Steve Thompson – Ambit’s Millionaire

Steve Thompson – Ambit’s Millionaire

The mention of the name of one of the most prolific multi-level network top earner; Steven Thompson, is enough in summarizing the meaning of the word achievement in business.

Steve Thompson is a genius and super human being; if you allow me to say so in my opinion.

Steve Thompson Ambit moneyWait!

Allow me to explain my point here!

Steve Thompson is a professional public speaker, a published author, owner of his own insurance company for 31 years, trainer and consultant, real estate investor, and the former CEO and owner of an Artist management and Development firm, just to name a few to avoid boring you with a long list.

Is this not ingenuity?

Jack of all trades?

This man has done everything in the world, and he is still doing what he does best; multi-level marketing with Ambit Energy.

Ambit Energy is a respected MLM Corporation that operates in a few selected states in the United States of America, like New York, Maryland, Texas, Pennsylvania, and a few more, with gross revenue of $1.5 billion in 2014.


Did I mention that Steven Thompson has a heck lot of money?

If not, then that is a very BIG mistake that I should vehemently apologize for.

To say that this man is wealthy is an understatement in mlm business.

This man has a lot of real cash!

He is super-rich but very humble, eloquent, and highly sought after in the United States of America and Canada.

Yes, here is a man that really makes bank, but he is also a man that pays it forward by donating to charities and organizations for the needy, like Help the Hungry!

He is among the few humble mlm top earners that make over $370,000 per month, translating to $4,440,000 a year, and has so far earned more than $15 million for the 8.5 years he has been with Ambit mlm business.

Looks like that income continues to climb each year.

Is this not a dream of the whole of your neighborhood?

Forgive me if it is not, but this is what I call success in my opinion.

The Background of Steven Thompson

Steve Thompson was born in San Antonio, Texas and spent his childhood years at the Eastern region of a Texas town.

He attended high school in Houston Texas before proceeding to Southwest Texas State University to do his BBA in Marketing and graduated in late 1976 while 20 years old.

Steven Thompson then advanced in his studies with a post graduate degree in sales and marketing.

Let me take you though the personal developments of our make money Ambit genius.

Steven Thompson received the top seller’s award in his first job at the National Company in 1977.

He then quit his job and opened “Steve Thompson Insurance Company” in 1979, while still volunteering for the Emergency Medical Technician where he served from 1979 to 1989.

He was employed in that Non-Governmental Organization in 1980 as an Assistant Fire Chief and EMS Coordinator until 1987.

He still never felt content, so he moved to the Texas Real Estate Broking business in 1982, before becoming a distributor with Herbalife in 1984.

It is in 1987 that Steven Thompson founded the Capital management; an artist Development, Management, Booking Publishing, and music Recording firm.

So many careers here!

And I thought I had had a lot of different careers in my time!

This guy is amazing, don’t you think?

I am not done though… please, read on!

He later served as the senior Director Representative with Excel Communications from 1996 to 2002 before founding Nuvante; a nutrition for the skin distributor.

steve thompson best selling author

He co-authored “Of Course You Can, How to Build a Successful Home Based Business.” A book he wrote while still in the Agent GT trends and World Venture Travels from 2004 to 2006.

Steve Thompson worked really hard until October 2006 when he started the real mlm money printing business by founding the consultant firm for Ambit energy.

It is one year later that he was named the Number 3 top earner in Ambit Energy and took the 2nd position in the overall mlm top earners in Ambit energy as from 2009 to 2012.

Steve Thompson is currently in top 15, along with Brian McClure, of the highest commission and direct sales earners in the mlm business worldwide; a really great achievement without question.

The Journey of Steve Thompson to MLM Top Earner in Ambit Energy

Steven Thompson is a marketing professional who started his own insurance company in his earlier age.

He has involved himself in a lot of businesses, ranging from working for The National Company, voluntary work, to owning an insurance company under his name.

It is, however, interesting that Steve Thompson never had any idea of mlm business or he had heard about it, but never knew it is a viable venture.

