Single Mom Success Story – Madra Jones!

Madra Jones – A Single Mom Success Story

Madra Jones make money with itworksMadra Jones’ It Works mlm journey is a typical story of the power of a dedicated single mother in network marketing business!

I honestly do not have enough BIG words to use in describing how successful and influential Madra Jones has become, and still is in the It Works multi-level marketing industry. I am going to try my level best to give you a more vivid picture of her amazing journey to becoming ItWorks! first Black Diamond holder.

She is, in short, a true success story of a dreamer, working her way to the top in network marketing business.

Madra Jones is so strong willed and has a never say die attitude. Her approach to life and business in general has made her one of the most respected leaders in network marketing business. She is a hope to all single mothers, and anybody with a desire to bring relevant positive changes into their lives.

It will be unfair if I start by not letting you know that Madra Jones in extremely wealthy!

Nothing motivates her in business than the money she makes in it.

She is an almost worshiped multi-millionaire, motivational speaker and A GO FOR IT business mentor. She leads by example when it comes to making money with ItWorks Global network marketing. She is currently an mlm top earner in It works who makes over $195,000 per month and more than $2.38 Million USD per year. Her background and rise to network marketing stardom will most definitely inspire you!

The Background of Madra Mystedt Jones

Madra Jones is a single mother, a salonist and Esthetician, turned It Works! multi-millionaire. She is a go for it girl and a big dreamer in life, with a never quit attitude.

Madra Jones has a beautiful family, consisting of one elder son and beautiful two daughters. She is a hard working business lady, who has been able to perfectly balance business with family life. Many surely need to take classes from her on how she does it all by herself!madra jones family itworks millionaire

Madra Jones now lives happily with her three children in the house of their dreams! She has all the time with her family and able to give them everything they ever wanted in life.

Who said single mothers cannot be millionaires?

Read her journey in It Works global mlm business for more inspirations!

Journey of Madra Jones in It Works Global

Madra Jones joined ItWorks Global after hearing an inspirational narration from one of the diamond executives in the company. What started out as a big joke to her turned out to be a life changing millionaire’s adventure!

Madra Jones was an established saloninst and an entrepreneur before joining It Works Global. She owned two salons, and had a husband who had a stable job and was very helpful, before they unfortunately had a divorce.

Her life took a new turn when Madra Jones met one of her longtime friends, she has not seen for years in her Salon. Her friend approached her about selling the skinny wrap in her business but Madra wasn’t interested.

Madra Jones says that she had a lot of products she was selling in her business then, and never wanted to add some more. She was used to a lot of marketers coming to her and trying to sell their products to her, lying that they are the best in the market. So, she gave her friend a solid NO, thinking that she has also become one of the marketers who were just there to flood the beauty market with dysfunctional products.

Guess what? Her friend never stopped bothering her.

She used to call and send emails to her regularly, trying to inquire whether Madra Jones had changed her mind.

The soon to be It Works global millionaire was literally running away from her time and financial freedom. She started getting irritated by her friend’s persistence and endless bothering. Madra Jones was very busy then, trying hard to balance between being a mother and a successful business lady.

One day, when her friend called to inquire whether she had changed her mind, she told her to just come and wrap her with her product, if it works on her then they will talk about it.

Madra Jones finally agreed to her request thinking that she wouldn’t drive all the way from where she lived to just come and wrap her with what she called then, a useless product.

But she was dead wrong! Her friend was in her salon the next day fully equipped to market her It Works product to her friend.

So her ‘bothering’ and persistence paid off at last.

She wrapped her face and neck with the It Works skin wrap product and took time to explain how the product worked and can be useful to her. She told Madra Jones how she can wrap all her customers using the ItWorks products and even use it during massage. Madra finally started to get interested, after the It Works skinny wrap worked perfectly on her face.

Madra Jones finally decided to join the business because, its start-up cost was very low. Madra worked in the business for about four months, without having much direction and interest. She at first thought that she will only buy the It Works products and use it to wrap the faces and tummies of her customers for a low as $25.

So, Madra Jones was at the beginning, not interested in being an It Works distributor or in recruiting any customers into the business. She was sure that there must be a way others are making a killing from this business, other than selling the It Works! Global products at retail prices. But as she established her It Works business for four months, she started to hear stories of how people make millions out of It Works and how they have eventually achieved time and financial freedom.

Madra Jones then decided to call Kim Bolin, who was also happened to be her sponsor all the way from Colombia. Madra is in fact very grateful to her sponsor for her initial ‘bothers’ and persistently believing in Madra, even if she turned her down severally. She says that she would have not been where she is today if it is not for her consistent effort of making sure she tries the It works business opportunity.

Madra Jones eventually turned out to be the one now troubling her friend with endless question about It Works, she then had enrolled a few distributors but wasn’t making the kind of money she hears other people are making in with It Works Global business, and wanted to know how that was even possible.

