Susan Peterson

Susan Peterson – Herbalife’s Top Lady

Susan Peterson HerbalifeSusan Peterson is one lucky and confident woman in the world of Herbalife multi-level marketing business.

I have read and written several articles on mlm top earners but Susan Peterson’s life and journey to success is just unbelievably amazing.

She is currently the number one woman in mlm business and my friends; you cannot afford to miss her life history, Herbalife pyramid scheme allegations, plus her funny and humble journey to being at the top of the world in Herbalife multi-level marketing.

Susan Peterson and her late ex-husband John Peterson, have gone through a lot in their life. Susan has however positively touched the lives of thousands of people in the world of business, and sparked a number of controversies in the process.

John and Susan have had a unique approach to mlm business, which has been the source of a lot of discussions and mlm scams claims in Herbalife.

Yes, Susan Peterson and her late husband have been accused severally of been involved in mlm scams, which in my opinion, could be wrong or right, depending on your perspective.

Today, we are going to separate the chaff from the wheat, as I am going to give you comprehensive facts and an unbiased informational analysis about this Herbalife superstar.

So, Why Susan Peterson?

Susan Peterson is the most influential woman in both Herbalife and the whole of multi-level marketing.

She is, in fact, the top Herbalife product distributor of all time and currently riding high in Herbalife mlm millionaires chart.

As a result, Susan Peterson has money my friends!

I don’t want to exaggerate or overemphasize on this but she is a real, self-made millionaire in mlm.

Ms Susan makes a ton of money that totals to over $240,000 per month and a whole $2,950,000 per year, from her Herbalife down line, up line, cross line, Herbalife commissions, and from the direct sell of Herbalife international products.

Susan Peterson currently occupies the top spot as the best product distributor and seller in mlm rankings.

She is one of the most respected members in Herbalife International.

In fact, it is believed that if you do not know Susan Peterson, then you are not in Herbalife multi-level marketing business.

Susan is always admired by many and she is a real symbol of success in mlm business.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the reason as to why I have given this honorable lady a whole page on my blog, so that you and I can get inspired by her life, background, and journey in Herbalife multi-level marketing.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Then be my guest today!

The Biography of Susan Peterson

Susan Peterson is a very influential, confident, and hardworking woman, ex-wife to the late John Peterson, and an mlm business lady.

She believes to be the luckiest girl in the world and is surrounded by genuine and helpful friends from Herbalife.

Susan Peterson is a sign of what is possible in the world of mlm and entrepreneurship in general!

Susan is the first wife and ex-wife to the late John Peterson who was also her Herbalife multi-level marketing business partner.

john and fernanda peterson

John, with his 2nd wife, Fernanda

John later married his second wife, Fernanda, who also worked with John in his own Herbalife business.

John Peterson died on a Sunday night, August 12, 2013.

John Peterson died from an accidental, self inflicted gun shot and was found in his 2008 Ford Pickup at his house in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This is according to the Routt County under sheriff, Ray Birch.

Susan Peterson ex-husband’s death brought a lot of Herbalife pyramid scheme controversy in Herbalife mlm, but that never stopped Susan from moving forward with their multi-level marketing business.

Susan Person has been blessed with three beautiful children: Jennifer, John Peterson Jr., and Bryan. All the three children are also in Herbalife multi-level marketing as independent product distributors.

Susan Peterson currently lives in Houston, Texas with her children.

She loves country music, traveling, great food, and the people in Texas.

Susan is shy of social media because it was just in 2012 that she joined twitter.

She is a home decorator by profession, but an mlm sales demi-God!

Susan Peterson’s Journey in Herbalife Multi-level marketing

Susan Peterson’s late ex-husband, John Peterson, was the first person to hear about Herbalife in their family.John-Peterson herbalife died

John Peterson was a failed real estate investor back then and Susan Peterson was a professional decorator before Herbalife.

John and Susan Peterson were in a terrible financial state when they were introduced to Herbalife by Jim.

John first heard of Herbalife back in 1982, when John had moved from Minnesota to Texas to try his luck in real Estate.

The family started to finally be serious about Herbalife in 1984.

It is during this time that John met Susan and eventually got married.

The couple was leading a rather comfortable life until their real estate business was hit by the world economic crisis of the early 1980s.

According to John and Susan Peterson, it is Houston, Texas that was hit the hardest by the inflation that killed the real estate industry and decorating business in general.

Susan Peterson and her former husband really struggled not only for food, but also for accommodation.

