Steve & Gina Merritt

Steve & GIna Merritt – MonaVie’s gem

steve-and-gina-merrittGina and Steve Merritt were MonaVie Network marketing millionaires before they even knew it!

Their story and journey to millionaire’s status is however, quite touching.

Steve Merritt’s story is centered on a bare foot skier and world champion, who had an initial dream of making just a few extra bucks a month, to being an mlm multi-millionaire with MonaVie. He attributes their success to hard work and their spirit of helping others to solve their daily health and wellness problems.

Today, I am not only going to bring to you the touching journey of MonaVie multi-millionaire couple, but also their background, their interesting journey in MonaVie, their achievements, and their ultimate multi-millionaire extravagant lifestyle.

Gina and Steve Merritt have grown from having financial stress at their respective career jobs, to becoming MonaVie top earners. They make a whopping $210,000 in a single month, and they still call it an introduction!

The family has so far earned more than $50 million in revenues from MonaVie network marketing Company. Their earnings are from direct selling of MonaVie products, commissions from their down line, up line, and cross lines.

They have also been awarded several million dollar bonuses, from MonaVie compensation plans, since they joined the business 9 years ago.

The couple is just blessed in my opinion, although Gina and Steve Merritt’s journey has not been easy as many people think. Continue reading, to know the hurdles this millionaire couple has gone through to be where they are today!

Biography of Gina and Steve Merritt

Gina Merritt was the lastborn in a family of three ladies. She had amazing parents and young life, mostly in high school. Gina Merritt spent two decades as a flight attendant and she is now married to Steve Merritt.
The couple has been blessed with four amazing children and of course one gorgeous grandson!

Steve Merritt on the other hand, is a bare foot skier world champion, an mlm millionaire, a husband to Gina, and a wonderful father of four children. The family currently lives in their dream home in Lantana, Florida in the United States of America.

Gina and Steve Merritt have brought their talents and natural skills to their trainings, and have as a result honed and developed a complex system, which has changed the lives of many people in network marketing business.

The couple had been in the tradition business industry for a long time and that is why they are very knowledgeable in network marketing based on rapport building. The family has plugged into a network marketing system that is simple, easy to follow, and replicatable.

Gina Merritt is an enthusiastic lady who loves training other network marketers how to support their teams and teach others better ways to connect with people. Steve Merritt, on the other hand, has gone ahead to start successful international water ski training centers and company in Florida.

Gina and Steve Merritt were really born to be teachers in my opinion! The family’s champion mentality has trained and inspired thousands of people to take necessary steps for a better and bright future.

I personally had the great opportunity to meet Steve and Gina and I have to say that they are super awesome people. They really love their downline, they do whatever they can to help out. Even if it means traveling to a small town in South Carolina, they will do it. Both of their personalities are infectious and it is easy to see why they get so many people fired up about MonaVie opportunity.

I know, because I was one of those people!

Gina and Steve Merritt are passionate about helping others start network marketing business that supports their dreams and families. The most interesting and unique thing about Gina and Steve Merritt is the fact that they are not specific on Company brands, they just train individuals on how to make an informed decisions in their lives and lead a healthy lifestyle. They love traveling to all parts of the world, exploring the wonderful creations of God.

Steve and Gina Merritt now have a prestigious dream home they have been dying to have for many years. It is a big house that is adjacent to a lake in Lantana, Florida. The couple’s home is literally a vacation home! This is because it has almost all equipment one can need or want in a vacation hotel. This ‘equipment’ ranges from a sand beach volleyball court, water skiing boats, jet skiers, and world class swimming pool, to name just a few.

The Journey of Gina and Steve Merritt in MonaVie

If you are living in the beautiful South Florida, it is possible that you have at one time or regularly noticed a lime green Lamborghini pass or fly by you. If you live there and you have never seen it, be keen next time and you will definitely see it next time. The Lamborghini I am talking about has a large MonaVie decal on its sides.steve merritt free car

Okay, if you have seen it, then that is car belonging to Steve Merritt of MonaVie network marketing business.

Steve Merritt and his wife Gina have been in MonaVie home based business for more than 9 years now, skyrocketed their way to the top, even passing some of their mentors on their up line.

What an interesting hybrid compensation plan there!

Even passing your up line?

Very fair if you ask me!

They have made a lot of millions with MonaVie, that they have been able to buy their dream home in Lantana. Steve and Gina have also been able to add some mini-golf, sand beach volleyball court, a pool in their backyard, speed boats, a bar in the pool and Tiki houses.

Very breathtaking!

Gina and Steve Merritt built their home based business during their evenings, after they had had their asses kicked at their traditional jobs. The family built their empire not by preaching about the lucrative business opportunities in MonaVie or pushing for the products, but by building rapport with their clients through interaction and friendship conversations.

Steve Merritt would visit their family and friends, chat about their daily lives and occupations and then offer suggestions on the health threats they are facing and how to tackle their wellness challenges. Gina and Steve Merritt thrived in network marketing not by showing people how much they know, but how much they care about them!

Gina and Steve have been in the business for only 9 years now. Within this short period of time, they have managed to make over $50 million, received a free Lamborghini and built their dream home.

I don’t even want to talk about the free $3 million cash they were given on top of that Lamborghini as a bonus!

Why should I tell you all this?merritt wins free cars

It is because the family, in fact, cancelled their TV cable for the whole 5 years so that they can get time and save money for their MonaVie network marketing business.

Would you cancel you T.V cable for the whole five years to save for your business?

I will be happy if you share with me on this!