This was on until one of his insurance customers introduced him to the Herbalife industry by giving him one of their products to try out.

After finding the product to be interesting, he went online and watched what he calls an inspirational video of Mark Hughes, who is the late Founder and CEO of the MLM Company called Herbalife International.

He then tried to sell the products from this company for 2 years but failed and lost hope. For him, he didn’t care too much for dealing with all of those products that Herbalife offered.

Hope was gone but not forgotten.

He never knew that this was just an introduction to what is going to change his life forever.

Steve Thompson said that his failure in the Herbalife Corporation was simply because the person who introduced him never gave him enough mentorship on how the mlm business is conducted.

Makes you wonder how many ‘Steve Thompson’s’ are out there that weren’t given the proper tools and ended up leaving before they ever really got started?

How many that see these mlm opportunities, jump on board, only to fail due to a lack of commitment from their up-line or sponsors, claiming that it must be some sort of SCAM, SLAM, or BAM!

I know that I am one of those many ‘failed’ stories in the mlm world where I didn’t do what it took to get the job done and realize the dream for myself.

No, I blamed it on others and while there is SOME truth to that, I was mainly responsible to the failures of all of my mlm adventures!

Steve tried to figure it out by himself, but it overwhelmed him, to say the least.

He also acknowledges this to be a challenge to many newbie in entrepreneurship as they hardly get enough mentorship before starting their businesses.

This is what also inspired him to start his consultancy firm and write books under this niche.

Steve Thompson went back to his business and tried to look for another viable business for 10 solid years but found none.

He later pumped on Excel communications which brought him back to the mlm industry but never made the big bucks he wanted.

He stayed with the Excel communications for 8 years while still managing his insurance company.

His first real mlm success came in the travel industry.

He felt he had found his home there and enjoyed being in the Top 20.

One day, Steve got a call from an old buddy of his from Excel, Phil Eckart, and Steve went to meet with the founders of Ambit Energy.

In that meeting is when Steve realized just how huge this potential was.

After some research and due diligence, Steve stepped out of his comfort zone in the travel industry and joined Ambit Energy.

It is after 3 years working with Ambit Energy mlm that he said “enough is enough”!

He sold his insurance company, so as to create time and concentrate on Ambit Energy in full time.

That is how he started to make real money with Ambit Energy, like no other.

Other Facts about Steve Thompson

He was inspired by John Maxwell, Robert Kyosaki, Jim Rahn, Steve Siebold, Chuck Hoove and pioneers of Ambit Energy; Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless.

Steve Thompson is so rich that he bought a private jet to take him around US and other countries when going for mentorship meetings and leadership forums.

But he purchased this jet because using a tour bus kept him on the road entirely too long and away from his family.

His consultancy firm has 160,000 consultants and 50,000 customers in various States of United States of America.

He has been voted among the top 100 list of the most prolific direct sellers and mentors of all time by the Business for Home journal.

Steve Thompson has two homes. One in Austin and another in Texas.

He is the author of one of the bestseller book on called, “The relationship Marketing – View from the Top and What It Really Takes to Get There, Network Marketing Guide to Massive Success.”

What are some things that attracted Steve to the Ambit opportunity?

  1. He saw the need in the products that Ambit offered – Gas & Electricity
  2. Ambit’s Compensation plan was phenomenal
  3. Ambit has amazing management team
  4. Ambit has a real and true residual income plan

Yes, Steve has found his home with Ambit Energy.

This is a company that has already been named by Inc 500 as the #1 Fastest Growing Privately Held Company and with each new expansion and territory they bring Ambit to….well it only continues to grow.

Steve has been in a lot of different industries and tried a lot of different things.

If you were to ask him about his ‘failures’, he would tell you that the only way that you fail is that if you stop continuing to grow and learn.

You have to be coachable to be successful and you have to always be learning and growing.

So instead of looking at you failures as ‘failures’, look at them and see what the take away is.

What did you learn?

What can you do differently next time?

Are you still trying?

Steve Thompson is nicknamed “Never Quit Steve” and for good reason!