Takako Kitaoka

Takako Kitaoka – NuSkin Top Earner 


Like Yuu Avantra, one of the many top MLM earners from NuSkin, Takako Kitaoka earns six-figures in residual income and is a network marketing millionaire. If you are looking to prosper in the multilevel marketing business, you might want to consider NuSkin. If you are a regular to my blog, you know that this health and wellness MLM company has created a huge number of top MLM earners.


Who is NuSkin?


NuSkin Enterprises was founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah. Here is another health and wellness network marketing company from the state of Utah. This one offers personal care products and nutritional supplements worldwide. It originally only marketed its items in the US, but when international in 1991 in Hong Kong. And from the number of leaders from the Asian market, it seems NuSkin International is doing quite well.


Besides the Hong Kong market, NuSkin products can be found in over 50 other countries. NuSkin says it has over one million associates. When Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, and Steve Lund founded NuSkin, the three wanted to start a MLM company that provides groundbreaking health products that contained all-natural good ingredients. Moreover, they wanted to provide a remarkable business opportunity for those seeking to start their own business from home.


Their business took off. Folks not only liked the idea of becoming entrepreneurs, they genuinely liked the skin products. The first product sold out because people were bringing their own bottles to NuSkin to get a taste of this wonderful anti-aging product. Since the beginning, NuSkin has wanted to empower people around the globe to improve their lives by giving them a way to have time and financial freedom.


NuSkin wants everyone, those who desire, to have their dream life. Along the way, it has worked dilligently in becoming the number one health and wellness relationship marketing business. That’s a tall order, seeing that there are a wide number of health and wellness MLM businesses in the industry today. NuSkin also wants to be the one network marketing business that generates the most residual income for its distributors.


NuSkin realizes that most people are seeking financial security. They know that with the economy the way it is, relying on social security is unrealistic. With MLM businesses, you can build a nice nest egg that keeps growing and growing as your home-based business grows. How many times have you read on my blog that top MLM earners say they make more in a month than they would have made in a year in their 9-5? Each and every one of them!


NuSkin Products


NuSkin products are so popular, because they perfected the recipe of looking and feeling young, and they have marketed it into a direct selling opportunity. NuSkin’s dietary supplements are sold under the Pharmanex brand. To give back to the community, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of some of the Pharmanex products go to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. This organization helps people around the world in the health, education, economic opportunity, and disaster relief.




NuSkin is said to pay the highest percentage of sales revenue of any direct sales company. I read that about 66% of the top NuSkin leaders have been with the company for less than five years. No wonder folks are drawn to NuSkin compensation plan.


As an associate, you can earn up to 30% profit from retail sales, as well as fast-start payments. If you decide to try for the executive level, you earn the same as you would as a distributor, plus you can participate in the Mega Bonus Pool. Mega Bonus Pool and Qualifying Executives can get a portion of the US, European, and South Pacific commission sales.




NuSkin isn’t without controversy. In the 90s, the FTC investigated Nu Skin due to claims it was operating an illegal pyramid scam. Also during the 90s, NuSkin settled suits with five states for allegedly creating untrue advertisement and false income claims.


Moreover, in the 90s, NuSkin had to shell out $1 million and sign a consent decree from making giving out false information regarding its products. Again, in the 90s, several states investigated NuSkin (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, and Ohio) for deceptive marketing practices. Boy, the 90s weren’t some good years for NuSkin.


In 2014, NuSkin China came under investigation by the government after a newspaper report said that it was operating an illegal pyramid scheme. NuSkin was fined $540,000.00 for making false product claims and illegal selling.




On the other hand, in 2010, Forbes ranked NuSkin as one of 100 Most Trustworthy Companies. NuSkin works with a number of community organizations. It takes part in the United Way Day of Caring, Provo Food and Care Coalition, Force for Good Day, and the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation.