Tae Ho Kim – HerbaLife’s Top Earner

Tae Ho Kim – Another Herbalife Top Earner

Tae Ho Kim is a big name in the multi-level network marketing business.

This is mostly true to Mark Hughes; the founding father and CEO of Herbalife International, and the whole of its community of mlm businessmen and women.

Herbalife International is a nutrition and natural health products Company that has brought financial stability to so many people, since it was started in 1980 in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.

Let us focus on Tae Ho Kim; other facts about the company will be featured later.


Tae Ho Kim is a very successful South Korean mlm entrepreneur who has really climbed the ladder of MLM business to the point of being named one of the mlm top earners, not only in Herbalife but in the world of multi-level marketing. He is a humble and highly adored individual, for reasons ranging from his wealth state to his BIG heart in philanthropic work.

Stay tuned to learn more about this mlm hero.

Tae Ho Kim is one of the pioneers of making money with Herbalife in the whole of Korea Republic.

He is married to his beautiful wife Hyun Mo Koo, who have struggled with so as to make a living from this world of mlm business.

I can say they were fortunate to start the business early, and taking all the risk in the business like professional entrepreneurs.

In fact, majority of people considered their business as a Herbalife scam in the beginning but they never lost hope. They have sojourned on, jumping every hurdle on the way.

This is the reason as to why they are where they are and why we are even featuring them here today.

They didn’t give up.

They didn’t make excuses.

They did what needed to be done in order to be successful!

Now, what is their current position in Herbalife International?

The couple is at the top of the mlm game as I am writing here.

They are not only very wealthy but they have also touched the lives of many in the world, using their hard earned money through humanitarian philanthropy.

In terms of richness, they earn a whole $350,000 a month, which equates to a stunning $ 4,200,000 per year, while doing very little work if they ever work at all.

How do they earn this without work?

That is a trick in multi-level network marketing. That you earn from referrals and commissions; you earn out of your networking ability. You can also earn through direct sales which of course they used to do long time ago.

That is how rich this couple is my good friends.


The Biography of Tae Ho Kim

Tae Ho Kim was born, raised, and schooled in South Korea Republic, in Asia.

He is relatively short in height; medium sized with a round face, of course!

He is married to the beautiful Hyun Mo Koo; also born, raised, schooled, and got married in Korea.

In short, they are typical South Koreans from every angle.

The couple is so humble and secretive, that little is known about them in South Korea and in the world over.

Is this because of the cautious nature of the Asian people?

That is a point of contention, my friends.

As per now, I know them as high risk takers in business, ready to forgo anything and sacrifice all their resources to make sure they improve their lives and those of people dependent on them.

This is a sure prove from their highly acclaimed philanthropic work and corporate social responsibility they have shown to the world.

Tae Ho Kim’s Journey Herbalife Top Earners’ List

Tae Ho Kim is the first Herbalife product distributors in Korea.

Their journey to the mlm top earners list is so humbling and inspirational.

Just like many other mlm marketers, they were going through hell in life before this business opportunity came by.

Life was so unfair to them that skipping meals was the order of the day.

How many of us can honestly say that we skip meals due to the struggles that we have daily?

Tae Ho Kim owned a business that was doing so bad, that he had even decided to leave it at the time he was introduced to mlm business.

The situation became even worse when his wife fell ill and had to quit her job.

Tae Ho Kim was introduced to the mlm business in 1996 by their American friend, who was in South Korea for Business. He quickly registered himself when not even a single person knew about that business in that region.

The couple tried out one of the Herbalife product and it restored his wife’s health to normal.

That would be a huge selling and turning point for anyone, I would imagine!

The couple was so excited that they developed so much interest in the Herbalife products. They requested for other products like Herbalife shakes and started distributing them to people and teaching them about its importance for a healthy living.

Their teaching was received so well that they referred a lot of people, who bought and used the Herbalife products.

That is how Tae Ho Kim started to make money with Herbalife international.

The Philanthropic Work of Tae Ho Kim

Tae Ho Kim is well known for his philanthropic work all over the world.

He and his wife use a good amount of their wealth to help the underprivileged in the society. Their major concentration has however been in the Korea Republic, naturally.

In 2013, the family won the (HFF) award for being the most philanthropically friendly couple in the Herbalife mlm. They won this award as a result of their decades of dedication and generous contributions to the saving of lives of the Korea people and other suffering people in Asia.

They have also established their own charity organization called the “Dream Foundation,” dedicated to helping the poor and suffering in the community.

The HFF award they won was as a result of their exceptional Community leadership, Volunteerism and advocacy, and for generally being the best Philanthropist for that year.

The award comes with a price tag of $10,000 which they are given full discretion to choose which charity organization to sponsor using the funds.

Reuters News did an article for these great folks that you can read all about here.

The Couple is now members of the president’s club, popularly called the President’s Inner Circle in Herbalife international.

They have had an amazing Herbalife distribution experience and continue to enjoy the natural health nature of the Herbalife products.

I suppose that would be a great reason as to why these two look so young and healthy!