Refugio Rodriguez

Refugio Rodriguez – Momentis Top Earner


When Refugio Rodriguez gave his speech at the Momentis event celebrating his rank as top earner, the first person he thanked was God. He said that in his life, God is number one and without him, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Refugio said that even after all this time, he still can’t believe the blessings he has received with Momentis.


Just in December before he earned his place as top earner, Refugio was looking for an opportunity. He was hungry, and I understand why. Refugio and his wife had hit a low point. They filed Chapter 7 after losing everything. He was in Las Vegas, he had $20 in his pocket, when he attended a Momentis event.


Refugio liked what he heard and saw. He had faith that this network marketing venture could work for him and his family. He wanted to sign up, but he was so broke he didn’t have the money, so he borrowed it from his sponsor. Refugio has a hard work ethic, and he was determined to make it in his home-based business. His reason why is his family. He wants to make sure that they are taken are taken care of.


His children consider Refugio their hero. He went from a dishwasher who spoke very little English to a direct sales marketer who makes $100,000.00 a month in residual income. Refugio says he will never, ever, go back to being broke. Every time he thinks about being broke, he works harder.


Unlike some top money earners who have a million people under them, Refugio just works with four people who are hungry for success as much as he is. His family members, including his wife, are now in the MLM business. Refugio is also the first international director for Momentis.




Here I go again. I will admit I knew very little about Momentis before I read up on Refugio Rodriguez. Momentis is a company under the MLM energy business Just Energy. Momentis was created in  1997, and Andy McWilliams serves as President and CEO. This network marketing company has offices in Toronto, Ontario and Dallas, TX.


Just Energy is an established business that centers on innovative and market leadership.  It got started in 2010 as a direct sales marketing opportunity in the North American energy marketplace. The business plan for Momentis is the same as any other MLM company. Independent distributors market the company’s products and services.


Momentis products include long-term, fixed-price energy contracts that protect customers from price instability. This means that customers experience no power interruptions.
Also, Momentis customers most likely will save money when they sign up with Momentis, because they don’t have any increases in their electricity rates. What this means is that, as a customer, you can predetermine the costs you have to pay on a regular basis. And as you probably figured out, this makes for happy customers.


Furthermore, Momentis offers customers environmental-friendly energy options as well. Momentis products besides energy includes: internet services and TV. Refugio says he only market Momentis television service, DirecTV.


Momentis consultants enjoy educating customers who are not familiar with energy deregulation and the various energy solutions. Momentis has a fundraising program that allows organizations to raise money.


Momentis Compensation Plan


The starter kit to begin working with Momentis is $300. As a Momentis MLM entrepreneur, you earn money every month that a customer utilizes any Just Energy product or service. This is what creates a continuous income for you, and you can get your home-based multilevel marketing business growing. There are five ways you can earn with Momentis:


  • Momentum Immediate Bonus
  • Mentor Bonuses
  • MyLeadership Bonuses
  • MyTeam Bonuses
  • Monthly Recurring Income


Momentis Reviews


From what I read, there are many positives and negatives from signing with Momentis. One of the biggest pluses, you are offering products and services that everybody already uses, namely electricity, gas, television, and internet. Therefore, you are already a step up from most other MLM where you have to market products that most people may or may not be interested in.


Another plus is the market. You have the opportunity to set up your business in 12 states, parts of Canada, and now the UK, which I have read online, is doing fabulous. Good for them! Momentis says that it provides guaranteed savings for customers with no cancellation penalties. This is a marketing boost for Momentis representatives when they are trying to market the products and services.


Now, let’s discuss the negatives. There are those who are just opposed to any MLM business, because they believe that the most money you (an independent distributor) will earn is from recruiting, not selling the products and services. But as we all know, whether this is true or not, that cannot be said. If it was, it would constitute as a Momentis pyramid scam.


I read one report from a representative who alleged that people within the company weren’t getting paid what they were supposed to, and the top earners left the company due to mismanagement. This individual went on to say that Momentis withheld residual checks. Next, Momentis fired all the top earners who hadn’t left, because it couldn’t afford to pay them, which is interesting since Just Energy is a billion-dollar, publicly-traded business.


Momentis complaints mostly are from distributors who said they didn’t make any money, but that could be from not understanding how network marketing really works. There was one report I read where a distributor asked Andy McWilliams were the rates that they representatives offered to customers the cheapest. He is to have said that while they weren’t the cheapest, they were competitive. This rep then went on to say that it didn’t sit well with him that he wasn’t being completely honest with potential customers.


Like most other multilevel marketing companies, Momentis lets all of its prospects know beforehand that they are not guaranteed in becoming millionaires and earning seven figures every year. As a matter of fact, Refugio Rodriguez said that there were times when he only made $50 or $100 a week. But instead of getting upset and quitting, he took one look at his children and decided to work even harder to get the income he wanted.