Philip Eckart – Ambit’s Top Earner

Philip Eckart is a highly self motivated individual, renowned mlm entrepreneur, father, husband and a respected mlm top earner.

He is a graduate who really detests formal employment for reasons which are well spelled out and factual, as we are going to see later.

He is an Ambit Energy second top earner after Steve Thompson, taking position 17 of the overall mlm top earners in the multi-level network marketing of all times.

This is surely not a small achievement and he knows that for sure.

He is quoted in his inaugural millionaire speech saying, “It takes a variety of things to make a million dollar in this business, you need to have the right company; in the right industry, at the right time; with the right people running the industry. We are lucky that we have that in Ambit Energy, we have Joel Thompson and Chris Chambles running it that is why there are a lot of opportunities and potential growth.”

It is indeed a simple but very touching speech, isn’t it?

If you have never met a superbly self motivated, free minded, and a very confident MLM millionaires in life, then Philip Eckart is the man you should meet.

Philip Eckart markets products for Ambit Energy; a Houston, Texas based corporation.

It is a multi-level marketing type of Company that focuses on providing natural gas and electricity services in some of the deregulated markets in the United States of America. States that have taken Ambit on include New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, to name a few.

Ambit does marketing through its network of more than 250,000 independent consultants, a number that has risen from 150,000 independent consultants in 2010. The MLM business has churned out millionaires, and it is still doing so by enabling a lot of people make more than $7000 per month.

Philip Eckart is one of the mlm top earners in the business, cracking an incredible mlm earnings of $ 324,000 per month, which translates to over $ 3,388,000 in a year.

These are definitely breathtaking figures, considering he does very little work in a day!

Philip Eckart Ambit success story

The Background of Philip Eckart

Philip Eckart is a tall, enthusiastic individual, born and raised in a small village town in Louisiana in the United States of America. This is the town where he grew together with 16 of his college mates before relocating to Texas.

He is a charismatic individual and a very talented public speaker. He occasionally cracks jokes to ease tension at an appropriate time. This is what he exactly did when addressing a congregation of Ambit Energy mlm marketers after entering the new millionaire’s club in the MLM industry back in 2010.

He started by saying that it is easy to make money with Ambit while putting on a very serious face.

When the audience became very attentive he went to his pocket and took out a phone played a voice recording from the phone saying, “This was easy,” all the audience laughed earnestly.

That done, he easily managed to ease their tension and brought the easy life that comes with being one of the mlm top earners in the world.

One of Philip Eckart’s hobbies is that he loves to ride a motorbike.

I would expect nothing less from a ‘fun’ person with a great sense of humor.

Riding motorbikes, dirtbikes, motorcycles, atvs, etc give you a very freeing sense and is a great enjoyment.

I am getting off topic – focusing now.

Philip Eckart Journey to Ambit Top Earners List

Philip Eckart’s journey to being an Ambit multi-millionaire started with his negative attitude to formal employment after graduating from college.

This is how he reasoned and still reasons.

After finishing school, Philip Eckart never dared to write any application letter for the purpose of seeking a formal employment.

In fact, he really feared that if he applied for any job, he might actually be hired and that would mean that he would be stuck in that job, which will give him minimum chances of having personal freedom and financial stability.

This is a well thought out point if you ask me.

I actually recently went through the same type of thing.

I lost my job and wasn’t real gung ho about seeking employment again.

The way I saw it was that I NEVER wanted another person to be able to control my life and my money, so I decided that I was going to work for myself and I was going to make it happen.

I had made up my mind that I was going to be successful!

And you know what?

I am!!!

But more on that later. (of course, pop in your email at the bottom and find out my blueprint on my own personal success)

Back on point.

Our money making Ambit millionaire never imagined himself working for somebody for 40 hours a week for over 40 years of his life; earning meager wages and spending his entire active life trying to assist somebody else’s satisfaction in achieving their own dream.

Chances are you have felt the same way and that is why you are here now!

He explains further that in formal employment, you will have somebody who will control the time you wake up, what time you go for lunch, how long you spend there, and what time you spend with your wonderful family.

I can completely agree with this fact!

I am sure you can as well.

The Ambit mlm genius was introduced to this multi-level network marketing in early 1990 by his friend named Brian.

Philip met Brian in an older Telecommunication company where he used to work.

Philip Eckart and Brian used to meet once or twice a month, to just go and share a meal together, mostly during lunch hours.

It was during this time that Brian introduced him to the Energy deregulation company business opportunity. He became so excited that he immediately decided this was what he really wanted to do in life.

Brian sponsored and mentored him and later introduced him to networking with long distance telephone service Company.

Philip Eckart says that working with the Telecommunication deregulation business gave him all the freedom to have fun in doing business, making a lot of quick money, while inviting any person he wants into his business.

Then Ambit Energy then came, and Philip Eckart was more than happy for the business opportunity it presented.

The fact that people are able to join his consultancy and successfully make a residual income makes him more than happy.

He says, the Ambit Energy mlm marketing just like all other mlm businesses in the world, that are not all about what you do, but what you started in the business.

He says that MLM business is the best business opportunity as you add few individuals you know, who in turn adds the few individuals they know until you end up with thousands of people in your business.

This is the beauty of this multi-level marketing game.

The mlm industry also allows you to work at your own pace and own your time rather than giving all your time to somebody else.

Philip also adds that the Ambit MLM business has allowed him to be wherever he wants to be, at wherever time he wishes, doing whatever he loves most.

Which is why most of us even look at the mlm business model to begin with. We want that same freedom!

Philip is one of the mlm top earners not only in Ambit Energy but in the mlm industry. He is really a great businessman with exceptional talent and charisma.

He earned his first million in 2010 through the Ambit mlm business, and occasionally makes YouTube videos teaching and inspiring people how to succeed in entrepreneurship business; while removing the notion that Ambit scam exists.

He currently lives in Texas, near his friend and mentor in the Ambit Energy business; Brian.

His success in the multi-level marketing played a key role in enabling Ambit Energy to be named the fastest growing mlm private owned company in the world by the Inc. magazine.

This is Philip Eckart’s Journey to wealth.

Are you ready to start yours?

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