Robert Hollis

Robert Hollis – GanoLife Top Earner


Top MLM earner Robert Hollis says this about network marketing: “If someone is doing something that works, then why not do exactly what they tell you to do, believe in the faith of the process, and just work hard?” How inspirational and motivational for anyone seeking to get into the multilevel marketing industry.


Before joining GanoLife as an entrepreneur, Robert worked as a car mechanic in North Dakota, and as a single father, he was struggling to make ends meet for his son. After being introduced to network marketing, he hasn’t look back, and it has been over 26 years! Not only does he earn $100,000.00 a month in residual income, but Robert has earned over $40 million in his MLM career.




Robert’s home-based business started when a friend invited him to an event to meet a man who was making $62,000.00 a month. He started by selling water filters door-to-door, but it wasn’t going too good for him. Robert attended another event, and while there, he asked a top earner how he was making so much money. The individual told Robert that he was making things too hard for himself and speaking way too much to prospects. He was finally taught techniques from someone who knew what he was doing.


But still, Robert didn’t think he was learning fast enough. He was upset that others were prospering, and he wasn’t. He began to believe that they were learning something he wasn’t. Things didn’t change for Robert until he surrounded himself with positive, goal-oriented people. When he did this, he became a lifetime learner.


From that moment forward, Robert’s goal became to learn from the best in the multilevel marketing business. He says that if someone is performing skills that work, you should copy them and work hard. Robert continues to state that it is utterly false that you (an independent distributor) can only learn from your direct upline.  He says that you can’t lead someone to a place you have never been.


Besides GanoLife, Robert Hollis created the LifeMechanic mentoring system in 1992 that is based on one fundamental idea: to achieve real, everlasting results that completely transform the quality of your life. Do you want to know what Robert said you must do to get to your fulfilled life? If you guessed change the way you think, feel, and act, you’re right! Isn’t this what I have been saying over and over again in my blogs?


Robert goes on to say you must ask new questions and listen to new voices. When you take new actions, you get new results and gain new perspectives. He is really big on direct sales marketers getting the right mentoring, because he said that when he first started, he was working with some folks in his upline who didn’t want to teach him anything. Robert said that he didn’t want any other MLM consultant to go through what he went through.




Robert lives in California with his wife, Terry, and their three sons, Robert Jr., Matthew, and Kyle. In the time he has been with GanoLife, he has built a team of over 450,000 associates. Unlimited Profits, Robert’s MLM team which he started in 2011, has over 20,000 members who earn $100,000.00 a month. Before GanoLife, Robert worked with the direct selling business, ACN, where he was the Top 5 Regional Vice President.


When he is asked the secret to his success, Robert states that it is helping others get the time and financial freedom he has. He wants everyone in his downline to get results. Robert says that people don’t want to hear about what you know until they feel that you care about them. He takes pleasure from showing people how to get a customer, how to invite someone to an event, or how to get someone to enroll. Robert’s advice to new direct sellers is that if you don’t know how to do something, ASK!


As for the most important aspect of his business, Robert says that it is the good feeling he gets when he hears about how GanoLife products have changed someone’s lives. He says that GanoLife MLM business has given his much more than money; it has given him the life he has always dreamed of. He loves the fact that he has helped so many people make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime.


Robert states that multilevel marketing is personal development with a remarkable payment plan. He doesn’t know of any other industry where you can learn while you earn, and he is referring to some serious money. But before you can be successful in MLM, Robert suggests you have to work on you. He did well in other network marketing companies, but he felt these businesses were more focused on the money aspect and not the products.


When he was introduced to GanoLife products and Mr. Leow by Jovan Cabasag, it all came together for him. He felt these men understood that to get the money, you have to serve others and forming a loyal customer base. And from these folks is where you will get your residual income.


Another suggestion Robert has for those starting out is to get a mentor/personal coach. He says that you need to be teachable (haven’t I written this before as well?), do what they do and don’t question it. He said don’t compare yourself to anyone else; just focus on getting yourself better every day. Finally, don’t quit! It takes time to get good at anything, and MLM is no different.


Over the years, Robert has learned how to balance having fun and running his home-based business at the same time. He believes that the second you fall in love with what you do is the second it is no longer considered work. Therefore, it is quite obvious that Robert enjoys what he does.


Robert makes sure that all the folks in his downline knows that he cares about their dreams and visions. You have to let them know they are important to you. He says that his people know that if they ever need anything, he drops everything and goes to take care of them.






GanoLife was established in 2011 by Joven Casabag, who has built an empire of over $700 million in network marketing businesses. GanoLife offers healthy coffees and teas containing ganoderma lucidum (mushrooms or fungus) for the best gano coffee in the world. If you are not familiar with gano or ganoderma coffee, this beverage not only tastes good, but it is supposed to have numerous health benefits.  According to this MLM coffee company, GanoLife products have many benefits, including:


  • Boosting Energy
  • Improving Blood Circulation
  • Detoxifying the Body
  • Enhancing the Immune System
  • Helping to Calm Nerves
  • Supports Sexual Stamina
  • Supports Restful Sleep
  • Promotes Cell Rejuvenation


All of the coffees and teas are certified 100% organic by the USDA in a 100% sterile, pesticide-free controlled environment. In addition to the coffees and teas, GanoLife also offers capsules for performance enhancement and immune enhancing. If you not a fan of coffee, there is a ganoderma capsules that this company markets. It seems like GanoLife has covered all of the bases.


GanoLife product reviews have been good. GanoLife is actually a revamp of the company Gano Excel. It features products with one idea in mind: creating items that people consume for enjoyment and improve them. One thing I have read about GanoLife is that the products are a tad pricey, and with the cost of coffee increasing, it might be a challenge to keeping customers. It can also be hard to market these products, because the multilevel marketing industry is quite competitive, and you can find coffee anywhere in the world.


GanoLife Compensation Plan


GanoLife works just like any other MLM. You earn money from direct sales and from the sales of your team member. There are six way to earn money, such as: monthly residual income, retail profits, direct bonuses, fast start bonuses, master bonuses, and global leadership fund.


Said by some folks, GanoLife pyramid scam is the same as the Gano Excel pyramid scheme. But there are some people who say that every network marketing business is a pyramid scam. The reason being that although all of them say that there is no money earned on recruiting others, the reality is that is exactly how many independent distributors earn those huge bonuses. Moreover, some folks have said that GanoLife is enticing people to sign up and market their products based on the notion that the coffees have great potential medical benefits.