Steve Wagoner

Steve Wagoner – Univera Top Earner


Steve Wagoner, a top MLM earner at $100,000.00 a month in residual income, has been in the direct sales industry for a very long time. He has built a number of home-based businesses successfully. Steve Wagoner resides in the Reno, NV area, in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. Steve considers himself a engaging entrepreneur with a life’s purpose to help anyone and everyone tap into their greatness. He began to make being healthy a priority in his life with the Project 10 challenge at Univera. He has lost 80 lbs. Steve is a:


  • Husband
  • Father
  • Home-Based Business Owner
  • Luxury Car Lover
  • Eternal Optimist
  • Jet Setter


As part of the Project 10 initiative, when Steve loses weight, the MLM company donates meals to children in need. As the number of distributors grows, so does the good Univera can do for the community. For every 10 lbs. that Steve loses, 30 meals are provided.


Steve Wagoner had tried everything to lose weight. He had been on all kinds of diets, in which he would lose weight, only to gain it back and more. When his wife made him a shake from Univera products, he thought, “This isn’t going to work either.” But five months later, he had lost 70 lbs. Two years after that first shake, he has lost 78 lbs., and he looks and feels great (Steve’s words). All this, and by his own admission, he cheated a little!




I’ll admit I have never heard of the Univera business. But when I read that it was in the health and wellness sector, it came as no surprise. The company was established by Yunho Lee, a successful Korean businessman. His mission was to bring the best of nature to everyone on the earth. The concept to create natural products came from Yunho Lee’s fascination with aloe vera. He loved aloe vera so much and believed so much in its benefits, Lee was determined to bring a variety of products and information to the world.


His mission and legacy has trickled down to his son, Bill Lee, who currently serves as the CEO. For the last 20 years, he has been building Univera’s global capacity to fulfill his father’s goals. Univera has not only created a vehicle for distribution, to share these benefits with anyone who wants to have time and financial freedom. He wants to form a community where people prosper, grow, and share vitality.


Univera MLM business has three simple principles it operates on: vitality, prosperity, and purpose. Whether it is by yourself or with your team, you have the opportunity to have the life you have always dreamed of. With Univera, you get high-quality products and an outstanding home-based business opportunity.




Bill Lee says that when Univera was to go global, he and his father had a lengthy discussion on what they would call their direct sales company. After going over names, they both decided on Univera. “Uni” means one, and “vera” means truth. The name represents their dedication to bringing the best of nature to humankind. Sadly, Yunho Lee has died, and his son is continuing his father’s work.


The phenomenon is that this top network marketing business came into play from just one man’s vision. Today, Univera consists of a MLM company that is comprised of farms, R&D laboratories, manufacturing, and distribution. The results of his and his father’s work have changed countless lives, delivering more prosperity, purpose, and energy to millions of people around the world.




Now that you have some background, here is some information on Univera products. From head to toe, you will find products that can help you with your ailment. Univera product categories include:


  • Superfood/Energy /Cell Renewal
  • Metabolic Makeover
  • Digestive Health
  • Joint Comfort
  • Immune Support
  • Heart Health
  • Target-Area Formulas
  • Protein Quotient Diet Foods
  • Univera Ultra Protein
  • Personal Care
  • Exercise Accessories (Tote Bag, Shaker Bottle, and Pedometer)


If you become a Univera consultant, you can purchase a starter kit, or you can purchase products in bulk. There are also product packages for your convenience. However you want to get started in your relationship marketing career, Univera can provide you the products, training, and skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur and look fabulous at the same time. Ask Steve Wagoner!


Univera product reviews are mixed. As with some of the other health and wellness MLM businesses, Univera complaints basically centers on its prices. To give you an example, you will need more than $200 to get started on its weight management regimen. Some users have claimed that there were no positive results with these products; they didn’t lose any weight whatsoever. One user said that she didn’t realize that all the products weren’t all-natural until after she bought them.


In addition, according to some medical associations, there is no clinical information that supports any of the weight-loss reduction claims of Univera. These folks are saying if you put a claim like that out there, you need to back it up with some scientific proof.  What’s more, some customers stated that when they wanted their money back, their return policy experience was horrific.





Univera compensation plan provides seven ways for you to earn income. They are:


  • Retail Commissions – You earn money from your retail sales
  • Unilevel Pay – You earn money from the retail sales of your team members. Also, you earn money from the sales of the customers they enroll.
  • Generation Pay – As you help customers and associates grow, your earnings grow as well
  • Promotional Pay – Besides the first six generous rewards, Univera offers limited-time incentives to get you working on building your team
  • Xcelerate Your Ride – You can earn up to $1,600 to use towards the purchase or lease of a BMW
  • Incentives and Trips – You achieve higher ranks in the Univera business, you will be invited to participate in world-class trips and activities
  • Blue Diamond Bonus – Any associate who qualifies for the Blue Diamond rank is entitled to 2% of Univera’s bonus pool, which is the company’s commissionable volume


As your company grows, so does your chances for rising in the ranks, and not to mention the increase in your income.




I just read a letter from a woman who alleged she was scammed by a friend to attend a Univera event. The “friend” never told her what she was attending; she just told her it would be life-changing. Also, the friend asked her to set $60 aside to pay for this life-changing event.


This woman did, and she gave this friend the $60, thinking it would be something her friend knew she would enjoy. These women knew each other well enough to know that she wouldn’t be interested in a MLM event. When this woman found out that this is what her $60 was used for, she wanted her money back. However, her friend informed her that she couldn’t get her money back, because the company (Univera) had already spent it, and it doesn’t offer refunds.


This woman went on further to say that she just found out that her “friend’ get a commission for every person she can get to attend an event. I don’t know how true this is, but with most companies trying not to do this because it constitutes a pyramid scheme, I am just wondering….