John Peterson had invested all his money in real estate business and there were very few house buyers during those times due to the economic crisis.

Banks started to acquire his real estate properties one after another, due to accumulation of his loans. It even reached a time that it was his car that was at stake.

The situation was going from bad to worse and the family had to look for a quick income alternative to save them from their financial woes.

Have you ever faced a hard time like that?

I know that I have!

Susan and John Peterson started to take any job that came by so long as it generated an income.

Susan Peterson got employed at a local University where she used to teach arts two hours every night while John got a job as a real estate manager. Susan Peterson was at the receiving end of the straining as she also kept her full time day job.

So, how did the Herbalife mlm Business came by?

John and susan petersonThe Petersons were still doing odd jobs here and there, looking for a permanent opportunity when John’s dumb childhood friend; Jim called him bragging about a business opportunity he is involved in that will make you a millionaire within a very short time, while working part time.

Been there – heard that!

Susan and John despised Jim so much that they wrote off his idea at first, because he was a proved idiot and a dumb fellow since they were in elementary school.

Jim narrated how he makes thousands of dollars a month from Herbalife mlm but John and Susan never believed him. Jim, John and Susan Peterson’s sponsor, however, managed to convince John to buy their first product package from Herbalife international.

The Herbalife Products John Peterson ordered were shipped to him, but came in a shattered box that destroyed their excitement of building their own home based business.

Susan Peterson looked at those Herbalife products in disgust and put them on a shelf inside their house.

Those Herbalife products John bought stayed on their shelf for over a year and was past the point of gathering dust.

Susan Peterson complained to her husband that those products are just filling their house, and that is how the products were thrown into the trashcan.

John Peterson, however, felt sorry for his friend, Jim.

The couple continued to hear stories about Herbalife international and how people were making a killing out of it, but still thought it was one of the mlm scams that were dominating chats and daily business news. Life was so hard on them that John eventually decided to give it a try after Jim had insisted that multi-level marketing is a viable venture.

To make a long story, short, Susan Peterson and her then husband joined Herbalife international with a first goal of making just $500 per month.

But a wonderful and unimaginable thing happened in their first month – they made $2,000, while working part time.

Susan became so amazed on how they can work 3 hours a day and make all that money, while they have been working 8 hours a day but only manage to make $800 per month in formal employment!

Enter: Light bulb!

The truth dawned on them that this was in fact a business they can venture in and make some good money.

Susan Peterson and her husband worked hard and within three months they were receiving a loyalty check of $8,000 per month.

John quickly called Jim to narrate his ‘success’ story, his excitement, and boast of his earnings. Jim then advised them to join him go for a Herbalife international school and trainings in Dallas.

Susan Peterson and her ex-husband had very low self-esteem and confidence when they joined Herbalife International. They never wanted to waste all their easily earned money on “useless trainings” as they thought that is what it was.

Jim however managed to convince them again to join him in taking the multi-level marketing training in Dallas. This is where Susan Peterson and John met Tish and Rogers; a Track Driver and Carpet Cleaner respectively, who have managed to make thousands of dollars from Herbalife by just working part time.

Susan and John are the most publicized Herbalife international multi-level marketing couple in the world. They have experienced a lot of criticisms on their mlm business models but were keen on becoming successful.

Susan Peterson is now a multi-level marketing millionaire and a Herbalife celebrity, out of her highly controversial business model.

Susan Peterson leads a very lavish lifestyle, owns Wyoming cattle ranch, a home in Brazil, and one of the best private beach clubs in Mexico. She moves from one place to another using her private helicopter and jet. She also goes for exotic vacations in all parts of the world, using the Herbalife international recurring passive income.

Susan Person and her ex-husband owned the Work From Home, Inc; a lead generation and selling Company that was banned by Herbalife international, after it was surrounded by the Herbalife pyramid scheme accusations.

Susan has an interest in Health and Nutrition and as a result she has a nutritional and wellness center called Fab-U-Life, which she manages together with her children.

The Fab-U-Life Nutrition and Wellness Center

Fab-U-Life is a wellness and nutrition club that assists people to live a healthy life. They mostly sell Herbalife international nutritional supplements and weight loss products.fab-u-life nutrition

Other products sold by Fab-U-Life include health and fitness products, stress management products, heart health products, immune solutions, facial products, and digestive supplements.

The Fab-U-Life is operated by Susan Peterson and her two children, Jennifer and John Peterson, Jr.

