Seth Mulder

Seth Mulder – Lifevantage Top Earner


If you enjoy my blog on top MLM earners Marcel & Lisa Niederhauser, then you will enjoy this one another Lifevantage top earner named Seth Mulder. He makes $100,000.00 per month in residual income, and he has the rank of Master Pro 10. Seth still has his home-based Lifevantage business. However, he founded his own company, Seth Mulder Enterprises, 13 years ago. His business focuses on identifying and training entrepreneurs in the national and international markets.


Working with board of directors and executive teams, Seth assists these leaders in developing successful sales campaigns, retention programs, and branding strategies. He helps health and wellness products companies get back into the game, using the network sales business model. Today, his company has a customer base of over 100,000 that come from every corner of the globe.




After reading the background story for Lifevantage MLM business, I get why this company went the direct sales marketing route. Lifevantage decided to market its products this way, because this network marketing business didn’t want their high-quality products to just be another health and wellness item sitting on a store shelf.


Lifevantage breakthrough product Protandim wasn’t created to sit in anyone’s store. It was created to bring everyone in the world optimal health. Therefore, it had to be sold in a way to reach the masses directly. It didn’t hurt that Dr. Joe McCord, the person behind the research of Protandim, appeared on the ABC television show, “Primetime” in 2005.


After appearing on the show, the sales of Protandim flourished, but the glory was short-lived. As the health and wellness industry grew, Protandim got lost among all the other nutritional supplements that were hitting the shelves at a rapid rate. Moreover, most retailers didn’t have the right information on Protandim to market it properly.


In 2009, Lifevantage products went into the multilevel marketing sector, signaling a new, exciting venture for the Lifevantage business. Today, Lifevantage is a blooming nutraceutical company devoted to helping everyone around the world achieve healthy living. Besides outstanding products, Lifevantage brought a remarkable business opportunity to anyone wanting to start a home-based business.


With Lifevantage, you can have physical and financial health. Top MLM earners, like Seth Mulder, look forward to helping you get your fulfilled life, enjoying time and financial freedom. As with other top leaders, these folks will give you the knowledge and skills you need to assist you in building your team and sales.




Lifevantage believes that progress is not necessary for the human condition; it is the human condition. As a Lifevantage independent distributor, your success is what helps this direct selling company grow. Lifevantage wants you to prosper!


At the head of Lifevantage is Darren Jensen. Although he has only been president and CEO for eight months, he brings 25 years of experience in global networking and direct sales marketing to the table. He has worked in all types of MLM companies, including several in health and wellness. Mr. Jenson has served on the management team of a number of other multilevel marketing businesses, and he even founded two of his own.


Another belief of Lifevantage is to instill in its associates to help others along the way all the time, not just when goals are reached. During those infamous company events, where there is so much positive energy, Lifevantage gives back in a number of ways, such as community service, donation collections, and announcing organizations in need. From the top leaders to the customers, everyone at Lifevantage does his or her part to give to children, families, and communities worldwide that need help.


Recently, Lifevantage has partnered with the non-profit organization Families Helping Families, to build homes in poverty-stricken areas. I like this because belief from Lifevantage: everyone deserves a place to lay their head at night. Other organizations that Lifevantage has partnered with include:


  • Against Malaria
  • Deworm the World
  • Hunger Relief International
  • Wells of Life
  • Traffic Jam
  • American Red Cross
  • Intermountain Primary Children’s Center
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Soles 4 Souls
  • Street Angels
  • Sisters Hope
  • CureDuchenne
  • Gold Ribbons Family Foundation
  • Food Drives (in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Florida)


The Lifevantage Difference


I keep hearing and reading that Lifevantage is different from the rest of the health and wellness MLM out here in the network marketing industry. If you do any research on this company, you know the difference is that science backs up everything these folks say and do, especially when it comes to the products. At Lifevantage, performing scientific research is a priority.


For example, with their top product, Protandim, the research isn’t paid for by Lifevantage. As a matter of fact, doctors and researchers from universities around the world are using their own money to study it. Wow, Protandim must be something incredible to have this type of backing.


Dr. Nathalie Chevreau has joined the Lifevantage as the VP of Product Development. She is not only at the forefront of the latest research in health, wellness, nutritional supplements, and skin care, she is working to further develop Lifevantage’s next big product, Nrf2. According to Lifevantage, all of its scientific studies are peer-reviewed and published.




The first thing I noticed about Lifevantage products is that there aren’t many of them, especially when you compare them to other health and wellness companies in the MLM industry. I am thinking that this means that what they do offer must be awesome.


If you want to know what they do provide for its customers, here we go. There is the world-famous Protandim, a dietary, daily supplement that combats oxidative stress, a problem that everyone suffers with (it is just a fancy way of saying stress, and absolutely, people all over the earth are stressed).


After fixing your stress problem, if you want to feel vitality and energetic, take a look at AXIO. This energy drink comes in a powder form and after mixing it with water, it works to repair your mind and body. Unlike those many energy drinks in the market that are filled with sugar, sodium, and carbs, this one only contains the good stuff, like green tea extract and B vitamins.


Now that you have gotten the inside of your body working well, what about the outside? Well, Lifevantage has gotten something for you with its TrueScience line. These products contain Nrf2 to assist you in your anti-aging regimen. From a gentle daily cleanser to an eye serum, you will look good, no matter your age.


This was a new one on me. Lifevantage knows how people feel about their dogs. Your furry family member needs love and attention too. Therefore, Lifevantage canine health chewable tablets, made with Nrf2-activating ingredients, collagen, and omega-3 fatty acids, helping your dog with having healthy joints, having less stress (dogs have stress???), and having a stronger/healthier brain, skin, and eyes.




Lifevantage compensation plan works similar to every other MLM business out here. You earn money from your retail sales. If one of your customers decides to become an independent distributor, you can earn money from the retail sales of your recruit, and so forth and so on. If you are seeking to get into entrepreneurship with your own network marketing business, Lifevantage wants you to have that long-term residual income.




When I was doing research on this MLM company, I was looking to see if I could find anything that said Lifevantage pyramid scam or Lifevantage pyramid scheme. I couldn’t find anything definite. However, while doing some research, I did come across this website that talked about Lifevantage. The owner said that Lifevantage sued him for posting negative comments about its business practices and products (Ouch!).


I did see that Lifevantage did sue one of its major distributors, Ovation Marketing Group, Inc. for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. Otherwise than that, this is it.