Paulo & Denise Cosiello

Paulo & Denise Cosiello – World Global Network


Paulo & Denise Cosiello must be feeling real good about right now. I bet they are feeling good every day of the week. They have recently hit the $125,000.00 per month mark at World Global Network as independent distributors.  They have also earned the World Global Network’s new President’s Diamond. Paulo & Denise are the first Brazilians to do so. How marvelous is that!


If you want to hear about their amazing journey in the multi-level marketing business, read on. It is going to tell you, or rather show you, how to get to the place in life you need to be. Some people realize they need to be in a different space quicker than others. For Paulo & Densie Cosiello, they knew it from the moment they heard about World Global Network.




Paulo said that ever since he was a child, he wanted to some type of work where he could see and travel the world. Like most ambitious people, he has been working since he was a child. As he got older, he decided to put all his energy, time, and money into a network marketing business.


Paulo will be the first to tell you that it wasn’t smooth sailing at first. From his own mouth, he stated how many of the MLM business ventures that he tried at first, were failures. But he didn’t give up.  He did, however, start to doubt himself. That’s normal for anyone, especially when you keep trying over and over again, and nothing is happen the way you want it.


One day, he was introduced to direct sales, and he decided to try it. Seven years later, he knew that he had found his calling. Now, the dream of becoming a successful businessman was finally coming real. Good for him! He had gotten married by this time, and his wife Denise came on board to the network marketing business.


When they saw the possibilities of a life of luxury and success with direct sales marketing, they knew they were on the right path. What are they doing right now? They are touring the world, sharing their success story with everyone. They should, as MLM top earners.


How great is that? I know I write a lot about top MLM earners, but nothing makes me happier than to hear about people who follow their passion. And it doesn’t take much to gain prosperity. Paulo is the first to tell you, and he is a big advocate for direct sales, and is a top World Global Network consultant and top MLM earner.


Some folks might think it is a pyramid scams, but Paulo is defensive about his work and the world of direct sales marketing. He says that there is opportunity for everyone. But, he said that you have to have the determination to succeed. How many times and how many MLM top leaders have said this?


You want to find out more information on his company, World Global Network? You want to know what it takes to be the next Paulo & Denise Cosiello? No problem, just keep reading.


World Global Network


What is the World Global Network that Paulo swears by? Well, let me tell you. Established in beautiful Italy in 2011, World Global Network MLM business provides services like telecommunications, technology, renewable energy, and mobile advertisements.


Paulo & Denise, and those like them, serve as distributors of World Global products.  With the need and desire for the best and most advanced mobile technology products, it is no wonder that Paulo and Denise were drawn to this company.


World Global Network Compensation Plan


Let’s be honest. When people first hear about MLM, they think this is some sort of scam. But this compensation plan might be right on point. There many ways you can earn money.


Like most of the direct sales marketing companies, you can first and foremost earn money from residual income. You get people to buy World Global Network products, and you get paid. There is also the good, old selling their products as a way to make money.


I have heard that this is one of the best direct sales marketing businesses in the industry. It does sell mobile phone products, and if there is ever a hot market worldwide today, it is cellphones. I don’t care where you live, everyone has a cellphone. And, people are always looking to upgrade to one that has the latest features. You can’t go wrong with mobile technology.


Paulo & Denise Cosiello says that World Global products are high-quality, and the best they have ever seen. They are very pleased to bring what Global Network has to offer to the folks in Brazil, their homeland.


Even in their country, they are considered international leaders in the mobile technology industry. What is the secret to their success? I have said it before, and I will say it again, building a strong network.


Knowing how to reach people on a personal level is the only way this will work. It doesn’t matter what the products are. I know, it sounds like I am preaching, but this is the gospel truth. Believe me. I have written numerous articles on MLM, and if you don’t take anything else from what I write, know this: if you don’t know how to reach people on a personal level, this (MLM/direct sales) will not work for you.




Where are Paulo & Denise Cosiello now? They are enjoying their places at the top as World Global Network Elite Leaders and members of the Millionaires Club. Well, I for one, am not mad at them. I like to hear about people who reap the benefits of their hard work. That gives others motivation to do the same.


Didn’t I mention before how Paulo wanted work where he can see the world. Well, I understand that he and Denise were in Dubai to celebrate the birthday of the president of World Global Network. And we both know how these folks like to celebrate! In three years with World Global Network, he is making six figures every month and traveling around the world.


Paulo has often stated that when he first started, there were the naysayers, who believed he wasn’t going to achieve his goal. But with his drive and ambition, he did exactly what he set out to do. I have written before that when you are on your journey for financial and time freedom, you might have to separate yourself from negative people.


As the saying goes, you sometimes have to leave people where they are. If you listen to other MLM leaders, they will tell you that you have to change in order for multi-level marketing to work. Change the way you think, the way you act, even change your reading material. Paulo & Denise found support in family, friends, and other multi-level marketers.


For Paulo & Denise Cosiello, it has been three years of hard work and great success. But they aren’t finish yet. They want to be legacies in international direct sales marketing. Now, that is what I call ambition! With their determination, I believe they will do it.




If you are considering finding a home-based business that doesn’t cost a lot for setup and are quite successful, you might want to take a look at World Global Network. It has worked well and given Paulo & Denise an opportunity for personal and financial growth.


I was looking at a picture of their beautiful home (which looks more like a mansion or museum), and I was stunned. No home should look this good. They are traveling around the world as I write this, to tell and teach others about the wonderful opportunity of direct sales with World Global Network. They want everyone to have a piece of the pie.


I really like this whole ideology of sharing secrets of success. Let someone else have some shine and glory, and some of that six figure residual income. These two are evidently very good at what they do.


It takes more than just first-class products and MLM skills to be a success in network marketing. You need motivation, set goals, and you need to stick to them. They continue to work hard at what they do, and if their history doesn’t show anything else, it definitely show they will reach their goals. Anyone who is interested in multi-level marketing can learn a lot from Paulo & Denise Cosiello.