Kim then invited her to attend an ItWorks Bootcamp, which she at first felt was unnecessary. She at last decided to go because of her red personality. Madra Jones is currently glad she attended that boot-camp because it totally changed her life and view of the ItWorks! Global business.

The boot-camp was very life changing to her, to say the least. Madra brushed shoulders with other distributors and received a lot of tips on how to build their own It Works! Global businesses. Madra Jones interacted with the corporate executives and found them to be extremely friendly.

She was happy to meet and make friends with people she had never met before in her busy business life.  Madra says that her attendance in the Bootcamp was a God send, full of lessons to her. She watched other distributors enter the stage to be presented with some awards and bonuses they had achieved for a surprisingly short period, and she really became envious of their achievements. Madra Jones was totally sure that she can also achieve all that.

That is how the now It Works! Global top earner’s plane took off in her multilevel marketing business!

Madra Jones Working With Her It Works! Global Teammadra jones ebook

Madra Jones returned home fired up. She knew that she can achieve all she had seen at the Bootcamp, because she believed the distributors she saw win awards at the boot camp were nowhere different than her.

She now understood all the ways one could make money with It Works and wanted to try them all. Madra went home, trained her It Works distributors and recruited many, many more. Within a short period of time, Madra Jones, the financially struggling saloninst was all of a sudden, a full time network marketing professional. It took her a single year to become one of the Company’s top earners and one of the most respected ladies in the mlm business.

She eventually sold her two Salons because her ItWorks! earnings were far beyond what she could earn from the Salons for several months.

Madra Jones Challenges in It Works

Madra Jones had real struggles in It Works! Multi-level marketing business. She had several people who discouraged her from joining ItWorks business and a few who told her no when marketing her products. Madra never gave up or change her stand. She dreamt of a good life and financial freedom, and that is what she stood by! Madra Jones had confidence in what she was doing and was set to achieve the goals she had set earlier!

Madra Jones’ Advice to Newbies in Entrepreneurship and It Works

Madra Says that the only secret to being successful in ItWorks is to first use and love the It Works product! If you use them and achieve positive results with the products, you will not feel like you are selling the products, but sharing your experience with others.

Madra Jones also says that the only secret to sticking to this business in not quitting, if you quit then you will definitely fail. Set your goals and work by them, each and every day.

Madra Jones also stresses on the importance of dreaming, and setting your goals and sticking by them. She loves people who set a realistic amount of money that lead you one to having a comfortable life, and according to her any amount is valid and achievable.

Lastly, she says that the only way to make it in ItWorks mlm is to just go out there and make a list of 50 people, without worrying too much about their background and closeness to you, and try to introduce this It Works business opportunity to them. Yes, not all will say yes and definitely not all will say no. So, try to build your base first and you will soon be as successful as any other It works top earners.

Madra Jones’ Current Life

Madra Jones is currently very successful and able to have everything she ever dreamed of owning. She is a symbol of a successful modern woman, who had had it all in business.

She rides in classy cars, private jets and lives in a home of her dreams. Yes, you can be just like Mrs. Jones, no matter what the type of business you invest in, just take a positive step and God will guide you all the way!

Awards and Accolades

Madra Meystedt Jones had had it all in the world of multi-level marketing. She is an It Works! Top Earner and the first ItWorks product distributor to earn a Black Diamond award , together with Kami Dempsey; who is also a daughter to the ItWorks CEO and Founder.

Madra Jones entered the It Works business late but had surpassed thousands of distributors to be in the top 60 list of all time MLM top earners in the world. Her efforts have been acclaimed in superior electronic and media outlets all over the world.

She was recently featured in the Wall Street Journey, Success For Home and Networking Times together with Kami Dempsey, who is also an It Works mlm top earner and friend. Madra Jones is a determined Dreamer whose dream has come true in the entrepreneurship world.

She has, for example, earned almost all awards any distributor can possibly earn in It Works, and she is still working hard in her dream of making every distributor in her down line achieve a black Diamond in It Works just like her.

Madra Jones has also been interviewed and her interview published in the Direct Selling News in 2014. She has also been featured in the Success from Home Magazine in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. She is also in the list of top 30 mlm top earners in the Business from Home Hall of Fame and Awarded the Leadership Council Award at It Works! Global. Madra Jones had finally been included in the Millionaire Club list, where she eventually became the top mlm income earner. The list of her awards my friend is endless!

I will not forget to mention that Madra also has enjoyed some major bonuses and exotic vacations courtesy of It Works. For example, she was awarded a $5,000 USD shopping voucher, and treated to a world class reception, when she and Kami Dempsey achieved the Company’s first ever black Diamonds.

She was carried in a private jet, in a helicopter, a limousine, and had dinner with the ItWorks executives, when she achieved the Black Diamond Award. She admits that that was her first time to be in a private jet!

So, if a Salonist can make it in life, why not you and me!