Scott and Sue Olsen

Scott and Sue Olsen were and still are the backbone of MonaVie network marketing company. Ask Dallin Larsen; the CEO and Founder of Mona Vie about this multi-millionaire couple, and you will surely know why Scott and Sue Olsen are considered to be the cornerstone of MonaVi relationship marketing company.

Because it is not possible for everyone to meet Dallin Larsen to ask him this question, it is important to note that Larsen acknowledges the fact that Mona Vie is what it is today because of the commitment, determination, passion and persistence of legendary mlms stars Scott and Sue Olsen.

For those of you who are reading this story for the first time, let me start by informing you that Scott and Sue Olsen are relics in Monavie, simply because they were the first distributors to be enrolled in MonaVie, back in January October 2003.

Let me also take this opportunity to let you know that Scott and Sue are arguably one of the most experienced network markers in the industry. They enrolled in their first direct selling business back in 1981, and they currently have more than 34 years of success and much more experience in the MLM business.

They are also one of the MLM superstars who have produced arguably the largest number of millionaires, and recruited some of the greatest leaders in the multilevel marketing industry.

Some of the people they have recruited in the MLM business in various companies include: Ken Porter, Angel Matos, Steve Merritt, Orrin Woodward, Brig Hart, Corbin and Holly Roush, Oynx Coale, Marcelo Serakides, Gem Morris, Akira Tamai, Allen Turner, just to name a few.

Scott and Sue not only have deep knowledge of the mlm business, but have also earned several millions, since they first enrolled in their first relationship marketing business back in 1981.

The couple has also been through several challenges in life and business, which I am going to explicitly cover in our article today.

But before then, let us start by noting that the Olsens are one of the super famous direct selling product distributors. They are now ‘grandparents’ in the relationship marketing business and currently earn a passive income of more than $150,000 per month; just from the MonaVie business.

Biography of Scott and Sue Olsen

Scott and Sue are not only successful top mlm earners, but are also an equally successful parents and grandparents of a very big extended family.

The Olsens have been blessed with five gorgeous children and more than 6 grand children. Their children, who are all grown-ups now are Parker Olsen; who is their youngest son, Whitney, Andrea, Owen, and their eldest son Justin.

Scott and Sue Olsen were both born and raised in the Salt Lake, Utah. Scott Olsen is a graduate from the University of Utah and used to work as a sales representative in a sales and marketing firm, while Sue Olsen was a humble office manager at one of the local dental clinic, before they started their Multilevel marketing journey.

The family have built their dream home in Alpine, Utah in the United States of America, but regularly travels to various parts of the world for vacations and business trips.

The Journey of Scott and Sue Olsen in the Network Marketing Business

Let me start by saying that this MonaVi Multimillionaire couple started their lives with a lot of unrealistic dreams, just like any other ordinary youth today. But they today thank God for discovering the network marketing business, which is now their full time bread winner.

The Scott and Sue family was initially faced with a lot of challenges, ranging from diseases, financial struggles and balancing business with their family. They are however grateful to their children for all their understanding and support they gave them throughout their MLM business.

Back on the MonaVie Story…

As I said earlier, Scott and Sue Olsen had been in the relationship marketing industry for more than 25 years, before they even joined Mona Vie international. So, they brought a lot of experience into the MonaVie business, from the more than five network marketing companies they had worked with.

Scott and Sue had previously worked at Rexall network marketing Company, Nuskin international, Cambridge International, Wave5 MLM Company, I-Link International and Morinda international, before they joined Mona Vie.

The couple’s best MLM experience however came when they joined Morinda International, which became their gateway to MonaVie international.

It was in 2001 that Scott and Sue Joined Morinda direct selling company, which was the parent company of the Tahitian Noni. Scott and his wife began to build a serious international business with confidence, after they had experienced some success from their previous relationship marketing companies.

With hard work and determination, Scott and Sue Olsen build one of their most successful downline in network marketing business with Morinda, and their business spread to all parts of the world in just 2 years. Their Morinda Global business was making a Monthly sale of over $1 million dollars and it was still expanding very fast.

Although they became extremely successful and famous in Morinda International, they were still looking for another viable business opportunity to invest in. A true spirit of entrepreneurs!

One day, while in their Morinda international business meeting, Scott received a call from one of his friends, telling him that Dallin Larsen was planning to start a new direct selling company in Utah.

Scott Olsen had known Dallin Larsen for many years in the Network marketing businesses and he was really interested to know how and what the Company will be dealing with.

Scott then started holding talks with Monarch Health sciences, until October 2003 when they finally decided to sell their Morinda International business to become the first distributors to be enrolled in Monarch Health sciences, which is the parent Company of Mona Vie International.

Scott and Sue Olsen had to wait until January 2005, when Monavie officially opened its offices in Utah. But, before then, Scott was not idle in those one and half years, they were building their base in the business, spreading the information about the new company to their close friends.

This seemed extremely funny at first, but they succeeded in convincing some of their downline From the Morinda business and some of their close friends to join them in Mona Vie, when the Company opened its doors.

Away from the challenging journey in the multilevel marketing industry, Scott and Sue Olsen first joined the networking business, simply because they became excited about the business idea that allows you to make a lifetime passive income.

The most surprising thing, however, is the fact that Scott and Sue Olsen managed to recruit several people, before Monavie even opened its doors. This is what I call the power of believe and the fruits of trust that Scott had developed with his downline for years. This is one of the reasons why people will always want to be associated with friends who have a vision to be successful in life.

Scott Olsen however said that one of the major secrets of success in the MLM business is duplication. Scott says that duplication brings about success if you follow the right system. On the other hand systems always create activities and further duplications, which in turn create an income for you.

Scott and Sue Olsen are however very successful in the Monavie MLM business. Although they are now relaxed and enjoying their passive income from MonaVi and other network marketing businesses, they still have a dream of showing everybody in the world the real time and financial freedom that comes with the multilevel marketing business.

Scott and Sue Olsen have however been privileged to travel to various regions of the world, courtesy of the MonaVi business.

Some of the countries they have travelled in the process include Japan, The United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico; together with their children, who are also successful MonaVie product distributors.

Scott and Sue Olsen’s Awards and Accolades

Scott Olsen and his wife Sue Olsen are one of the legendary network marketing professionals of all times.

The couple has built one of the largest and most successful downline in the history of multilevel marketing industry. Their MonaVie downline has so far produced more than 100 millionaires and more than 80 black diamond leaders only in MonaVie.

Scott and Sue Olsen has also won hundreds of awards and qualified to multiple ranks, since theyfirst joined the network marketing industry in 1981. For instance, in MonaVie alone, Scott and Sue Olsen have achieved the several Royal Diamonds, multiple Black Diamonds, the Presidential Black Diamond and the imperial Black Diamond Executive among many many more.

Scott and Sue are also worldwide acclaimed networkers with more than 34 years in the industry. The couple has been featured several times in the then Upline magazine, The Success From Home Magazine, Business For Home website, the New York Times and many other high profile publications in many parts of the world.

Scott and Sue Olsen of Monavie are currently members of the international Founding Distributors, MonaVie Millionaires Club Members and The Distributor Advisory Board Members among many high profile Network marketing councils.