Rita Hui

Rita Hui is USANA Health Sciences, Inc.! I am compelled to use that statement because there are surely very few vocabularies that can best describe Rita Hui’s success, contribution and achievements in USANA. Almost each and every interview or discussion about USANA mlm on media stations cannot end without mentioning Rita Hui of USANA health Sciences! This is the reason as to why I think Rita is a special business lady, worth featuring in our MLM Top earners blog!

Rita Hui has therefore defied all odds in China to not only become USANA Top earner, but also become one of the most powerful women in the multi level marketing industry; all the way from Hong Kong, China.

Rita Hui knew nothing about network marketing businesses when she first joined USANA, and the business was not even known in China when she first started marketing the USANA products. Let it be known to all prospective entrepreneurs and future mlm investors that Rita also took a bold step of quitting her very successful fashion business, to just enter the most criticized relationship marketing business, without having a second thought. I believe there are very few people who can really do this, if any!

There are however some reasons why I feel that we are discussing one of the most important person in MLM Business. One of these reasons is that Rita Hui is an USANA Top Earner, and the other one is the fact that she had broken almost all records that had previously been set in USANA Company, although she joined the Company late.

I do not however wish to concentrate more on what she is earning, because I believe it is common knowledge that she is a millionaire from all angles. Okay, for the sake of the few that are still doubting, I will like to bring it to your attention that Rita Hui is a  true definition of a millionaire. She is in fact a millionaire club member, and currently earns a recurring commission of $160,000 per month, translating to approximately $1,920,000 USD per year. Rita Hui’s biography and journey in USANA multilevel marketing is totally unique from other entrepreneurs we have covered in our blog!

Biography of Rita Hui of USANA MLM Company

Rita Hui was born, raised and educated in Hong Kong China. She had a childhood dream of becoming successful in life and running an international business, but settled for a local one, before the USANA business opportunity came by.

Mrs. Hui had opened various fashion boutiques all around China, but it was very difficult for her to expand to other countries because of her tight time schedule. But she took that bold step of joining USANA, where she is currently a star celebrity and MLM Top Earner.

Rita Hui is an ardent reader and loves reading anything that touches on self development and some motivational books. If you will don’t find Rita reading inspirational books, then you will find her dancing to Latin music. Rita Hui however loves playing Golf.

Rita Hui’s Journey in USANA Multilevel Marketing Company

Rita Hui was a fashion entrepreneur in Hong Kong, before joining the USANA business opportunity. She was relatively successful in the USANA business but never had time to enjoy her hard earned money.

Rita Hui was therefore in a continuous lookout for a business opportunity that will give her at least freedom to relax and take vacations, but never found one initially.

So, she never hesitated when the USANA Health Sciences business opportunity came by. She remembers hearing of USANA opening new offices in China from one media outlet and wondered what that highly publicized and criticized business opportunity dealt with.

After researching for some time and discussing it with her friends, she rushed into the newly opened USANA offices without any hesitation. Rita Hui narrates how she took her registration papers in USANA China offices for enrolment, becoming one of the first sales associates USANA had in China.

Since then, Rita Hui has never looked back! Rita always thanks God that the USANA business opportunity came by, and immediately fell in love with the USANA compensation plan and products. She also confesses that it is through USANA network marketing business that she has really seen success in life.

The USANA relationship marketing opportunity has enabled Rita Hui own Smart Marketing Group International Limited, which was her childhood dream. She has also achieved time and financial freedom, which many dream of having today! Rita Hui is currently one of the most powerful women in China and a highly respected multi-millionaire in USANA multilevel marketing businesses.

Rita Hui attributes her success to USANA Health Sciences Company and to her relentless effort and determination to be successful. It is her never quit attitude that has enabled her to surprisingly surpass all other sales associates in USANA to emerge as the best distributor the Company had ever had since inception. This is evident by becoming USANA Top earner and the sales associate of the year, five times in a row.

The USANA business has also enabled Rita Hui travel to all parts of the world, both for business meetings and for vacations. Rita Hui says that the USANA business has enabled her achieve her childhood dream and change the lives of many people in her downline.

I am a fun and a dedicated follower of many inspiring quotes from various mlm top earners from various best mlm companies in the world. So, it was easy for me to spot this Rita Hui’s quote.

Rita Hui says that you can easily know where you are heading to, if you look back to where you were 5 years ago, and then compare with where you are now. She also echoes the classic network marketing quote that says that beginners in mlm look at compensation plans, while the veterans look for a company. Experts nevertheless look for a team and culture.

