Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz

Dr. Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz – Amway’s Ambassadors

“Success is planned”.

Those are obviously not my words, but a statement from Amway multi-level marketing money couple; Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz.

The statement is from their  personal blog

Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz 1Their website is both for mlm business discussions and personal updates, majorly on Amway Global business progress, their weekly activities, what made them smile, and maybe what has made them frown.

They also use this personal blog to communicate with their down line, tell them what is happening in their life, and give basic information for any individual who would like to follow their celebrity lifestyle.

Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz are very successful in Amway product distribution.

I really don’t know whether eloquence is a must have skill before succeeding in multi-level marketing or not!

I am however convinced that it is because the majority of top multi-level millionaires have it, and Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz are not an exception.

I had the opportunity to watch one of Peter Muller-Meerkatz’s training videos on YouTube and I have to confess that it was one of the most inspirational and breathtaking videos I have ever watched.

Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz are so knowledgeable in multi-level marketing business. Their expertise and experience is in agreement with their success, and being in the top 100 all-time top earners in multi-level marketing is sure supporting evidence to my statement.

The couple make over $245,000 per month, translating to more than $2,885,000 in a single year. They lead a very luxurious life with a lot of traveling and holidaying.

Do you really want to know more about this couple from Germany, then take a look at their background?

Background of Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz

Peter and Eva Muller Meerkatz are man and wife. Peter is the husband and Eva is the wife, although that is self-evident!

Just keeping it simple for us all! :)

Peter married Eve in Germany while she was in her early 20s. They have now been married for over 45 years and are blessed with a number of kids that include Dan, Brian, and Michelle.

The couple lives in Bavaria, Germany, although part of their extended family lives in Berlin.

They are renowned businessmen, entrepreneurship mentors, and Amway Global self-made millionaires just like Bill Britt of Amway USA.

to dream or not to dreamPeter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz have also written several books, some of which are still on How to Build a businessAmazon Kindle market and other online digital marketing platforms.

Peter is now a highly respected and hardworking old man who believes in working smart rather than working hard.

He once said in a conference that almost everybody in the world thinks that they are working, yet people have different success status.

So, according to him, it is only a smart investment that is going to save you from future pains and strain.

That is what he has been doing continuously in Amway, still doing, and will continue doing in Amway multi-level marketing in Germany, and other parts of the world.

Take a look at how Peter and Eva started their Amway business and let me know whether you will differ with me that this family is super good at multi-level marketing.

The Journey of Peter and Eva Muller Meerkatz in Amway Global Business

Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz’s Journey in Amway has not been an easy one, just like other multi-level marketers.

Eva Muller says that they decided to enroll into the Amway USA business after one American serviceman had spoken highly of its products and the financial freedom it gives.

Eva normally likes joking that she is not an Amway product distributor and she cannot be one, and yet she does it daily.

I always wonder why and what difference it makes!

Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz are downlines of Dan & Bunny Williams, although this has been subject to a lengthy discussion both online and offline.

The discussion was sparked by a comment by Eva Muller, saying that their sponsor was only with them for just 6 weeks before he sold his business and left Germany. There are also various online Amway reviews sites that claim that Dan & Bunny Williams cannot be credited as real sponsors of MMs because their sponsorship never lasted for long and never assisted them after all.

So I had to dig further so as to let you know the real sponsors of this lucky couple from Germany.

After a lengthy research, I have come to be partly convinced that the real sponsor of Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz is Lee Pinner.

Lee Pinner was a veteran in the Amway USA business, and was in business 10 years before Peter and Eva even knew what Amway multi-level marketing was.

A number of Amway reviews sites however explain that Mr. Lee became their sponsor out of frustrations after being abandoned by their short lived sponsor. It is Eva who called Amway USA headquarters and requested for a sponsor. That is how they landed into the hands of Lee Pinner.

Lee Pinner was the first German to qualify for a Ruby in 1976 and had a Crown Ambassador at the time of sponsoring Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz. It is however, a known fact that he is no longer active in Amway business.

Other resources also say that their real sponsor is David Crowe, who later sold his multi-level marketing business to Elmer Gibson for $35,000.

David Crowe then later went into investment scams and got jailed. The various Amway reviews also say that this is how Elmer Gibson managed to sponsor Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz.

