

Another important trait you need as a network marketer is you have to be unselfish. The world will tell you that the only thing important is “getting yours.” This is a nasty and selfish way to live just on point, but if you are considering MLM, this type of behavior won’t work.

Your success is contingent on helping others, whether you are selling products, or training and spending time with you team members (“downline”). As one direct selling elite member said, if you are the type that don’t like to answer the phone or emails, then this isn’t the business for you. All of the best of the best in MLM says that you must be willing to help others. This is what your success is based on.

I will be honest. I was really surprised by the unselfishness I read about among direct sales marketers. When I first started writing their personal stories, I thought I was going to be reading about a bunch of selfish, pompous, stuck-up individuals. But these talented and humbled people have really changed my way of thinking about people who are successful and earn a nice amount of money every month.

Ok Hee Kwan

Like the $124,000.00 per month Ok Hee Kwan makes at Herbalife International. It seems you can make an honest living with MLM. And individuals like Ok Hee Kwan are true leaders. They possess what it takes: astonishing vision, inspire people, and change their life through the direct selling business.

Do you know how much it is estimated that Ok Hee Kwan makes in a year? $1,488,000.00! So, let me see if I got this. He is his own boss, he makes six figures in residual income every month, and he makes seven figures annually. What a life!


Herbalife has been around since 1980. A multi-level marketing company, it creates and sells nutritional supplements, weight management, sport nutrition, and personal care products. This company and it independent distributors are so successful (Herbalife’s net sales total somewhere around $3.8 billion annually) it operates internationally in 95 countries. Herbalife has partnered with a few famous sports figures, including Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Rolando and U.S. athlete Heather Jackson.

Herbalife does give back to the community. To make sure that children around the world are receiving the nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong, it has established Herbalife Family Foundation and the Casa Herbalife Program. It also provides disaster relief to countries affect by natural disasters.

Compensation Plan

If you are questioning how the 3.2 million independent distributors at Herbalife make so much money, I will tell you. It is really simple. As a multi-level marketer, you can earn money from products sales. You can also acquire earnings from the MLM structure, meaning you can get commissions, royalties, and bonuses from the people you have recruited to work for Herbalife as independent distributors.


The news has been good and bad for Herbalife. There have been numerous reports that Herbalife is a scam, a high-level pyramid scheme. Also, there has been internal bickering between top executives that has led to lawsuits being filed against one another. I don’t know if any of this negative publicity is true or not, but what I do know is that Herbalife keeps making money hand over fist.

Why Herbalife?

When you are researching which private multi-level marketing company to become an independent distributor with, you might want to consider Herbalife. It goal is to not only gross profits, but to help people achieve good health and nutrition. According to Herbalife, it is committed to nutrition research and development for quality assurance.

As a direct seller, you will find the business methods (online and training events) easy to follow, giving you all the information you need to get your business started. The other qualities that are guaranteed to make your business grow, you have to bring to the table. Hard work, dedication, and patience are what you need.

Herbalife is dedicated to helping you to be not only financially independent, but to improve your health as well. The business opportunity and health products are among the best in the world (Herbalife’s words). I didn’t know this, but Herbalife is a member of several direct-selling associations worldwide.

It is up to you. If you want to get involved in the network marketing business, there are several companies to choose from. I guess it just depends on which one you feel the most comfortable with. You also need to keep in mind if you could see yourself putting in the time necessary to sell the products, as well as train and support your downline. A lot to think about.