Rita Hui’s Awards and Accolades

Rita Hui is a uniquely and exceptionally very successful USANA top earner and multi-millionaire; all the way from Hong Kong China. Rita has proved wrong everybody who said that you only need to be in the Company’s capital for you to be successful in mlm business. Rita Hui is in short USANA mlm trendsetter and all time top mlm earner not only in USANA Asia but also in USANA US.

Rita has won and achieved at least almost all awards and bonuses in USANA leave alone the numerous trips and vacations USANA relationship marketing business has availed to her. She is currently the best distributor USANA network marketing company has ever had.

Back to the Awards and Accolades…

As a matter of fact, Rita is a very hard working and award winning mlm queen. There is in fact no award or accolade Rita has never touched since joining USANA Health Sciences back in 1999. It only too Rita a year to achieve the Gold Director award in the year 2000, before becoming an Emerald director in 2001.

Rita Hui then became the first USANA associate to achieve the first ever 3-star Diamond director in Asia back in year 2003, before she was eventually awarded the president’s award in 2004. In 2006, Hui achieved USANA’s first 11 star Diamond director, before being recognized by USANA and being awarded USANA’s Asian Pacific President in 2007.

Mrs. Hui’s awards never ended there, but skyrocketed in the year 2010 up to now. In the year 2010, Rita received two awards; one as the USANA distributor of the year and also won the Dr. Wentz’s Asian Pacific Vision award.

Rita then stayed with the distributor of the year award for 5 years in a row, winning it in the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and maybe she will win it in 2015.

Rita Hui might have probably built a house to accommodate her numerous awards. Before I finish, do you know that Rita Hui is the first ever USANA associate to earn a 13 Star Diamond award in USANA Health Sciences direct selling company? I thought I should let you know!



USANA or USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is a network marketing company that distributes nutritional products. This Company is based in Utah, in the United States of America. USANA’s health and wellness products are manufactured in USANA’s Wet Valley City facility in Utah.  The company uses relationship marketing approach to distribute these products to more than 20 markets in all parts of the world, through what the company refers to as sales associates.

USANA Health Sciences is among the 20 largest and best mlm companies in the world. The company is one of the biggest sponsors of sports in the world and it has so far donated a number of products and sponsored a number of athletics teams in various parts of the world. It has however been discovered that a number of USANA executives have lied in their resumes at one point in life.

The History of USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Before we continue, it is important I let you know that USANA was founded by a microbiologist and Immunologist called Myron Wentz. I have also mentioned in the introductory paragraph that the Company has its headquarters in West Valley City, Utah, so I don’t really see the reason to repeat it. What I will however like to add on is the fact that you cannot find the USANA products in retail stores as that is against the Company’s direct sales policies.

So, how can you get the USANA Health Sciences, Inc., if you need them?

The only channel that USANA products are marketed is through the multilevel marketing approach to business. So, if you need to use or market the company’s products you will be required to become an associate by enrolling into their relationship marketing system, get the products from an already registered associate or better still order them directly from USANA mlm Company.

As on December 2013, USANA direct selling company had over 265,000 active individual distributors in their multilevel marketing business. The company also had more than 78,000 regular customers in its global market. It was estimated that about 91% of USANA products were bought by its associates as per the 2012 sales report. The company now has its products being distributed to a lot of superior markets in the world, including its capital in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, France, Philippines, Thailand, and Colombia among others.

USANA has had great leaders in its management, including Dallin A. Larsen, who served as USANA’s sales vice president in 1993. Mr. Dallin later became the special adviser to the then USANA board of directors and an able consultant to the then USANA president, before he moved out to become the founder of MonaVie Network marketing company in 2005.

USANA Health Services, Inc. has been featured in various magazines and publications in the world, in both positive and negative sense. USANA has for example appeared consecutively in the Forbes Magazine’s list of best 200 small companies as from 2004 to 2006.

The company however missed in the list in the year 2005, due to the various USANA complaints about their products and the company’s business model. This angered the management of USANA Health Sciences so much that they issued a press release refuting claims that they violated the $40 million agreement between them and the Bank of America.

The above controversy was not the end, but the beginning of a chain of allegations on false qualifications of the USANA executives. Some of the executives who gave false information about their academic credentials and qualifications include USANA’s board of director member; Denis Waitley, Medical advisory board member; Ladd McNamara, Timothy Wood who it was revealed that he had a doctorate degree in Forestry and not biology as he claimed, Chief financial officer; Gilbert Fuller, who had a CPA qualification and licenses that had expired 10 years ago and many other senior executive members in USANA.

USANA Health Sciences was served a notice by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that it will be delisted from the American NASDAQ. The main reason for the exclusion was simply because it has failed to submit its 10-Q form of its quarterly sales. USANA later defended itself by claiming that the company’s accountant had resigned and they are yet to replace him. One month later, USANA announced that they are eventually going to be listed in NASDAQ because they have been found to comply with all the SEC policies.

