Shane & Dana Douglas

Shane & Dana Douglas – ACN Top Earners


Are you ready to earn to be free? Have the time and money to live the life you deserve? If so, you might be interested in starting a career in MLM. Multilevel marketing can give you the money and time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Take a vacation or spend time with your children, you will finally have the career and the income that you dreamed of.


I am never surprised with the number of people that are going into the network marketing business. If you work hard, you would like to see the fruits of your labor. You can’t see them if you are going from paycheck to paycheck. This really isn’t any way to live. It is nice to have a job, because there are many who don’t have a job.


However, if you want to change from having a job to having a career, you will have to make some changes. You will need to change the way you think, the way you behave, and the way you feel. I have written a lot about MLM, and every top earner says that there wasn’t just a change on the outside, but a change on the inside as well.


There is also the wariness of going into an arena you are not familiar with. I know it can be scary. You are giving up your “secure” job with benefits, to start a career in an area you know nothing about. But if this isn’t what stepping out on faith and taking a chance is, I don’t know what is. How will you ever grow as a human being if you never just go for it?


Instead of thinking of the negative, think on the positive. Think about all the positive attributes that signing up with a network marketing business brings. It is all about the money either. I mean, it is nice to make six figures of continuous income every month. It is also nice to be your own boss. You don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder, micro-managing your every move.


I have discovered that when you run your own business, you are willing to work extra hard. Your home-based business is a reflection of you, and you want your business to do well.


But MLM goes a step further. You have recruits, and you are responsible for their success. It is not just because you receive bonuses. It is because the success of your downline is in direct correlation of your leadership skills. If you are want to rise to the top in multilevel marketing, you have to have the desire to lead and be good at it.


In a more traditional job, you don’t have to be a leader. If anything, you sit around and let another person tell you what will work and what won’t. When you are the lead, the decisions are yours. The difference is the decisions you make are for the greater good and not just to fill your wallet with more money.


Shane & Dana Douglas


Having said all this, I am going to talk today about Shane & Dana Douglas. This power-couple, just like other multilevel marketers, didn’t start out in life with the intent of becoming independent business owners. Shane actually owned an appliance store in Idaho.


Like other direct selling marketers, he saw the flexibility that MLM provided. For 10 years, he worked with a network marketing firm that wasn’t giving him what he was looking for. He wanted a MLM business that he could see himself growing with. Shane found what he was looking for with ACN.


He states that ACN gives him the continual residual income every month he desired. If you are curious about how much he makes, it is $120,000.00 per month. And just like I said earlier, Shane & Dana Douglas now have the time to do what they want to, when they want to (Shane & Dana’s words). This includes spending more time with their two children, Tyler & Karly.


Just like other top MLM earners, Shane says that he got to the top with hard work, a never-give-up attitude, positive thoughts, and personal/professional growth. Moreover, he surrounded (and still does) himself with individuals who want the same things in life like he does.


This is so true. You can’t be successful being around naysayers and negative people. I don’t like to keep saying this, but I have said this over and over again. Whether you are in MLM, or not, when you make the decision to do better in life, you are going to have to be around people who are goal-oriented as well. It really is just that simple.


Shane work ethic at ACN has earned him the position of Senior Vice President and a member of the Circle of Champions. What are his goals now? Not surprisingly, he wants to help others grow financially like he has. He sees this as being beneficial to his life and the life of those he assists.


How good is Shane at network marketing? In the first eight months with CAN, he achieved the status of Regional Vice President. In eight years with ACN, his team consisted of over 150,000 ACN consultants among 23 countries working for him.


He has reached a high level in ACN in such a short amount of time, it has surprised himself. Such a skilled and knowledgeable businessman, he has written a book, “Chicken Soup For the Network Marketers Soul.”


ACN Today


Shane Douglas believes that direct selling with ACN is an exceptional opportunity for newcomers today. When he started, ACN only offered long and local phone services. Now, ACN provides not only phone services, but energy, internet, satellite television, home security, and debit cards. The great thing about ACN multilevel marketing business is that you can earn consistent income by your customers paying their bills on services that they need and use every day.


Shane & Dana Douglas believe that anybody can be successful at ACN. When looking for people for their team, they look for folks who want to achieve something spectacular, and they are willing to give their all to get it.


This I really found to be a nice and pleasant surprise. Shane said that for his new recruits, he mentored them for a whole year to make sure that they get everything and anything they need to prosper at ACN. However, he will tell you with a quickness that it works both ways. His recruits have to be devoted to bringing their A-game to the table. According to Shane & Dana Douglas, motivation and inspiration works both ways.


ACN Compensation Plan


The compensation plan for ACN works just like most others. As an independent business owner (IBO), you earn residual income for all the customers you sign up and pay their bills on time.


If one of your customers decides to join the ACN network marketing business, you earn bonuses for every customer who signs up and pay their bill on time. A difference with ACN is that you can also earn free services too. Not too shabby to get free satellite television, internet, and cell phone services.




I listened to Shane’s speech when he made Senior Vice President. I have got to say that this man is quite intelligent. He made a number of excellent remarks concerning dreams and how to achieve them.


The first one I thought was imperative is he stated that it is not just enough to want to be successful, but you have to have a reason for it. His reason was because of his family. He wanted his family to have all the things that he never had. He also didn’t want his children to ever experience unemployment.


He thanked his family—his wife, Dana, and his two children for putting up with him while he was growing his business. But they all understand that it takes sacrifice and commitment to build a business. Shane and his whole family agree that the time and dedication given to making his independent business prosper was time and energy well spent.


Another important statement he made was that he said that he wants his family to have a lifestyle and not just live life. He wishes this for everyone. The fact that he knows the difference says a lot about who he is as an individual.


Most people couldn’t understand that thought even if you drew a diagram explaining it word for word. The reason is that most people are just existing, living life. The special, goal-driven people know that life consists of more than just this.


Shane Douglas leads by example. I wish everyone who considers themselves a leader was half the person this individual is. I am telling you folks, you can either just keep coasting day in or day out. Or, you can step out of faith and start working towards that career you have always dreamed about. The choice is yours.