Pat & Marguerite Sung

Pat & Marguerite Sung – NuSkin Enterprises


As I have been writing about network marketing for a while, I have read mixed reviews about MLM. There are those who praised it, saying it is the vehicle for those who desire to be financially free. As an entrepreneur, you get to set your own hours, so you have more time for your family and yourself. When you have a home-based business, you don’t have to worry about traffic or getting to work on time; you are at work.


They enjoy the camaraderie with fellow multilevel marketers, the positive vibe and energy at the events, and the chance to help their team members achieve whatever goals they have. I know it is not only for the money that people choose to take a risk with relationship marketing. But you can’t ignore the cars, homes, and happiness of those who earn a nice hunk of change working in direct sales.


The one thing I have noticed looking at videos are the friendliness towards each other. Maybe it is because I come from the side of corporate America that it is just shocking to see and hear people use the word work and happy in a sentence together on this planet…LOL.


Then there is the other side of MLM. People say that multilevel marketing businesses are no more than pyramid schemes and pyramid scams that will make you absolutely no money. These folks feel that network marketing is just a waste of good time and energy.


Well, most MLM companies will tell you that just because others are making six-figures a month, that there is no guarantee you will. Again, you are not promised to be rolling in dough if you enroll with a network marketing company. Also, as I (and every top earner in MLM) have said over, and over, and over again, you have to put the work in.


You can’t just sit up and connect with customers once in a while and think you are going to be successful. I mean, that is true for any home-based business. You have to network to clients, follow up emails, texts, letters, etc. You can’t just blow people off. Getting positive results just doesn’t work that way.


As with anything in life, if you don’t do anything, you won’t get anything. Whether it is multilevel marketing or not, I like what one MLM top earner said, “Get up and do something.” Isn’t this the truth?


It is nice to read about two accomplished people like Pat & Marguerite Sung in Potomac, Maryland. The thing is these two were quite accomplished even before they became part of the NuSkin business in 1988. T.K. Patrick “Pat” Sung holds MS and PhD in engineering from the University of Maryland-College Park. His wife, Marguerite holds a BS in mathematics from the same university.


After having successful careers in law and computer programming, Pat & Marguerite decided to join Nu Skin. Because they feel such as connection to UM-CP, they have donated over $1.5 million to endow two chemical engineering professors in the A. James Clark School of Engineering. The money helps the recipients with research, mentoring students, and publishing results. They also established the Pat and Marguerite Sung Fellowship in Mathematics in 2006 to help support a graduate research fellowship or post-doctoral fellowship in the mathematics department.




Pat and Marguerite first joined NuSkin so they could earn extra income to pay for the mortgage on their home. But what started out as just a way to get some extra money turned into a prosperous home-based business. They have created a worldwide network team by traveling all over the globe and introducing others to the NuSkin MLM business. Marguerite and Pat believe that you can have your dream when you possess a good work ethic, persistence, and passion.


Marguerite & Pat are accomplished within the NuSkin franchise as well. They are part of the Team Elite (19 years), they are Blue Diamond members, they are a part of the 20+ Million Dollar Circle, and they have served as Chief Ambassadors for over six years.


Marguerite joined NuSkin full-time before Pat, because Pat wasn’t ready to give up his corporate lawyer position. However, he did use the NuSkin products to show his support. Marguerite said that at the beginning there were many obstacles. She still worked her 9-5 job, and she had two children to take care of.


Pat started doing NuSkin part-time, until he realized that he made more in a month than he did as a lawyer in a year. BTW, their monthly residual income is at $110,000.00. They used the new house as motivation to keep going. Simply put, they had a goal. Now, even though they are successful, they believe they must lead by example. They still hold meeting and training events in the Washington, DC area in order to help others achieve their goals. They want the DC-MD-VA area to become a “hotspot” for NuSkin.


They have always been quite devoted to the NuSkin products. For example, for four years, Pat put the Celltrex only on one side of his face to show customers the difference it could make in their skin. That some kind of dedication!


I have written about NuSkin numerous times, but I will give a recap. NuSkin was founded in 1988 in Provo, Utah, and it went international in 1990. It offers personal care and nutritional supplements in 53 international markets. The currently number of consultants for NuSkin is around 1.2 million. The innovative products and business opportunity is what continues to be the company’s biggest pull.


NuSkin products are geared towards anti-aging and youthful skin appearance. It also helps that people all over the world are looking to stay looking young and feeling good from the inside out. Through its products and direct sales opportunity, NuSkin wants to become the top network marketing company in the world.


It knows that people everywhere are looking for economic stability in this world. The compensation plan works just like most other MLM. You earn bonuses for every product you sell, and on the performance sales of your team members. Besides bonuses, you can earn ranks and incentive bonuses as well.


Here’s the thing I find interesting about NuSkin. It has had a number of issues over the years, including being investigated by the FTC. However, it stills keep going strong. And people seem to really enjoy the products, especially in the international market. If you look at the top leaders, there are quite a number that are independent distributors in the Asian markets.


I wrote before that a lot of times, MLM is an opportunity  for those who make little or no money in several countries to finally get some type of earnings. If you worked and only made like $50 or $100 month, and you now could make $300 or $400, you would jump at the chance too. While it might not seem like a lot to those who have been privileged to make a nice salary, or to have a job, it is a life-changer for these folks.


I will say this as well. When you go from not having a job, to have a job, you get your self-respect back. If you talk with people who weren’t working, and when they get a job, they can hold their head up and they feel genuinely good about themselves. Why? Because they are finally doing something. Yes, I went back to that…LOL.


Some of these countries are in the midst of financial turmoil, worse than the US. MLM is a way for citizens in these countries to make money. It is a way for them to get back on their feet. I am so not mad at that!


The thing is that when an opportunity presented itself, they took it. Maybe that is the lesson to be learned with multilevel marketing. Not if it is legit or not. Not who should be doing it and who shouldn’t. The bigger picture here is to step out and take a chance when it comes to you. If I have learned nothing else in this life, I learn this to be true: you step out on faith at all times and take chances in life. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Opportunities are rare, and they don’t come around a second time. You would do well to remember this.