Yeah, you know you like it. Quite catchy, huh? Got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

I have decided to coin this phrase and make it as well know as sliced bread and apple pie. (yeah, ok!)

So, when it catches on, and believe me, it will be like a fire on a prairie running wild like that wacky squirrel on ‘Over the Hedge’ when he drinks caffeine. Ha! You will know who to link back to.

That’s right….Right here…to me….Anna! (I will sign autographs later – must finish this post first)

So exactly what AM I talking about here?

Well, let’s take this slow and break it down one at a time, shall we?top mlm scam

SCAM –  a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people. Or a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.

Ouch, that is pretty harsh! But Webster hit the nail on the head with that one!

We all know they are out there. SCAMS are everywhere!

Chances are, if you have been around for a bit, you have been affected by one or two or you know someone that has.

You’ve seen them. On Craigslist, for example. I just read the other day where a friend of mine almost got caught up in such a scam.

She was selling a couch, and the ‘buyer’, let’s just call them what they are…SCAM ARTIST, emailed her wanting to buy the couch. But they were ‘out of town’ and needed her to pay the moving company that they needed to move the couch.

You see, they were going to pay her an extra $400 for the moving company to buy this USED couch for $200.


That screams SCAM!!! 

Of course, I informed her immediately that it was a scam, she reported them, but, we both know that nothing was done.

Why? Because these SCAM artists know how to buy a throw away phone, never use any real information, and know how the digital system works, so they are never caught.

It’s disgusting!

I was actually fired from a job once because I was helping out a real company try and find some scam artists trying to portray themselves as that company. But that story is for another day!

I could spend a whole entire post on the SCAMS that are out there. But I will spare you….for now. :)

Scams are the lazy man’s way of making money off people and it truly pisses me off to no end when I see one of these.

I have been affected more than a few times myself. But this ‘ole gal has wised up throughout the years and now I am like a heat seeking missile when something new comes along. I will research the heck out of something before I put my trust into a company or opportunity.

If you think you may have a SCAM on your doorstep, leave a comment below, I am more than happy to help you out and let you know what I think.

MLM slam

SLAMS – when you have a door slammed in your face from trying to sell a product or service you are offering.

Much to my surprise, Webster had this to say about the definition on slams:

1:  a heavy blow or impact
a :  a noisy violent closing
   b :  a banging noise; especially :  one made by the slam of a door
3:  a cutting or violent criticism
These kinds of SLAMS can make the weak at heart run and hide under the covers.

These SLAMS are the ones that when you approach your family and friends with the newest, latest, and greatest product or opportunity, they SLAM the door in your face or SLAM the phone….and all you here is ‘click’.

These SLAMS are also the ones I used to get when I was a door to door saleswoman for Kirby vacuum cleaners.

Oh yes! You read it right. I was one of those folks that you hear about, selling vacuums door to door!

And I did it for 4 years!!!

Was I was glutton for punishment? Heck no!!!

I loved meeting new people, seeing all different walks of life, and it was a challenge.

But not everyone is like me though.

SLAMS are hard. You can have your ego put in check in a hot minute when you get slammed by a stranger. Or you get cussed out by a friend or family member.

I mean, what gives right?

All you are trying to do is make money! Take care of your family, your needs, your future!

You would totally do it for them, right? Of course you would because you have –emmm SEEN THE VALUE (cough cough).

Maybe not so much SEEN the value as you have been SOLD the dream of being financially free.

I am getting off point……focus!

So SLAMS are difficult to deal with because these people are supposed to love you and like you.

Rest easy, they still do, they just are sick of hearing about the newest, latest, and greatest thing. To them, it is just the next new thing you are trying.

And yes, I have been on both sides of that coin.

I have been the one with the newest, latest, and greatest thing and I have been the one trying to be roped into the newest, latest, and greatest thing.

And it sucks! I kind of avoid her – a little like the plague.

She roped me into one of her ‘things’, but when she flaked out on that one, I was done!!! (I will save that one for another post)

And last but not least, possibly the hardest for anyone to deal with…

BAMS – When you hit a wall or fall flat on your face from trying a new opportunityMLM fail

Webster didn’t even have a definition for this one, just crickets chirping as I sat waiting for results.

These BAMS are not the fun, comic book character kind where the hero knocks out the bad guy.  BAMS- MLM top earners

Nor the BA-BAM when you see a smoking hot guy or sexy chick walk by.

No, ladies and gentlemen, this is the kind of BAM that leaves bruises and scars!

Bloody Mess MLM top earners

Like Joe Lauzon’s 3 round bloody war with Jim Miller.

These are the ‘opportunities’ that you are sold out on – hook, line, and sinker, that leave you FLAT ON YOUR FACE!

These are the ones that make you tuck tail and run for the hills!

Honestly, in my opinion, most of the MLM ‘opportunities’ are BAMS! Not because of the bad product but because of the price point of the products as well as the structure of the whole set up.

Now don’t get me wrong…obviously, MLM’s work for SOME but for the masses? I don’t think so.

How do I know? Well, let me turn it back around on you and ask you why are you here on my blog reading about MLM Leaders and Top Earners?

The reason is because you want to feel good and buy into the hype of whatever MLM that someone is trying to sell you.

As I sit here behind the ‘big’ screen of my laptop and I think of ALL of the MLM companies and ‘opportunities’ that I have tried in my life, I realize just how these SCAMS, SLAMS, and BAMS actually work.

Now of course, they weren’t ALL bad.

But I have tried waaaayyyyy more than my fair share. And if I can share my experiences and save just ONE person from getting SUCKED into these SCAMS, SLAMS, or BAMS, then I will sleep better at night.