Roberto Ruiz

Roberto Ruiz is the ultimate Forever Living Products Multi-millionaire and MLM Top Earner. He was working in a corporate business before his wife brought the FLP ‘light’ to their family.

So, the story of Elvira and Roberto Ruiz is a humbling journey of dedicated Forever Living leaders and multilevel marketing legends that started approximately 25 years ago. Before FLP, Elvira Ruiz was a full time stay at home wife and mother, while Roberto was a 9 am to 5 pm corporate employee.

The Forever Living Products career, however, started out when Elvira became unsatisfied with the type of lifestyle they led as a family. She knew that they had to be somewhere different and she had to do something as a loving and caring mother. Elvira however never knew that their financial freedom will come from The Forever Living products Company.

In short, the story of Roberto Ruiz and his wife Elvira is once again a humble journey of the power of a down to earth wife and mother, taking the bold step towards changing the life of her family. Roberto Ruiz never even imagined that he will at one point in life be living the extravagant lifestyle they are enjoying today; thanks to her patient, Persevering and dedicated wife, Elvira Ruiz.

Robert Ruiz currently feels like a totally new being, living in a totally different environment; having resigned from his busy and stressful corporate job.

I however have to confess that I felt touched today, when I discovered that it is Roberto Ruiz who is receiving all the credit, for the hand work that his wife did.

I am not here to spark the supremacy battle in this FLP Top earners’ family, but I feel we should be fair and give credit where it is due; since I do not come from that family anyway. But all in all, Elvira Ruiz is behind all the success her family is enjoying right now and that is a fact that you and me cannot change!

Without much ado, let me take this opportunity to at least let you know that Elvira and Roberto Ruiz are already a very wealthy and semi-retired FLP product distributors.  The couple makes a monthly recurring commission of over $150,000 per month, as they relax in their beach house, ride in expensive cars or go for exotic trips and vacations.

The Journey of Roberto Ruiz in Forever Living Products

I still stand by my opinion that all credit on the success of Roberto Ruiz in Forever Living Products should go to Roberto’s Stay at home wife and mother; Elvira Ruiz, and I am going to show you why!

Although they are all a family and millionaires in FLP business, we should give credit where it is due! All in all, I am here to inspire you using the story of  this humble family and how they managed to be extremely successful in the unpredictable multilevel marketing business. Let me go straight to their journey in FLP Company before I let you know why it is important to always give credit where it is due!

For over 25 years ago, Roberto Ruiz was a single man working in one corporate job full time. Elvira Ruiz, on the other hand was a single and a very responsible first born in a family of six.

When the two met and got married, Elvira still had no job and she was just a stay at home wife as I told you early.

They lived comfortably with what Roberto made at his corporate job, but not until she got pregnant for their first born child.

Elvira and Roberto Ruiz, just like any other ordinary family had to make plans of relocating to a bigger house and start planning for the new addition in the family. That is when the couple started to realize that they were surviving on a really tight budget.

After their first born was born, they found themselves again expecting a second born in a few months time. What Elvira’s husband was making officially became inadequate and they had to seriously and quickly look for a way out.

Elvira Ruiz started her journey of looking for a business opportunity that will supplement her husband’s salary, support her siblings; being the first born in her family, and safe her family from the difficulty times they were going through.

It took her several months of serious research, before she met one independent distributor at Forever Living Products called Lydia. Lydia worked from home and led an admirably cozy life that Elvira envied.

Elvira Ruiz could not however help it, and decided to know what that lady does for a living. Contrary to the expectations of Elvira Ruiz, Lydia was an enthusiastic and friendly lady, who immediately offered to show Elvira Ruiz the way to success in FLP international. And that is how Elvira Ruiz first got to understand what FLP products were all about!

Life in Forever Living Products Business

Elvira Ruiz now had direction on what she will do to save her husband. She went home feeling very excited and shared this information to the then clueless Roberto Ruiz, who was equally thrilled and pledged his support to her vision and new business opportunity.

Elvira went back to the drawing board to look for more information about the FLP Network marketing business. She attended some forever living classes, mastered the Forever Living marketing strategy and got convinced that the FLP business opportunity was the right direction that she will follow to achieve success in her life. Elvira however had to do one more last test on the FLP products, before she fully involve herself in the business!

Elvira decided to first use the Forever Living products, before distributing them to her customers, just like many other wise direct selling independent distributors. Elvira and Roberto Ruiz completely fell in love with the FLP products and officially kicked off their journey to greatness.

Elvira Ruiz and Roberto Ruiz experiencing success in FLP Business…

Elvira started marketing and distributing the FLP products as she learnt more about the company and the Forever Living products compensation plan, simply known as FLP compensation Plan.

It was after several months of continuous hard work that she started receiving one check after another from her FLP Global business. Their life started to change one after another and she soon dwarfed her husband’s salary multiple times. The now big money in the family forced Roberto Ruiz to quit his corporate job to become a full stay at home dad, just like his wife.

Roberto therefore partnered with his wife to seriously invest in their FLP international business, and that is how their lives completely changed for the better.

The couple has also received several awards out of the FLP Business and is still working hard in ensuring everybody in their downline and crossline achieve similar success!

Roberto Ruiz and his wife Elvira Ruiz attribute their multi-millionaire status to a group effort rather than their own hard work. They are grateful to their family, friends and the Forever Living Products for the continuous support they gave them to the point of reaching the status they are currently enjoying in the company today.

Roberto Ruiz and his wife Elvira Ruiz still think that they are in a sweet dream. They are in fact living in a life that they never even imagined that it existed, and are more than happy with their financial freedom, with all the time to travel to any part of the world.

Roberto Elvira’s Take on FLP Business…

Roberto Ruiz and Elvira Ruiz are in love with Forever Living Products Company. Although they are overly satisfied with the company, they love the training that the FLP Company gives to its distributors, and the close ties they maintain as business partners.

Lastly but not least, Roberto Ruiz and Elvira Ruiz are a extremely happy to have used the various bonus checks from Forever Living to pay for their children’s college fees.

They have however afforded to buy one of the most prestigious beach houses in USA, and ride in very classy and obviously expensive cars.

Roberto and Elvira Ruiz are now living in a semi retirement mode, still enjoying big checks from forever Living products, as monthly commissions. Roberto Ruiz and Elvira also share some of the FLP business profit with their now grown children, who no longer live with them!

Awards and Accolades

Roberto Ruiz and Elvira Ruiz are currently an elderly couple and one of the most successful Forever Living relationship marketing top earners.

The family had worked extremely hard to become one of the most powerful mlm hall of fame celebrities, Multi-millionaires and network marketing mentors.

The couple has mentored thousands of people in the direct selling business and is still helping many others in their down line to achieve their dreams in life.

Roberto Ruiz and Elvira Ruiz are in the list of the top 100 mlm top earners in the relationship marketing industry and FLP top earners.

They are currently triple diamond award winners in Forever living business and have won several supervisors, managers, and senior manger awards in the Forever Living international.

Roberto Ruiz and Elvira Ruiz are simply a motivation and they surely deserve the respect they have earned so far in the Multilevel marketing business! Thanks for your time!