Seemore Green

Seemore Green aka Eric Turner was a notorious Wake Up Now rock star and mlm top earner before the Company’s ship sunk, literally!

Caution: Please do not confuse Eric Turner of WUN with the American Singer and song writer Eric Turner or the American Football star, who also goes by the same name.

Away from warnings, Eric Turner popularly known as Seemore Green was a Wake Up Now Top earner and a young man who did things differently. Eric was born on 1989 and his age cannot be compared to what he has achieved in the network marketing industry.  He is a self made multi-millionaire youth, a high school leaver and above all an inspiration for the Youth today; who knows how to successfully have fun at work.

Eric Seemore Green aka Eric Turner is among the youngest multi-millionaires the MLM industry has ever produced. Mr. Seemore Green jumped into the sinking Wake Up Now business and was able to become one of the first global executive directors of the Company, when just 24 years old. Is that not an achievement guys? I hope so in my opinion!

I was however amazed at his selfishness and a unique way of thinking that cannot be expected from a 24 years old high school leaver. In fact, Eric Turner of Wake Up Now mlm gave up all his monthly commissions for several months, so that his fellow struggling individual distributors could be paid when Wake Up Now was almost closing down. But, unfortunately his unselfishness and generosity never saved the situation.

All in all, Eric Turner aka Seemore Green was a Wake Up Now champion, rock star or better still the top mlm distributor in the company. Mr. Turner was not only the youngest of WUN distributors, but also one of the late entry semi-illiterate Network affiliate who however managed to make it big in the industry. Before the WUN WUN was shut down, Mr. Seemore Green was making a passive income of $150,000 per month, which is equivalent to approximately $1,800,000 per year.

Eric unfortunately lost all his monthly earnings when Wake Up Now MLM shut down on February 2015. This was very sad and stressful to him, but that just marked the beginning of the real Eric Turner aka Mr. Seemore Green!

The journey of Eric Turner aka Seemore Green in Wake Up Now Network Marketing Industry

Eric Turner, just like any failed high school graduate never had a pre-determined career in his life, after graduating from high school. He however had a vision of being financially independent, but knew quite frankly that the society’s laid down path to success could not help him achieve that.

Eric Turner, once a multi-millionaire in Wake Up Now was initially confused on what to involve himself in after high school. After days of thinking and looking for opportunities to invest in, he decided to move out of his home area; Northern Carolina to San Diego to continue looking for that dream business opportunity. And according to him, that is how his relationship marketing career started to take shape.

Seemore Green was first introduced to direct selling business back in September 2009 at San Diego. Eric Saw a real life changing entrepreneurship potential got amazed at the opportunity and hopped in without any further thought.

It however took Eric Turner some several months to even discover how his mlm company’s compensation plan worked. He then now started to know how the whole multilevel marketing industry worked; together with its advantages and disadvantages.

To be precise and cut the long story short, Eric Turner aka Seemore Green achieved very decimal success in his first mlm business opportunity and four others. Mr. Seemore lost a lot of cash and eventually became as frustrated as many become in the industry before starting to see some success. Eric Seemore Green however, unlike majority of us never became negative about all his failures, he instead knew that his money had bought him experience and he now knew more than ever the path he will use to achieve his millionaire status dream.

Eric Turner experienced his first breakthrough in direct selling business in 2012, when he was introduced to the Motor Club of America (MCA). This is where he at least started to develop hope in MLM industry and the rest as he say is pure millionaire lifestyle history.

It is however after all those years that Eric Turner aka Seemore Green started to realize that there is nothing like overnight success that many youth are day-dreaming about today. He says that persistence is the key to any success in entrepreneurship and all youth should apply it and get their minds get used to it, but know that success can happen to anybody, but after some time.  So, according to Eric Turner, it has been a journey of many years to be where he is today!

According to me, Eric Turner is a special entrepreneur. Yes, I am saying this because of his unique way of reasoning from other youths. Eric Turner for instance decided to trade three years of his youthful life to serious commitment and dedication in the network marketing industry for a better life, than spend 40 years working for somebody else not even having fun and retire at one point so as to enjoy life with no or very little savings. Thumbs up, Eric!!

Eric Turner however joined Wake Up Now on March 2013. At first, he never even knew what the company was all about, although he was fascinated by the name ‘Wake Up Now’. The name however reminded him of a life his parents grew up to hate since childhood; this was wake up, go to work, come back home tired, sleep and again wake up! Seriously, not for him!

Nevertheless, it was through Wake Up Now that Eric Turner managed to be an mlm top earner in the company and become one of the youngest and most respected millionaires in the world. I am however sorry for him that he lost all his hard earned recurring commissions of $150,000 per month when the company closed down, but wait he is back again with a BANG!

Yes, Eric Turner aka Seemore Green is back with Disrupt Mlm Company and he has already started making it big as if nothing happened!