Several other bloggers and publications have mentioned that Peter & Eva were sponsored by Elmer Gibson, but others have also refuted this, claiming that there is not enough information to support that. I do feel that Elmer Gibson is the MMs real sponsor other than Lee Pinner, who is no longer in the business.

Feel free to leave a comment about this argument in our comment section.

Back to Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz’s Business

Peter & Eva Muller Meerkatz have one of the largest multi-level marketing businesses in Amway Global. Their mlm business has multiple Crown Ambassador Members and Max Schwarz’s FAA 54 Founders Crown Ambassador.

Eva and Peter Muller Meerkatz have enrolled many people in their multi-level marketing businesses and started a personal blog in 2007, so that they can be able to share their dreams, activities, and visions with their Amway Global multi-level business partners. They therefore write their posts in Germany, Russian, English, Spanish and Italian to cater for their numerous IBOs in all parts of the world.

The personal blog logo of Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz include their Amway Global organization name, TOP4s and World Wide Diamonds.

Dr. Peter Muller says that when they joined Amway in 1977, Amway had only 8 products where 7 of them were of use to the Germany population.  The Amway’s SA8 laundry detergent was however customized for use by the USA laundry machines and was unsalable to the German customers. It was not possible for them to sell it in the German market because many people would have thought it to be an mlm scam.

Peter & Eva Muller Meerkatz currently have more than 30 years in the Amway business but many people who do not know them will think it is now that they are starting out. The couple is still as dedicated as they were, when they made their first thousand dollars from Amway multi-level marketing.

When asked why they are still so dedicated in Amway mlm and yet they have made such a difference and are very successful, they say success has a plan and it is a continuous plan.

I wonder how many of us would actually ‘stop’ after hitting what we would deem as success?

I guess, it would all stem to the ‘why’. Why you are doing it? Why are you in business for yourself? Why do you want to be financially independent?

I know that I am doing this and working hard NOW so that in a few years, I can enjoy my kids and grand kidsand have the time that is needed to travel and do all those things that you want to do.

Although Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz enjoy having business trips from one country to another, they love relaxing in their home located in the mountains, with views of Bavaria, while enjoying their beautiful summer sun.

Peter Muller-Meerkatz says that the difference between you and the millionaires out there is the time you invest in your business. He says that many people think they are working but in the real sense they are not. He therefore says that work must have a target that brings results. If it does not, then you are not working but wasting time.

Awards and Accolades

Peter & Eva Muller Meerkatz are among the top achievers in Amway global business. The couple is the first family to achieve a Crown Ambassador outside North America and just after 34 months.

The couple is reported to have more than 600 diamonds and over 750,000 active IBOs in their Amway downline. Muller-Meerkatz or MM as they are popularly known are founding members of TOP4 International group of organizations together with their down line Crown Ambassador Dan, Williams, and Bunny.

Eva and Peter Muller-Meerkatz have received numerous accolades and awards in all parts of the world. Majority of them, however, are from Germany.

Some of the awards Peter and Eva Muller-Meerkatz have won include:

  • Several Silvers
  • Platinum awards
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Several Diamonds
  • Double Diamonds
  • Triple Diamonds
  • Crowns
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Ultimate Crown Ambassador
  • Founders Distinguished Service Award
  • Founders Crown Ambassador 40
  • Founders Crown Ambassador 50

The couple has also achieved Emerald and Diamond in Poland. Another Emerald, Diamond, and Founders Diamond in Czech Republic. A diamond, Founders Diamond, Executive Diamond and Founders Executive Diamond in Russia, Platinum and Founders platinum in United Kingdom, platinum in Spain and another Platinum in Amway Latin America among many, many others.

Good thing Amway gives out pins, otherwise, I am afraid these two would need a room dedicated for just their awards that they have achieved with Amway!

Bottom Line

Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz are exemplary Amway Gobal millionaires and are one of the most followed couple in Amway just like the Bill Britt in Amway USA, according to various Amway reviews online.

These two have worked hard to get where they are and continue to do so, even though it is not really required.

What could you learn from this amazing couple?

I can’t wait to hear.

Tell me about it below!