Seung Ja & Young Ho Kang Park – Herbalife Success

Seung Ja & Young Ho Kang Park – Another Herbalife Success

Seung_Ja_Park_HerbalifeSeung Ja and Young Ho Park rule the mlm business not only at the Eastern side of the world but also in all parts of the world.

They are proud distributors of the popular Herbalife nutritional supplements, and weight loss products in almost all sections of planet.

Seung Ja and Young Kang Park are renowned Herbalife millionaires from Asia, who are ready to be counted as mlm top earners from the Korea Republic.

I was so touched when I read about their journey to Herbalife top earners list, and decided to share it with you today.

Please stay with me as I review the inspirational journey of Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park, how they built their mlm business and how the Herbalife products have improved their lives.

Ladies and gentlemen, be ready to be inspired by this tear dropping story and journey of Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park to becoming of the Herbalife top earners.

I know the first question you are asking yourselves is who is this couple?

Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park is a husband and wife, motivational speakers, Herbalife MLM product distributors, and multi-level network marketing millionaires whose determination and hard work has touched the lives of many people in Korea and other parts of the world. They are so blessed and perfect in whatever they do that their motivation seems almost illegal!

Just Joking!

As I write this today, Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park are one of the most respected Herbalife product distributors and marketers in the world of making money with mlm. They are incredibly rich and make up to $265,000 per month and over $3,180,000 per year.

Whatever they put their hands on changes into gold’ my friends!

The ‘Midas touch’? Maybe so!

This is why they always have a smile on their faces, all the way to the bank, every month effortlessly.

I would be smiling too!

Is this not amazing?

Be with me all the way to the end of this article as I am going to let you know where they came from, how they started their mlm business, why they started this mlm business, where they are currently and where they are heading.

Are you ready?

Let us get into it!

Background of Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park

Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park are an ordinary couple and citizens from Korea. They were born, raised, educated and married in the Korea Republic, Asian continent.

The couple has undergone normal challenges in life, most probably, like you and me, but live a far better life than many people in the world.

Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park were professionals turned business family, having experience the white collar job frustrations and lack of financial freedom.

This is a family that had a dream like the one you have today, and stand tall as one of the few distinguished mlm millionaires the Korea Republic has ever churned out within a short period. This is of course courtesy of the mighty Herbalife international corporation from the United States of America.

They are the pioneers of the mlm business in Korea and are one of the few families and Herbalife product distributors’ who have risen from an entirely different part of the world to develop their enterprise and interact with the big names in the mlm industry such as Dexter & Birdie Yager in Amway or Holton Buggs in Organo Gold, or Abraham Benitez & Raquel Cortez, also in Herbalife.

This only tells us that we can succeed in whatever we do, in spite of our financial situations, culture, and a way of life or where we come from.

Do you agree with me?

Then be ready to learn more on how Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park started their journey to being multi-millionaires in Herbalife.

The Journey of Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park to mlm top Earners List

Have you noticed that almost all mlm millionaires started with a very humble background?

Yes, if you read the stories of various mlm millionaires you see today, and the many stories you read here in this blog, you will surely be humbled about their journey to fame and financial freedom.

My good friends! Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park are a typical example of this humble beginning.

Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park are mlm top earners with a reason. They have suffered and seen their families suffer in life that they decided to make a change.

They worked hard in the formal employment sector but whatever they got wasn’t enough to feed their families and save for future investments. They, however, sojourned on until the Herbalife idea struck them. They heard about this idea from a friend in Korea; who was also a Herbalife product distributor and an mlm networker.

Seung Ja bought the Herbalife products, tried them and was surprised at their health rejuvenation potential.

The family was excited to hear of the business opportunity that comes with the marketing of Herbalife products and decided to give it a try without hesitation.

Friends, nothing excited them most than the fact that they are to live a healthy life as they make money with Herbalife for a lifetime.

The couple distributed the Herbalife products through direct selling method until they decided to open their business offices in Korea.

This is how their Herbalife distribution branch was born in Korea.

They then decided to put aside everything they used to do so and to concentrate fully into their new mlm business, despite the fear that Herbalife scam existed. They were so determined that nothing prevented them from achieving their goal – and that was to be mlm top earners and millionaires within the shortest time possible.

Believe you me!

This happened, and their mlm business started to gather pace and receive Herbalife recognition from its headquarters in USA.

Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park family joined Herbalife when very little was known about the internet and communication was only on a face to face basis.

They were so determined that they first moved from house to house, and place to place interacting and forming nutritional clubs that helped them market the Herbalife products.

Their superb communication prowess and persuasive talks gave them a massive following within a short duration of time.

This is what the Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park went through to become the millionaires you see today in flashy cars, private jets and in world class apartments today.

Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park Awards and Accolades

Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang park have achieved a lot that I am tempted to think that they are super human beings.

The couple started from nothing, and now they are one of the most respected mlm top earners in the world and one of Herbalife’s favorites.

That said, Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park have achieved so many in Herbalife from being Diamonds, the Global expansion team, Royalty achievers, president’s team members to being in the Millionaire team in Herbalife.

As if that is not enough, they have vowed to achieve many more in the Herbalife mlm business although they are rich and aged.

Did you receive it today?

Please share with us your inspirations, and let us work together so as to change for the better.