I know that if you want to get ahead, then you have got to give up the things that suck your time away and that do not make you any money. I gave up watching TV and all of my favorite shows.

And you know what – I don’t even miss it now. Not at all.

I don’t watch TV, I don’t watch the news – too depressing.

The only TV I watch is movies. I set aside a determined amount of time in order to watch the movie, about once a week. That is my down time or break.

I makes a huge difference.

If you want to be wealthy, and I do, then you have to do what the wealthy do.

And I would venture to say that not many of them watch hours and hours of TV.

Back to our story….

can you make money in monavieGina and Steve Merritt are currently one of the most respected MonaVie top earners in the world. They have made a lot of money through network marketing and still think they are not there yet. As I said earlier, I have met them and  I have watched some of their trainings and I have to confess that they are world-class networkers and entertainers.

Gina and Steve Merritt still believe that they are still getting started in MonaVie after achieving all this success!  The couple is however about the steps they have taken in helping others achieve time and financial freedom in MonaVie.

After Gina Merritt’s retirement from her 24 years career working as a flight attendant, she and her husband Steve Merritt (a former bare foot water skier world champion) decided to invest in network marketing. Steve Merritt and his wife decided it is Monavie, not because they wanted to achieve just financial freedom, but to also ensure that other people have a system they can use to achieve their dreams in life.

Gina says that they have been able to make it in MonaVie because of the bigger dreams they have in life. She adds that the bigger the dreams you have, the less you will be affected by obstacles that come your way. Steve adds to this by saying that, one should always work hard until he/she sees the finish line in network marketing.

Gina and Steve Merritt were so excited about the MonaVie business opportunity that they opened 125 tasting parties in several places in Florida. This was their own initiative where Steve Merritt and Gina Merritt ran the show while their children shared the MonaVie products samples with people who passed by.

Gina and Steve Merritt’s home based networking business has also brought numerous opportunities to their three kids, top quality soccer coach Chloe, a competitive wake-boarder Raimi and Blake who is a barefoot Skier. The business has also brought them a lot of freedom to do all they ever dreamt of as a family.

The ability of the Steve Merritt and to get rid of financial stress has also been of a very big blessing to them. Steve adds that when you have financial freedom, you can laugh more, do more, and above all give out larger amount of help than you have ever imagined!

The Secret behind Gina and Steve Merritt’s Commitment in MonaVie

Gina Merritt says that she has watched and heard of many critics who believe in MonaVie scam, stumble and fall. Gina jokingly says that she had never seen one of them pass them on the road with a Lamborghini with the logo of their legit company, just like them.

Back on MonaVie international, Gina says that MonaVie is a network marketing company that is definitely there to stay. She says that MonaVie keep on adding products each and every day and it’s managed by Founder and Chairman of the board; Dallin A. Larsen and their CEO and President, Mauricio Bellora, who have more than 60 years’ experience in the multi-level marketing.

what does monavie sellAbove all, MonaVie is one of the mlm companies that keep on reinventing itself by regularly adding new and innovative products into its market. MonaVie also continue to enhance what they offer in network marketing business. Gina Merritt finally says that they are so committed to MonaVie because it’s a Networking company that focuses on individuals, not the Company.

Gina also adds that MonaVie has not only been able to give them a financial freedom but also an opportunity to live a health and friendly life. MonaVie international has not only been able to give Steve and Gina a long term residual income, but also offer them a life that is more meaningful. MonaVie have a Life Long Program and an MVP system, where MonaVie International distributors receive inspiration and education that positively changes their lives.

So, MonaVie not only offer quality nutritional and wellness products but also teaches its distributors how to be good communicators, save more money, build healthy family relationships, and know how to be better parents and spouses in marriage. Gina Merritt adds that their concentration in MonaVie is not just based on finances as they would have moved to a different company long time ago, if that was the case.

What is the Future of Gina and Steve Merritt in MonaVie?

Gina and Steve Merritt together with other MonaVie product distributors have succeeded in creating the fastest growing billion dollar network marketing company in the world. Steve Merritt says that they are going to break their own record and become the first mlm company to create and break their record in the history of network marketing.

So, let us watch out for their commitment!

Awards and Accolades

Gina and Steve Merritt are a highly successful couple in MonaVie international, right behind Carol & Ken Porter. They have shown the world that nothing is too late to venture in and make a difference.

Gina and Steve Merritt joined Monavie after thousands had already enrolled in Network marketing but have become so successful in the business raking in millions of dollars and winning expensive cars and valuable bonuses.

Gina and Steve Merritt rose into the position of Black Diamond Executive, earning a beautiful black Mercedes Benz, only one short year after joining MonaVie international.

The couple once again achieved the rank of Crowne Black Diamond Executive, three years after they joined MonaVie international. As a result, they were awarded a check of $3,000,000 and won themselves a beautiful lime green Lamborghini from the network marketing company.

Steve Merritt and Gina Merritt recently earned a classy brand new Jeep and $22,000 bonus out of the newly crafted 4 by 4 Bonus pool.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gina and Steve are not only successful, but have also changed the lives of thousands of their friends and family.

Steve and Gina have so far helped over 150 people to earn more than $1,000,000 in their company, and mentored a thousand of them to achieving their physical, spiritual and financial freedom.

For me, it is not all about the money.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the money is GREAT but, there has to be a bigger WHY as to the reason that you work your butt off for a few years to be able to live a life like this.

I want to help others. Not just in the business world, but help touch and impact others lives in a positive way.

What about you?

What do you want?

What is your WHY???