Presley & Jeanie Swagerty

Presley & Jeanie Swagerty – Ignite Top Earners (video)

Who are Presley & Jeanie Swagerty and who is Ignite? Well, let me tell you. Pressley & Jeanie Swagerty are among the top earners at Ignite Inc., an American retail energy provider. Stream Inc. is the parent company for Ignite.


Presley & Jeanie Swagerty didn’t start out with the intent of becoming top MLM earners. As a matter of fact, they were in the education field. Presley was a basketball coach for 16 years (oh, now I see why he is call “The Coach). But like many other MLM top earner I have mentioned on my blog, they wanted more than just a job. They wanted a career in which they could grow financially and personally.

They dream a life where they could achieve freedom (this word pops up in every article I write). This is what they found with Ignite. Presley & Jeanie became so good at being Ignite consultants, they have taken their spot at the top of the earning board at Ignite. Due to their hard work and dedication to Ignite and the network marketing field, Presley & Jeanie Swagerty now earn a six-figure residual income of $123,000.00 per month.

The goal for them has always been to not just make a lot of money, although let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt), but to help others achieve the financial and time freedom they have now come to love and enjoy. Presley will readily tell you that the main reason he joined Ignite was to get $1,000 to pay off a credit card debit.

But when he saw all the income he could earn as an associate with Ignite, he and his wife Jeanie quit their jobs and came on board the MLM caboose. And since spending time with their family is important, the Swagertys were able to travel to attend their daughter’s singing recitals, as well as attend their son’s baseball games.

As I am sure you have read with other personal stories of network marketers top earners, it is amazing that common people learn they achieve uncommon goals through the multilevel marketing business. Today, these two have their own business, Swagerty Power, Ltd. in the Dallas/Forth Worth, TX area.

Ignite (Stream Energy)

If you haven’t heard of Ignite or Stream Energy, let me tell you about this company. As I stated before, Stream Energy is an American retail natural gas and electric business that serves states in which there are deregulated markets. It also has a division, Ignite. Through multilevel marketing, Ignite recruits independent distributors, who can in turn, start their own business and become success stories. Just ask Presley & Jeanie Swagerty.

One thing I notice about Ignite, and other energy direct sell marketing businesses, is that the company keeps it simple. I think that is what might turn off a lot of individuals to MLM. They believe that it is going to be difficult. I know that I thought that at first as well. But after hearing story after story about how these MLM individuals just signed up, got started, and now make seven figures a year, it doesn’t seem so difficult anymore.

Ignite MLM business seems like it can be for anyone, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get started. What makes this multilevel business so attractive is that it provides a product that everyone needs, electric and gas. Unlike some of the others where you have to sell skin products and diet supplements, in which people may or may not want, you know you can get a customer.

The way Ignite works is that when you sign up a customer, Stream (the parent company) is actually the one that will supply the electric or gas. However, the Ignite independent distributor is the person who handles the account and any questions or issues that may arise.

I didn’t know this fact as well (I am learning something new every day as I write this blog). The energy sector is a $400 billion dollar industry. No wonder Ignite consultants like Presley & Jeanie Swagerty do so well in the multilevel marketing business. The chance for personal and financial growth is staggering.

If you are wondering how much revenue Stream/Ignite grosses, wonder no more. It is well over $800 billion annually. Who wouldn’t to be a part of this booming industry?

Ignite Compensation Plan

Who doesn’t like it when people keep it simple? Ignite compensation plan is one that is easy to understand and follow, even if you have never heard of MLM, direct sales, relationship marketing, or any of those other words associated with this business.

As an independent distributor, to make money all you have to do is sign up customers. This is known as a quick start bonus. That’s it. The more customers you sign up, the more perks you enjoy like free energy and free mobile service. If you love your cell phone, I know this sounds good to you.

If an independent distributor you recruited signs a new customer, you earn what is called a builder business bonus. You have what it takes to be a leader? The leadership bonus is given to you after you meet specific requirements and obtain three leadership positions. With any one of your leadership positions, you can create a business and still earn bonuses from you or any of your consultants signing new customers. There are so many way to earn money at Ignite.


But you can’t just sit back and expect the money to come pouring in. You have to be dedicated to making your business work and taking care of your associates. When you look at the six-figure residual income, it is the first attraction, if you are honest. However, as every top MLM earner will tell you, you have to do whatever it takes to make it work.

