Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz

Dr. Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz – Amway’s Ambassadors “Success is planned”. Those are obviously not my words, but a statement from Amway multi-level marketing money couple; Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz. The statement is from their  personal blog Their website is both for mlm business discussions and personal updates, majorly on Amway Global business progress, … [Read more…]

Max Schwarz

Max Schwarz – Amway’s Max Club Max Schwarz is a celebrated Amway European Champion, to say the least! Max Schwarz and his late wife Marianne Schwarz are Amway Global multi-level marketing heroes in every sense and angle. They are a very hard working couple who believe in success, a good life, financial freedom, and a … [Read more…]

Mark Lei & Peggy Yeh – Amway’s Greats

Mark Lei & Peggy Yeh – Poverty Has No Place! Success always follows ambitious and hardworking people no matter where they are! You and I are obviously familiar with this statement, and I don’t plan to bore you with more of this any way. . I do however know a number of entrepreneurs and millionaires … [Read more…]

Leonard and Esther Kim

Leonard & Esther Kim – Amway’s Gem Do you really want to be successful? Then try the simple trick of hanging out with successful people. I am happy to have you on board today and trust me, you are in the right place and in safe hands, if I must say! I am confident about … [Read more…]

Lamia Bettaieb – Leading Lady

Lamia Bettaieb – Top Woman Earner in World Global Network Have you ever been given a chance to introduce an icon or a dignitary in a congregation? Did you experience a certain form of confusion or fear on where to start from and where to stop? How did you introduce her to the audience? I … [Read more…]

Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik – Amway

Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik  – Amway Korea The rich and successful people look for and build networks, while everyone else is busy looking for work! I am not in a position to elaborate further on this but the journey of Amway mlm millionaires Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik will definitely … [Read more…]

Carol & Ken Porter – #1 in MonaVie

Carol & Ken Porter – MonaVie Superstars The mlm industry has produced many millionaires, but none is like Carol & Ken Porter. I am comfortably saying this, not just because they are mlm top earners but because of their big wonderful family, mlm business approach, and inspirational journey to being mlm millionaires with the late … [Read more…]

Dong Keun Chung – Never Too Late

Dong Keun Chung – Herbalife – Never too late! If this is what the mlm top earner Dong Keun Chung went through in life, then it is our decision to be poor or wealthy. How can a man rise from almost killing himself to becoming one of the most respected and highly admired make money … [Read more…]

Patrick Maser & Mike Maser – ACN

Patrick Maser & Mike Maser – ACN Brothers Patrick Maser and Mike Maser are blood brothers, friends, mlm millionaires, ACN products distributors and above all, rich mlm business partners. They are among the few mlm top earners in the American Communications Network Company (ACN) and are on the top 200 list of top earners in … [Read more…]