Ronald & Bea Bos

Ronald & Bea Bos – Herbalife Top Earners


Herbalife International MLM business has been around for a minute; it was established in Los Angeles, CA in 1980 by entrepreneur Mark Hughes. I have written about Herbalife and a few of its other top earners, such as Ok Hee Kwan. There are over 7,000 folks employed with this multilevel marketing business, and this company earned around $3 billion in sales 2014 and a net income of $400 million.


Interestingly enough, Herbalife is headquartered in the Cayman Islands. Like most other MLM companies, it markets its products worldwide in 95 countries. The products offered by Herbalife are weight management, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, and personal care. There are protein shakes, healthy heart capsules, aloe bath & body care, and kid’s vitamins. If you are interested in anything concerning your personal health, you can find it with Herbalife.


Herbalife products combines the best of science and nature for a lifetime of good health. When you add in the excellent business opportunity this MLM business offers, people can become empowered to going after the life they have always dreamed of.


The goal at Herbalife is to change everyone’s lives for the better by introducing them to all-natural products designed for optimal health. This multilevel marketing health and wellness company is concerned with the global obesity crisis, and it is working diligently to do something about it. Not only are it providing high-quality products, but customers can receive personal coaching from a Herbalife member.


To give back to the community, the Herbalife Family Foundation was established. Its Casa Herbalife programs makes sure that every child in need receives good nutrition. Herbalife sponsors over 175 athletes, such as soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo and the LA Galaxy.




Over the years, Herbalife has received a number of accolades, such as:


  • 2015 Sports & Russia Award
  • 2014 Product of the Year Award
  • 2014 Athletic Russia Award
  • Choice of the Year 2013
  • 2013 Healthy Nutrition Award
  • 2013 Best Company of the Year
  • 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • 2012 Best Social Projects of Russia
  • 2013 SNQ National Quality Certification
  • 2012 ISO 10002:2004 in Customer Satisfaction
  • 2011 Best Brand of the Consumer
  • 2010 Mexican Center for Philanthropy
  • 2010 Apple Award
  • 2010 Seoul Social Welfare Contributor of the Year Award
  • 2010 Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • 2009 Supply Chain Distribution Awards


Herbalife Compensation Plan


The structure of its compensation plan is comprised on commissions, bonuses, and royalties on the product sales of your recruits. You can also earn residual income, like the $100,000.00 earned monthly by Ronal & Bea Bos, from your own retail sales.




Herbalife has not been without controversy. It has been accused of operating a sophisticated pyramid scam. In 2014, Herbalife was investigated by the FTC. The investigation was initiated by calls from consumer groups and Congress members. Herbalife responded by saying it welcomes inquiries into its business operations. The investigation is still in effect today (2015).


There are those that the way it operates, this is just a Herbalife pyramid scheme. One lawsuit alleges that Herbalife’s telemarketing practices are questionable. The plaintiff said that it kept receiving pre-recorded messages and autodialers, which is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In Belgium, after being accused of being a pyramid scheme, the courts ruled against the allegations.


Additionally, there have been those who have said to have suffered adverse effects from consuming Herbalife products. For instance, the weight loss products used to contain ephedrine, which caused the heart rate to accelerate. Herbalife removed the ingredient from its products in 2002. There have been other accusations, including products containing lead and products causing liver disease.


Ronald and Bea Bos


Well, whatever is said about Herbalife, it sure didn’t hurt Ronald & Bea Bos. This dynamic pair are millionaires and have earned positions in the Chairman’s Club. Residing in the Netherlands, they began their MLM career when they were on a ski trip and Bea met President Team members Karen and Martyn Farmer.


The interesting thing is that Herbalife wasn’t even discussed. How Bea came to find out about it was when the Farmers took out their daily supplements to take. When they told Bea about their weight loss regimen, she decided to give it a try. But Bea was only interested in the products, she wasn’t interested in a MLM career. She already had a career in sales, and she was attending school at night. Most of all, like most folks, she was skeptical about network marketing.


After she lost weight, Bea’s tune changed. She had seven new people that were interested in Herbalife weight management products. When Bea told the Farmers, they suggest she become an associate. She became a supervisor, but Bea didn’t think she would last too long with the company.


That was her thinking until she attended an event. When she heard all of the inspiring stories and felt all that positivity and energy, she changed her mind. After attending another event called the Extravaganza, Bea came back home, and she quit her job. Within three months, she qualified for the Global Expansion Team, and three months later, Bea made it to the Millionaire Team. Within 12 months, Bea was a member of the Presidents Team.


On a sailing trip, Bea met a computer entrepreneur named Ronald. When Bea tried to introduce him to Herbalife, he wasn’t interested. After all, he was running his own successful business. However, when Ronald attended an event that showcased Herbalife top earners, he quickly jumped on board. When Ronald and Bea joined forces, their network marketing success skyrocketed. They were in the President’s Team, but had no President’s team members in their downline. Ronald and Bea’s goal was to get to the Chairman’s Club.


So, they hosted a dinner party for their most successful distributors, and they gave them a business plan to prosper. Their team listened, and over the next three years, Ronald and Bea had several of their recruits earn places in the President’s Club. This is why they feel that the biggest reward with Herbalife MLM business is helping people achieve their goals.


Today, Ronald and Bea travel around the world, including spending time at their vacation home in France. They also are able to spend more time with their three children, being better parents. Ronald & Bea are both grateful for the opportunity to grow with Herbalife and to have the life they have always dreamed about. For anyone thinking about joining this network marketing company, they both readily recommend giving it a shot. They both say that the only mistake anyone can make with Herbalife is quitting.