You have to be willing to put in as much effort as needed to be rewarded with the unlimited monthly income you desire. This is regardless if you just want some extra money every month, or you want to quit your boring 9-5 job. Either way, Ignite MLM compensation plan gives you the opportunity to achieve it.


In the MLM sector, the words “financial and time freedom” is mentioned repeatedly. Maybe this is because multilevel marketing has a proven track record of supporting its claim that the business can give people the dream life they have always wanted. I didn’t get it at first, but now I see why driven-minded people are drawn to MLM.

When you are thinking about getting into MLM, you have to first know that it can’t just be about you. You have to be able to talk with people, and this means everyone. The success of your business and your career hinges on your ability to lead your team to do their best. If you are not doing yours, then it is wasted energy.

Traits of those that have been successful leaders are devoted, charismatic, and intelligent. A person who is able to guide those corrected around him or her. Presley says (I will paraphrase for you) that if you want it bad enough, you will be committed. When you are committed to something, you will get up in the morning with a new perspective. You have a purpose in life. You realize that all of those small tasks will get you where you want to be in life.

He also goes on to say that all those humble beginnings, those little disciplines, the few moments we invest in ourselves, adds up to our accomplishments in life. Presley is one intelligent man. He says that it doesn’t matter where you begin, it matters where you end. You can’t go back in life, you can only go forward. No wonder he was a coach. What an inspirational and motivating individual.

You can’t have a better beginning, but you can have a better ending, and according to Presley, this was always his goal in joining Ignite. He wanted to do better and do more. This sounds so familiar. Many of the other MLM successes have said the same thing. They wasn’t anything bad happening in their lives. They just knew that there was more out in the world for them to attain.

Something Presley said that is something I have written many times. In order for you to change, you have to change your way of thinking, acting, even the people you associate with. You need to be around people that have the same winning attitude as you do. The relationships in your life are either serving two purposes: they are either bringing you up or dragging you down.


Presley & Jeanie both say that to them sometimes it seems surreal of their success. They now live in a big home and drive one of their many luxury vehicles (BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar). According to these two, you attract success by the person you become. It all depends on how bad you want it. If you want it bad enough, you will figure out a way to do it.

What’s Needed

You don’t have to stay in the place you are today. You can actually change and make something better for yourself and your family. This is why Presley Swagerty’s personal motto is “Be, Do, and Have More, which just happens to be the title of his second book. If this man from a poor Dallas suburb can become a millionaire, then so can you.

You have to set goals though. You need to sit down and have a serious heart-to-heart with yourself. And more importantly, you need goals that motivate you. This is something I have heard from many MLM leaders. You need to be specific and give yourself a timeline. Every multilevel marketer I wrote about that said that they had daily goals, and they make sure they accomplished them.

You have got to be 100%, even more than 100% committed to making to helping other achieve their highest potential. This means even if you don’t feel like talking with anyone, you have to do so. In multilevel marketing, it is not about you. It is about everyone else.

A lot of times, people don’t achieve their goals, because they have decided what they want. It is quite true. Once you figure out what your goals are, and this is especially true with network marketing, you can cut a clear path to achieving them.

This is what got Presley & Jeanie Swagerty motivated. After months of living paycheck-to paycheck and bills piling up, they decided they need to make some changes. He was introduced to MLM by a relative, and the rest is history.

Because of his drive and ambition, it didn’t take them long to start earning high-level residual income. They are also involved in many other businesses. Presley Swagerty serves on the Board of Directors for Global Innovation. The couple together established Swagerty Investments, a real estate company, Circle S Company, a record label, and Delta Pearl Publishing, a music publishing company.

Even with all of their businesses and successes, the Swagertys still want to help others to be as financial-free as they are. Presley Swagerty has another occupation. He is a motivational speaker, and he tours around the country encouraging people into living a fulfilled life. His words have helped numerous individuals come into their own.

If you are interested in the MLM industry, and you want to be successful like Presley & Jeanie Swagerty, you need to be prepared. It takes more than just seeing dollar signs and thinking about residual income. It is a lot of hard work, drive, and devotion to the company and the people that you are leading. You have to be ready to talk with anyone and everyone, answer your emails, your phone, and your door. It might seem like much when you think about it. But when you speak with those who enjoy what they do in multilevel marketing, it will just come naturally to you. That’s if you want it bad enough. Do you?