Rigo Yepez

Rigo Yepez – Ambit Energy Top Earner


If you are wondering who Rigo Yepez is and what is Ambit Energy, then read on. His rags-to-riches story will give you inspiration. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know I love a good motivational story of individuals who have worked hard, had ambition and desire to fulfill their dreams. I promise you that the story of Rigo Yepez and his rise at Ambit Energy will not disappoint.


The Beginning


Rigoberto Yepez, called “Rigo” for short, was born in Mexico and grew up in California. He came to the U.S. when he was 15-years old. His first job was picking food in the fields. Even at a young age, he was looking for a business that would give him time and money. Where have we heard that before? Almost, if not all, of my blog articles mention how every MLM top earner was looking for financial and time freedom.


Rigo considers his business a “family business,” because there goal is not only to get to the top at Ambit, but they are in it to help each other. This seems to be a rule of success with all of the MLM leaders. They want to help others reach the top. I know I have said this before, but it is just a blessing to hear about people who want other to share in a piece of the pie.


When interviewed, Rigo’s children said that they have enjoyed the traveling and meeting others in the multi level marketing industry. Because of their dad’s financial freedom, they don’t have to worry about college tuition and can just focus on their studies. It doesn’t hurt either that their dad makes a monthly income of over $125,000.00.


Wow, that is nice. When others are worrying about student loans and how to pay them back, his children have the privilege of just picking any college they want and attending. Talk about freedom! One of his son even talked about joining the Ambit Energy business so he can have the financial abilities like his father.


Good Life


Rigo said that when he saw the cars of every other Ambit Energy consultant, he knew he was where he wanted to be. Even as a child, he has always loved sports cars that drive fast. I guess it is no surprise he owns a Maserati.


If you are curious of what his car looks like, it is on the internet. Let me just say, I am not into cars, but even I can tell this one is mighty nice. Even nicer? He paid cash for it.


When he is at home, he likes to take pleasure in his place. His “place” is a ranch home with horses and other farm animals, a pool, and an outdoor kitchen, where he entertains friends and family once a month.


Ambit Energy


If you have never heard of Ambit Energy, and you are curious about the company that has made Rigo Yepez one of the top MLM earners in the nation, I will tell you who they are and what they do.


Started in 2006, Ambit Energy is a multi level marketing company that provides electric and gas to markets around the U.S. that have been deregulated. Customers are obtained through independent consultants like Rigo, who works directly with the customers.


It has been successful over the years, earning the title of one of “Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies” in 2010. Ambit Energy has continued to be ranked on that list every year since.


Ambit Energy Compensation Plan


The way to make money at Ambit Energy is really simple, especially when you consider you are offering customers cheaper rates on something they use every day, all day.  This is why Ambit Energy boasts of being a much better deal than the typical MLM business. Instead of trying to push useless goods on a potential customer, you are providing them with a necessity.



According to Ambit Energy, the cost to get started is small, and there are no other fees or overhead costs involved. Consultants receive bonuses for every new customer and every new customer a team member signs up. There is also the monthly residual income.


Every time your business grows, your money grows. As a consultant, you can also earn free energy every time one of your customers refers someone to Ambit Energy. Not bad. If you want to learn more, you can get all the information at www.yepez.goambit.com.




Rigo believes that without teamwork, none of his success would be possible. It is evident from his Youtube video that all of his family, including his children, has a hand in his thriving business. He said that there is no way a business can grow if you don’t answer the phone or emails, or when you don’t provide your team members with the proper tools to succeed.


His words are that even if you are quite busy running your Ambit Energy MLM business, you have to make the time to lead your team. Especially, Rigo points out, when you have individuals on your team that are key leaders and consultants. “Communication,” he states, “is everything.”


Personal Growth


In addition to having a prosperous Ambit Energy network marketing business, Rigo Yepez says that you have to grow on the inside as well. Like all network marketing top earners, he sets daily goals for himself. He makes notes of his strong points and weak points, what areas personally and professionally he needs improvement. He readily admits that one of his weak points was his lack of knowledge in direct marketing.


While he knew plenty about running a traditional business, he knew nothing about a multilevel marketing business. Rigo says he has learned so much about MLM, for which he will always be grateful.




Ambit Energy provides corporate training to all of its consultants, and it is important that all of the consultants participate in all of the events. I have heard this with other MLM companies and from other MLM top earners. They all stress the importance of attending all the functions. Not only to network and meet other multi-level marketers, but to get pertinent formation to pass on to your team.


Training seems to be a big thing with Ambit Energy. Rigo says that there is every day training for new consultants and team members in every city that Ambit Energy offers service. It seems that this company really cares about its members.


Rigo came in with a background in business consulting. He realized that the only way to take his team and his business to the next level was teaching and training others with his skills and knowledge. Here we go again with a MLM leader willing and able to train others on how to be a success. This seems to be a common thread in all of MLM top earners.


What does the next two years hold for Rigo Yepez? He is going to develop other prospective leaders. His goal is to make sure they are trained properly so that they can reach their goals faster and simplify their success (Rigo’s words).




You wondering what it takes to be a success story, a top earner at Ambit Energy? Rigo is more than happy to tell you. According to him, it is a lot of follow-up with customers and team members, a lot of hard work, and a lot of training. Well, his recipe must be right, because he sure is making it happen for himself, his family, and his team.


Rigo Yepez says that he has the biggest group of Spanish team members in all of Ambit Energy. He is adamant about helping the Latino community, making sure that Latinos are represented in the MLM success stories.


Here’s why: Rigo believes the more prosperous the Latino community becomes, the more these individuals are able to help their families and cities they left behind. He says that with the right education, follow-up, and friendships, the challenges will not be so bad. He believes that the Latino community will grow financially, and he is going to do his part to make it happen.


If I didn’t admire this man before, I sure admire him now. This is one of the best MLM success stories I have had the pleasure of reading and writing. I, for one, wishes him continued success at Ambit Energy and all his endeavors. What a motivating and inspirational person.