They started the business in Tucson, Arizona where Susan Peterson’s son had just graduated from college, before relocating the business to Houston, Texas, where Jennifer lives.

Susan Peterson’s children are also members of the Herbalife millionaires club and renowned product distributors in the world. Susan serves as the administrator of the Fab-U-life club and she is the regulator of the company’s Facebook page.

Alehandra Orduno, John Peterson Jr’s girlfriend, is also a Herbalife international product distributor.

The Major Success of Susan Peterson

Susan and John Peterson got much of their success from their now inactive Work From Home Inc. They used the company to do mass recruitment of Herbalife product distributors through lead selling and generation.

Since they joined Herbalife international in 1984, they have been recruiting Herbalife product distributors by making training videos, using recruiting scripts, calls and presentations, using focus groups and the online recruitment model in their business.

Susan Peterson is an icon in Herbalife international. She is responsible for the success and growth of Herbalife international revenues in several ways. Susan is, in fact, responsible for the entry of Herbalife international in Mexico, an achievement that greatly boosted Herbalife’s total revenue.

Ms Susan was also behind the introduction of the qualified producer level plan in Herbalife international. Susan’s innovativeness has led to today’s newbies fast tracking their way to qualified producers and Supervisors in Herbalife and start earning commissions almost immediately.

Susan Peterson works on the principle of building your own business so that you can live the life you want.

Susan Peterson and the Alleged Herbalife Pyramid Scheme

Susan Peterson has built the number one multi-level marketing business, amid Herbalife pyramid scheme speculations and controversies on mlm scams. Susan Peterson has found herself at the receiving end of mlm scams speculations on account of everybody being free to air their views openly.

Several organizations and individuals have put their Herbalife international’s recruitment methods on the spotlight.

Some bloggers have also criticized their training videos deeming them as being deceptive and sugar-coated so as to lure unsuspecting mlm entrepreneurs. They argue that the $399 they used to charge clients so as to get access to their videos is far too much.

One thing that convinces many to see Work From Home, Inc. as a Herbalife Pyramid scheme is the easiness to which they claim one can rake in millions with Herbalife international.

The alleged fake success stories and the “idiot proof and easy way” quote on their website also raised a lot of questions among their competitors.

Some of the critics, such as Bill Auckman, who was at one time the major shareholder in Work From Home Inc., say that Susan Peterson downplays the amount of work needed to succeed in Herbalife multi-level marketing business.

Susan Peterson’s extravagant lifestyle has also brought her in collision with Herbalife scam advisors. Many of them say that she flaunts her wealth so that she can deceive many into the Herbalife mlm business.

There are a lot of photos online showing Susan Peterson and her family in expensive luxury cars, helicopters, and in her expensive Mansions.

All in all, Susan Peterson’s family has severally locked horns with the local authorities over their Herbalife business models.

The most popular one is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigations on their otherwise referred to as Herbalife Pyramid Scheme mlm business.

Susan and her ex-husband had also been sued by several individuals and companies, the famous lawsuit being that of the Plaintiffs from Arizona.

Susan Peterson is still going strong despite all these and the sky is the limit for her. She is currently more successful and determined in Herbalife international business than never before.

Let me say that she knows her staff and she is committed to achieve her dreams.

She is so popular that she even hangs out with George W. Bush’s family.

Awards and Accolades

Mark Hughes awards 2015 Susan Peterson #1

Susan Peterson is the overall number one product distributor in Herbalife international. She has continuously been honored by Herbalife international as their number one product distributor since 1998.

According to the Herbalife magazine, Susan Peterson and her late ex-husband were the first couple in the history of Herbalife international to receive a $1,000,000 bonus check from Herbalife.

Susan Peterson again broke her own record in 1999 by being honored with a check worth $1,200,000 from Herbalife’s founder, Mark Hughes.

Susan and John Peterson had been hailed as the number one Herbalife international product distributors in the world in 2002, 2005, 2013 and 2015.

She is currently A Founders Circle member and a member of Herbalife’s NYSE.HLF.

Bottom Line

Susan Peterson is simply a symbol of success in multi-level marketing. She is an admired mother of three, with the unexplained level of commitment and passion for success in business. She has been able to survive in mlm business amidst all the Herbalife Pyramid scheme speculations and allegations and loss of his ex-husband John Peterson.

She is a true legend in Herbalife and she is there to be benchmarked and inspire you to the top of your Herbalife international business.