Eric Turner however, says that everybody wants to be successful, but not everybody wants to do all that it takes to achieve that better life. Is that typical of you? Please, let us change our attitude for the better!


What is Wake Up Now?

Wake Up Now Inc. or WUN is a “was” multi-level marketing company based in Provo, Utah in the United States of America. I feel sorry for you, if you lost your investment or your entire MLM business via the company, but it is not over yet in entrepreneurship, if you ask me! The painful truth is that there are no signs of Wake Up Now returning to its operations, and faster you live by that the better for you!

I know the ‘wound’ is still fresh in your heart, and I do not intend to be sarcastic in any way! I will however be extremely happy if you leave a comment on your experience with WUN below, so that others can also know on what this wake up now business was like, how and when it started, What product it dealt with, its compensation plan, how and why it shut down, WUN pyramid scheme hype and maybe join our life changing business opportunity! If you are also looking for information about Wake Up Now, then be my guest in reading this Wake Up Now Review.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wake Up Now is an Utah based company that used the network marketing business model to market its nutritional and financial management products. It was founded by one Troy Muhlestein and John Elvis in 2009, peaked in 2013 and ceased its operations  in 16th February 2015. It is however interesting that all the blame has gone the then CEO Kirby Cochran, who in fact stepped down from office in October 2014.

My fellow bloggers have however had it twisted as normal, backing up the analysis produced by Network marketing and pyramid scheme expert, Robert Fitzpatrick.  The simple but obvious hype on blogs and publication have suggested that Wake Up Now relationship marketing was a pyramid scheme that was meant to fail like many others. I found this funny but let me reserve my judgments on the issue until a later time; after all we have fully understood what this company was all about!

Here is how Wake Up Now Emerged…

If a friend asks you how WUN begun its operations, tell him the company started in 2009, became very successful in 2013 and closed its doors in February 2015. Very simple!

The company failed to pay its independent distributors in several months in the year 2014, and blamed all to what they called ‘technological challenges’.

The then CEO of the Company; Phil Polich said enough is enough after trying to revive the company for several Months and filed a bankruptcy report, before writing a touching letter to all its individual product distributors, confirming their fears of the WUN MLM Company shutting down.

Phil Polich associated all their woes to the former CEO Kirby Cochran, who had stepped down on October 2014. Yes, they even sued him of favoring the few and the misappropriation of over $70 million USD during his tenure.  That is whatsup!

Wake Up Now Products and Membership Programs

Although many critics said that WUN did not have a product to market, Wake Up Now international partnered with several companies to give it subscribers commission through coupons for any product and services they bought. Such products and products range from groceries, car rentals, finance, cell phones, software, vacations, energy drinks among many others.

Most of the Wake Up Now products offered front end savings, some offered coupons, while others offered cash backs on the products or services purchased.

Wake Up Now Compensation Plan

The Wake Up Now Compensation plan was basically divided into two subscription services. The first one was the Customer plan, which would have cost you $24 per month today, while the second one was what they called an Independent Business Owner Plan, which costs $99 per month.

The customer plan gives you partial access to the Company’s market place. By partial, I mean that the plan restricts you to some deals in their HUB (market place).

The Independent Business Owner deal, on the other hand gives you the full access to distribute the WUN products in their market place.

That is how simple the compensation plan and in summary. I however heard about Wake Up Now Company scrubbing off your monthly subscription, if you succeed in recruiting three people into their system and many others but that is long gone now and I do not want to take you to that.

We should nevertheless stop here on the Wake Up Now compensation plan thing, since we will not need it anyway!

Wake Up Now Pyramid Scheme Allegations

Wake Up Now scam was in the air long time ago, before the Company even showed signs of collapsing. A simple search on Google using the keywords; Wake Up Now pyramid Scheme, WUN pyramid Scheme or WUN Scam will reveal more and most probably surprise you!

WUN international had over 160 registered complaints in the US Federal Trade Commission by September 2014, with of course hundreds of negative reviews.

Truth in advertising magazine sparked and fueled these illegal pyramid scheme allegations by publishing one killer review about WUN business.

The review proved that almost all the products and services that Wake Up Now claim to give commissions on are either readily available for lower prices in various online shops or better still found for free online. That, my friend was a pregnant point that bloggers, distributors took keen interest in and BOOM! The truth was out at last!

WUN was also under scrutiny once again for purporting that 100% of its sales came from the sales of their product and services, while in the real sense almost all the profit came from subscriptions fees paid by new recruits, who have been lured to join the MLM Company.

New and previous distributors were also on red alert when VISA declined the partnership between the two Companies without giving prior reasons.

All in all, WUN is no longer in operation. Rumor however has it that the founder and president of Wake Up Now has started a new Multi-level marketing Company called Disrupt international, which is vehemently marketed by former Wake Up Now Top earners. Some have started to say that the whole business has come to disrupt the relationship marketing business but let us wait and see!