USANA transferred its stock to New York Stock Exchange from NASDAQ on 3rd January 2011. On 10th May 2011, USANA mlm company experienced one of the biggest challenges of replacing four of its senior executives namely Fred W. Cooper who was USANA’s president, Mark H. Wilson, Jeffrey A. Yates, and Riley Timmer. All the four senior executives in the Company had resigned to pursue an unknown dream.

USANA Products

USANA health sciences has three broad product lines. The first one is USANA diet and energy products, USANA nutritionals, and the USANA sense personal care.

The USANA nutritionals include optimizers, essentials and its nutritional supplements. The USANA sense personal care products include skin treatment, skin care, and hair and body care products while the company’s diet and energy product line include RESET meal shakes, Rev3 energy drinks and protein bars.

The three USANA product lines have been tested and approved by the NSF International and have been found to contain the right dietary supplements.  The NSF investigates accuracy of the ingredients as described in their labels. The USANA products have also been approved to be used during sports activities.

USANA Health sciences has been quoted saying in various electronic and print media outlets that their products are of very high quality. Many economic analysts and scientists from big product manufacturing companies and pharmaceuticals institutions have however criticized the USANA products on grounds of being overpriced. One of the many scholars who have been at the forefront in the analysis and criticism of USANA products include Professor Jean Louis Brazier from the faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal and Anthony Almada; a nutritional scientist.

USANA Business Model

USANA Health Sciences uses a multilevel marketing approach to business. The company markets its products via what the USANA Corporation calls sales associates that are known as individual product distributors in other network marketing companies. The only way a consumer can get these products is via these sales associates or by placing an order from the company via the Company’s internet portal.

The sales associates then make some commissions from every product they distribute and from the sales made by any other sales associates they recruited into the system.

An associate qualifies to receive a commission in USANA, after he/she has maintained a sales volume of 100, which is equivalent to about $ 110 to $130 USD per month. If an associate fails to buy goods worth the minimum threshold, then his or her payments are pushed to the next week, until he is able to maintain a 100 volume product sales.

Various online publications have however indicated that it is only 2.31% out of the 250,000 that qualify to earn commissions through the USANA compensation plan. These are the associates who also earn 72.2% of USANA’s commissions. An average associate’s earnings per year are approximated to be $617 USD, while an approximation of top earners in USANA is around $ 857,865 per year.

The USANA sales associates and preferred customers have pre-determined policies that guide them in product purchase, recruitment and product use. USANA product distributors have been restricted from making false claims about the USANA products and when enrolling new associates in their downline. The USANA preferred customers have also been prohibited from reselling or distributing the products they have bought for personal use.

Various groups of sales associates at USANA Health Sciences have also been found to violate the USANA policies by claiming that the company’s products can cure diseases such as Leukemia, and exaggerate the possible earnings a new associate can earn from USANA. Several USANA associates have been dismissed from the company due to these allegations with two of them from Canada subsequently suing USANA for wrongful dismissal in a case where they were awarded $7 million USD.

USANA is however a proud sponsor of various sporting events mostly in the United States of America. The company has so far sponsored various athletes and women tennis tournament in world.

USANA Pyramid Scheme Allegations and Lawsuits

USANA Health Sciences has been a subject of controversy and pyramid scheme allegations just like every other multi level marketing companies. USANA has therefore been sued by various individuals, product regulatory bodies and government departments for what many call an USANA scam.

The notably first individual effort to accuse USANA as being an illegal pyramid scheme was done in 2007 by Barry Minkow, who was then an executive of a fraud Discovery Institute in USA. Mr. Minkow wrote a 500 page report about the USANA Scam and distributed to various governments regulatory bodies in US.

Some of the regulatory bodies that received this detailed report include the US internal Revenue Service(IRS), FBI, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and many others. Barr Minkow accused USANA of operating an illegal pyramid Scheme and wanted the company probed.

Mr. Barry succeeded in his mission when SEC commenced its investigation of USANA, but fortunately or unfortunately never came up with any pyramid scheme lawsuits against USANA Health Sciences. USANA reacted by filing a lawsuit against Barry Minkow for allegedly defaming the company and manipulating its stock, a case which they later dropped.

It was however argued that Mr. Barry Minkow’s aim was to make sure that the USANA shares could drop out of defamation of the Company, so that he can be able to afford them. He therefore succeeded when the USANA market shares dropped from $61.9 to just $35. The big question is, did he succeed in buying those shares from the company? The answer can be yes or no, because Mr Barry later got saved and became a pastor at one Bible Community Church at Mira Mesa.