Takako Kitaoka

Takako Kitaoka of Nu Skin Enterprise, also known as Yoshiko North Kong is an exceptional thinker and a really hard working old lady. Mrs. Takako’s story really touched the softest part of my heart and reminded me why MLM Top Earners story are a must read, if you are an aspiring or an established entrepreneur.

My dear, I am not seconding these network marketing stories just because they are exceptionally inspirational! No!  I am into them simply because each and every story is totally unique, and a mind blowing bold step, our brothers and sisters took to be where they are today! And we have to definitely respect and celebrate them in style! That is why I am here if you never know!

To all the youth, working class professionals or entrepreneurs, what is your ideal retirement age? How long will you take from today before you stop working and start enjoying the fruits of your handwork?

I know everybody has his or her own retirement time, but very few are will be willing to work during their old age! And that my friend is what makes Takako Kitaoka unique, and one of the most admired Nu Skin multilevel marketing queen from NuSkin Japan.

If you love reading about the inspirational stories of MLM top earners and current millionaires in the world, then you will definitely hate yourself for missing out on this one.

As much as our cover story for today is meant for people of all ages, I am pretty sure that this is a story that  is going to reignite the entrepreneurial spirit of all the aged; especially the retired grandmothers and grandfathers today. Let me say from the word go that it is definitely going to be a good read, and I just waiting for you to set the mood right before I continue!

I am calling this a totally unique coverage because I simply cannot imagine my reaction, if I saw a 53 years old grandmother in my door step trying to sell me a beauty and wellness product or better still telling me about a business opportunity that will make me rake in millions forever! I guess I would have simply enjoyed listening to her training, because I simply love listening to people who are older than me. But that is me, hehee!

Takako Kitaoka is now about 76 years old, one of the Nu Skin Business top earner and definitely the most influential mlm leader in Kansai Region in Japan.

Above that Mrs. Kitaoka is currently a highly sought after business leader, motivational speaker and Nu Skin Think-tank in the better part of Japan and Asian region.

Her journey in the network marketing industry is one of those fairy story tales that only exist in human imaginations. To cut the long story short, I can confidently say that Takako Kitaoka is now in a semi-retirement mode in Nu Skin business, but still one of the most influential MLM leaders in NuSkin and the whole of the relationship marketing industry.

Takako Kitaoka’s journey in Nu Skin is exceptionally unique, strange and highly motivational. To me, it is a must read!

Takako Kitaoka’s Journey in Nu Skin Enterprises

Thousands of people were initially shocked to see an aged and retired grandmother marketing the beauty and anti-aging products to them in Japan, but not anymore! This is however not the place where Takako Kitaoka’s professional life started.

Takako Kitaoka was a civil servant, just like many ordinary families today, but she used to dream of a good life, and had a great determination in life and an entrepreneurial spirit that was not yet tapped.

Takako Kitaoka initially lived a very simple life and led a civic job type of lifestyle that relied on monthly checks for survival.

Takako, however, unlike many other MLM entrepreneurs, had some little knowledge on the multilevel marketing businesses. This is because she had involved herself early in tone of these direct sales companies, but she unfortunately never made a dime.

Kitaoka however became one of the first people to join the Nu Skin business when it first opened its offices in Japan.

Takako Kitaoka had been looking for a viable business opportunity to will enable her fully put to use her entrepreneurial talent but without any success.

The biggest challenge to Kitaoka to starting her Nu Skin business is a fact that she had no mentor to guide her through the business nor were there any NuSkin trainings for her to guide her through; other than the few from her former mlm business that seemed irrelevant. I guess you understand how lost you can be if you invest in a multi level marketing business without a mentor or worse still try to use training materials from a different mlm company altogether, but it luckily worked for Takako Kitaoka of Nu Skin enterprises.

Takako however fell in love with the Nu skin Compensation plan, and saw Nuskin as a viable business opportunity that she badly needed in her life.

So, Takako started her Nu Skin career by using the trainings she had received earlier and recruited almost all people into her downline using the face to face encounters.

The Nu Skin business appeared to be very confusing at first, but she was determined to bring a long term change into her life and that is what mattered most in her old age.

Some of her children were shocked and pitied her. Some of them together with majority of her friends also tried to discourage her as days went by, but she was a firm rock to move. Takako Kitaoka had all the patience that was needed to succeed in the direct sales business and some elements of determination that is very rare in the world.

After some months of confusion, hard work, trial and error method in Nu Skin business, it finally dawned on her that she was headed to the right direction, amidst all those discouragements she got. The NuSkin Checks finally started to flow in one after another to her account and she was all smiles and became determined as never before. I bet her critics were either ashamed or inspired depending on their attitude.

Takako Kitaoka, however, says that it is her philosophy of not resting or retiring that has kept her vibrant and going strong for a long time now. Nevertheless, Takako remembers how she started her business when Japan was full of bicycles, with absolutely no internet connections.

Takako is however currently surprised how the network marketing business has changed today. She says that the road to becoming a multi-millionaire looks easier today, with the availability of millions of video trainings and podcasts online. She does not however regret making her millions during those days because it also made her learn a lot in life and business, other than meeting thousands of people.

Takako is still semi-active in Nu Skin business and she is always leading by example, as she thinks of a way to help as many people as possible build downline that are larger and dynamic than hers.

All in all, Mrs. Takako Kitaoka has turned out to be one of the most respected mlm leaders in Japan and the most Active Nu Skin network marketing leader in Kansai region in Japan. Many mlm leaders are still surprised at the Takako Kitako’s extraordinary wisdom and the will power at such an old age.

According to Takako Kitaoka, the only people who succeed in life are those who lay down success strategies today. Tomorrow is most obviously for procrastinators, which I full second. So, my friend, look for the right business opportunity for you today and take action!

Takako Kitaoka’s Awards and Accolades

Mrs. Takako is a legendary grandmother and direct selling celebrity. Nevertheless, let us not forget that she started the Nu skin business at an older age of 53 years and has proved thousands of people wrong, using her unique interactional approach to the mlm Business.

Takako has however turned out to be a winner, a multi-millionaire and a renowned philanthropist, to say the least. This has however enabled her win a lot of awards, considering she was and still is the Nu Skin first lady in Japan.

Some of the achievements Takako Kitaoka has won so far include several rubies, black Diamonds and Blue Diamond award in Nu Skin enterprise and many others.

As if that is not enough, Takako Kitaoka has been and still is a million dollar circle member, a 5 million dollar circle member, and a10 million dollar Circle members all the way to achieving the 30 million Dollar Circle members.

Takako has however achieved the team elite member status for 20 years now in a row, and she is still going strong. She has however achieved her dream of being part of the Nu Skin top earners accompanying the Nu Skin executives to holiday sprees in pre-determined parts of the world, by being among the 100 Nu Skin top earners who went to a memorable Nu Skin holiday in Dubai in 2009.

Lastly but not least, Takako Kitaoka is yet again another mlm leader of leaders, who you will count yourself lucky if you meet with her or be in her team; but if you are fluent in Chinese. Thank you for your time and wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial journey!