Supawee & Nattawat Duangkam

Supawee & Nattawat Duangkam – Kangzen Top Earners


I often wonder what top MLM earners like Sup wee & Nattawat Duangkam really do with their $110,000.00 per month residual income. If you do the math, you know that they also make over seven figures ($1 million) a year. Kangzen multilevel marketing business ( is a direct sales provider that offers health, beauty, and home items.


The Kangzen business was created in 1993 as a way to offer the people in the Asian Economics Communities (AEC) countries a way to improve their way of living, while making them healthy on the inside and outside. Since the beginning, the goal of the company has been to provide time and financial freedom to those who seek it. Kangzen network marketing business wants to be the number one MLM business in the southeastern Asian region.


Apparently, Sup wee & Nattawat Duangkam took the company up on its offer to better their lives. These two have done remarkably well in multilevel marketing. With Kangzen, they have risen in the ranks and earned places in the Kangzen Centurion Millionaire Class.


Funds & Bonuses


As with other MLM companies, Kangzen compensation plan includes a number of perks and bonuses. Although, theirs includes a couple that I have only seen in one or two other relationship marketing companies, and that is an education bonus.


Kangzen feels that part of “bettering” its independent distributors is to assist them with their college degree. Nice! However, you have to be at the Star Manager level or higher. The other bonuses that a Kangzen consultant can take advantage of include:


  • Home and Car Fund (after reaching Emerald Star Director level or higher)
  • Travel Fund (after reaching Star Manager or higher)


There are also bonuses for every rank you achieve, including Emerald Star Director (ESD), Diamond Star Director (DSD), and Crown Star Director (CSD). In order to take advantage of any of these perks, you have to join. Kangzen start-up cost is reasonably-priced, so that anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur can.


I read somewhere that some of the people who have started their home-based business in some of these countries didn’t have any income be joining a relationship marketing business. I can only imagine these folks who now can earn money to take care of themselves and their family. When you have income to take care of your home, it builds confidence and gives you back their self-worth.


I know for a fact this is true. There was a point when I was unemployed, and let me tell you, it is not a good feeling. You are down, unhappy, and you don’t know where your next dollar is coming from. This is why I am so not mad at folks who join a MLM business.


These Dreams


I dream of what I would do with that much money a month.


I would definitely buy me a nice condo. Right now, I really don’t feel like taking care of a big home, so I would opt for a big condo with a skyline; I love a view. Now tomorrow, I would probably desire a nice home. It doesn’t have to have ten bedrooms, a movie theatre, and a gym. But I would like it to be comfortable.


When I look at the personal profile of the top MLM earners, most of them are buying some nice “things.” You can go online yourself, and Google some of these individuals. I just saw one where this guy, who is a top MLM consultant, goes into a Bentley dealership and purchases a car. The thing was when they showcased his home, he already had a Bentley sitting in the driveway. I am so not mad at him!


As far as a car, I am not sure what make and model I would want. Since I am a woman, it would have to be a SUV to haul all my stuff around…LOL. I am one of those women that every purse I have is huge. Yes, I am the one of those that carries half of my house with me whenever I leave out the front door. Then, when I am out and about, I stuff whatever I buy right into it.


I’m thinking a Grand Cherokee. I don’t know, but I have always loved this car. Inside, I would have to have a nice music setup, so that I can relax while having to deal with some of these nuts on the road. It would also serve as my vehicle for road trips. Now that I think about it, where would I go on my road trip? I would love to just go from city to city, stay at a hotel, and see the mountains and other sights.


I know most people use a RV for this, but I can’t drive that big vehicle…LOL. A SUV is good enough for me. I have been to many cities and states, but there are a few I still haven’t visited. I love mountains, walking trails, and the ocean. So, I would probably drive over to the west coast, and I would drive from one end of California to Washington State along the Pacific.


I love Canada, I  really do. I would definitely head on up there and visit a few places like Ottawa and Edmonton. But I couldn’t leave without going back to Toronto and Montreal. I enjoy these two places, so even though I have been to both numerous times, I would most definitely have to go back.


Now, on that same note, I would definitely have to go to some destinations by air. My first is the French Rivera. I have never been, but I have heard nothing but nice things about the place.


My next place would be to travel on the Orient Express to go through Southeast Asia. I would stop in Singapore and Thailand to enjoy some authentic Asian cuisine, which I love. That brings me to my next dream destination: Tokyo. I love, love, love sushi, and I want to go to the best Japanese restaurant in the world to enjoy it. I have no idea what the name of it is, but I am quite sure I can find it in Tokyo.


After leaving Japan, I think I would want to go to Munich. Tina Turner is over there, and she loves it…LOL. I would also love to visit Sweden and Norway as well. I once shared a home with a Swedish woman who told me that if I should put one place on my bucket list, it should be Stockholm. I also met a woman in college who was from Oslo, and she told me the same thing.


I would add to my travel list Hong Kong. I really love Asian cuisine, plus I want to see if Hong Kong is as crowded as it is rumored to be. I think I better learn a few words before I head on over there.


Australia is a place I have heard great things about. I know a few Australians, and they are some of the nicest people I have met. I would definitely have to stop down under and spend some time with the natives.


Another place to see is Austria. I loved “Sound of Music,” and I have always wanted to visit the hills the Von Trapp family climbed. I worked for a woman (yes, I do know a lot of people from around the world) who was born in Austria, and she used to brag about how beautiful her homeland was.


My last trip would be to Italy. This has been my dream destination for years. I would go from one end of Italy to the other. I am going to Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan. And if I found any other city that tickled my fancy, I am there too.


After my overseas vacation, I am thinking about what I would do next. I love the water, so I would definitely have to buy a yacht. It would be a place just to relax and unwind away from everyone.


The last thing I think I would want is to go back to college. I really don’t need another degree, but I have always enjoyed school and learning. Since I have the money, why not? I could get a degree in whatever I want. That is a freedom I am not going to pass up.


That’s really it for my dream time…for now. I know I forgot some things I want to do, and they will come back to me later. When they do, I will let you know. You should try it once in a while. I know folks talk about what is the point of dreaming when they probably won’t come true. If you notice, these are typically folks who don’t have a vision for anything. As I stated before, I don’t hang with folks like this.


I love people who have vision, and they can see the world past their own sight. They embrace diversity and difference; they take risks and are not afraid to step into unfamiliar territory. If you notice this is the way of multilevel marketers who are the best in the industry. This is probably the reason why.