Steven D Thompson

Steven D Thompson – LiveSmart 360 Top Earner


Steven D Thompson, of LiveSmart 360, was voted as one of the best sales mentors of MLM businesses worldwide. He is so good that he is the VP of Sales at LiveSmart 360. This should be as no surprise since Steven and Mark McCool (CEO & Founder) are old friends and worked together successfully at the company Cyberwize.


Always an entrepreneur at heart, Steven started his first direct sales business when he was 21, in college, and working as a pool cleaner. Because of his drive and work ethic, he was making six figures ($100,000.00) a month before he reached his 30th birthday. His team has over 250,000 distributors, and he earns close to $8 million. Steve lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Angie, and their three daughters.


Steven and his Angie have made direct sales marketing a career. However, Steven says that building your own MLM home-based business isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore, he said that when you are looking at which network marketing company to enroll with, you have to look at ownership. You want to get with a company in which the top leaders operate with a high level of integrity.


Steven also says that when you get into MLM, you want to get that residual income. For him, he wanted to get residual income with a product that is only found in one place in the world; he got that with LiveSmart 360.


By those in multilevel marketing, Steven D Thompson is considered a seasoned veteran. He has been in the business for close to 19 years. Even with his accounting degree, Steven stills enjoy operating his own businesses, and he enjoys showing others how to get those six and seven-figure incomes with his very own systematic approach. If I were one of these folks, I would listen; it is quite apparent he knows what he is doing.


Steven D Thompson has been in numerous best-selling magazines, including Millionaire. As successful as he is, Steven still likes to work alongside his team members. One thing that draws people to Steven is his positive personality and empowers those around him.


Steven has established his own business in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area named Thompson Business Holdings. His current project is creating a million dollar global brand. Three words used to describe Steven are visionary, entrepreneur, and mentor.


His goal is to help everyone who wants the freedom to become an entrepreneur. He is really big on people having their own home-based business. Steven lives by this creed: “If you help enough people get what they want out of life, you’ll have everything you want out of life.” Good words to live by!


LiveSmart 360


The name LiveSmart 360 comes from the fact that this MLM company wants everyone to live smart in all aspects of life, 360 degrees. LiveSmart 360 is an innovative network marketing business that offers everyone the opportunity to live healthy, wealthy, and free. We offers advance, health-boosting products and an unmatched business opportunity. LiveSmart 360 offers integrity, efficiency, product quality, and a lucrative compensation.


One thing that sets LiveSmart 360 above the rest is that every top leader in this company has many successful years in the direct selling industry. For example, one successful team has earned more than $1 billion in sales, has a large number of millionaires, and attracted more than 450 distributors. Moreover, two members of the executive team have earned Congressional medals and awards.


LiveSmart 360 Products


LiveSmart 360 sells patent-pending health products. Ladies and gentlemen, here is yet another multilevel marketing company that offers health products. I am serious, but I have never seen so many health, wellness, and personal care MLM businesses in all of my life. There are numerous, and there seems to be another new one every day!


Anyway, LiveSmart 360 provides not only innovative products, but unique ways for folks to get their nutrients. For example, there is a mist spray called 360 Mist (Zorbmax) that contains immune-enhancing ingredients that fight anti-aging and stomach acid. Other products are said to provide weight loss, energy boosting, and assistance with sleeping.


Additionally, there are also NutraSmart products that contain antioxidants and other nutrients. You can purchase joint or muscle supplements, as well as a supplement that delivers the same nutrients you would get from eating fruits and veggies. One of those innovative products from LiveSmart 360 is the one called Ellagic acid, a potent anti-oxidant that promotes healthy cell growth.


LiveSmart 360 products review, from what I could find, is not bad. The main thing that everyone loves is the products. Most people are curious about a mist spray that can assist with everything from memory to sexual performance. Furthermore, as LiveSmart 360 says, who doesn’t love chocolate? Everyone who has always wanted chocolate to come in a low-calorie form, these products might be worth a try. Nobody who loves chocolate can pass up the opportunity to eat chocolate that possess health benefits.




LiveSmart 360 compensation plan works just like every other MLM business. I did read where one member said she only had to sponsor two individuals in order to get a decent income. Regardless, there are a number of ways you can earn residual income with LiveSmart.


  • Immediate Income – you earn money from your retail sales and commissions from your loyal customers
  • Team Building Income – you get rewarded for building a team of goal-achieving individuals; you earn money from each member’s retail sales
  • Long Term Residual Income – you put in the work now, you can earn residual income for many years to come
  • Infinity Fast Start Bonus – you get paid when you invite someone to sign up and they purchase a new member starter pack
  • 360 Star Program – if you are an eligible member, you can earn from a pool of money
  • 3 For Three – you have three or more qualifying customer purchases within a month, you earn credit for your next autoship order
  • Lifestyle Bonus – you can earn between $400 – $1500 on your dream life
  • Luxury Car Bonus – you can earn between $500 – $3,000 to pay directly on the car of your choice
  • Blessing Bonus – you earn a bonus when you help a organization, family, or individual in need
  • Five Star Training – you receive one-on-one training and leadership tools to help your business prosper




LiveSmart 360 has said to be under significant changes in recent times. I read stories in which vendors, distributors, leaders, and employees were not paid for four to five months. There is also the fact that Chuck Hallberg took over as CEO in 2014, replacing Mark McCool, and it was said to not be a peaceful transition. I don’t know how true this is, but there is a story that says Hallberg had to have McCool escorted off the premises by security. Hallberg also wanted McCool to give up his shares of the company.


Also during this transition, Steven D Thompson gave up his position within LiveSmart 360 in a mutual agreement. It is said that Thompson’s departure, like McCool’s leaving, wasn’t on friendly terms. And it is not just with LiveSmart 360 USA. One of the top leaders in the Italian office was forced out as well.


Along that same line with the international markets, there have been LiveSmart 360 complaints that the company is knowingly operating an illegal pyramid scam. The problem stems from the fact that LiveSmart 360 is not properly registered in the European markets. A lot of times, relationship marketing businesses are eager to open up markets overseas to increase cash flow, but they don’t make sure all their ducks are in a row, if you know what I mean.


FYI, if you sign up, and something goes wrong, you are personally liable for fines and anything else. According to MLM experts, it is imperative that you make sure all the necessary filings, product registrations, and licenses are complete.