Takeshi & Hidemi Azumi

Takeshi & Hidemi Azumi –Amway Top Earners


In 2009, Takeshi & Hidemi Azumi in Japan qualified for Founder Crown Ambassadors for Amway Global. Just like other Amway top earners, Clement & Anita Fu, these two network marketing millionaires have what it takes to be multilevel marketing leaders. They have a monthly residual income of $100,000.00, and they are a part of the Founders Council in Japan. The drive commitment of Takeshi & Hidemi Azumi reminds me a lot of the dedication of the late Bill Britt, an Amway USA top earner.


Amway Malaysia


It is no surprise that Amway Malaysia, the branch that Takesi & Hidemi work with, is one of the top 10 performing branches, based on facts such as sales, profits, and number of distributors. Amway Malaysia was formed in 1976, and to support its associates in the Malaysia and Brunei areas, Amway created numerous retail shops and regional distribution centers.


Here is some more info on Amway Malaysia: in 1996, Amway Malaysia was the first network marketing company to be listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.




Amway was the brainchild of two men, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, who wanted to establish a business that was based on the idea of building relationships. The first Amway product that was sold was the LOC cleaner, and this wasn’t its only first. The LOC cleaner was also the first concentrated, bio-degradable, eco-friendly cleaning product. Today, Amway markets nutritional health and beauty items as well.


Simply put, Rich and Jay were just two guys from Michigan who wanted to have a business for themselves. Furthermore, they wanted others to experience the delight in being an entrepreneur. Amway gets folks started on their way in life filled with profit, promise, and hope. Amway Global operates in over 80 countries around the world.




Even after all this time, Amway has been able to carry on the traditions, values, and principles that have made them the name to know in relationship marketing. As an independent distributor, you have the freedom of personal and economic opportunity to have the life you have always dreamed of.  You have the freedom to have your own home-based business.


When you sign up with Amway, you get an instant family. These folks might not be blood, but they do care about you and your well-being. They will cheer you on in your personal growth and financial development. You are in an environment and around people where hope and inspiration is at an all-time high. The results are rewards for your accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of your team.


Amway’s vision has always been in improving lives. This is done by helping folks realize their potential by providing high-quality products and opportunities for wealth building. If you are wondering what the six values at Amway are, here we go:


  • Partnership – Amway is built on the notion of creating partnerships. There are partnerships between the founders, families, employees, and business owners. The company consistently tries to do what is in the best interest of everyone involved.
  • Integrity – To Amway, integrity is the foundation of its success. This means it does what is right, not what works.
  • Personal Worth – Amway acknowledges not all of its associates are the same. Therefore, it welcomes diversity with a high level of respect and fair treatment.
  • Achievement – The people of Amway and builders and encouragers. They strive for excellence, which is why it focuses on continuous improvement and progression of individuals and their teams. Creativity and innovation is encouraged.
  • Personal Responsibility – Who is responsible for your personal growth with Amway? You are! You are not only held accountable for your achieving your personal goals, but you are responsible for achieving corporate and team goals. Amway believes that when you help others help themselves, you further the ability for individual and shared success.
  • Free Enterprise – Amway is an advocate for freedom and free enterprise. Economic advancement is best achieved in a free market economy.


The idea of helping others live better lives is an ideal that Amway uses in everything it does, from its business strategies to its global mission. This might be why there are more than three million individuals worldwide are making their way to their own success. It offers opportunities with a company that is family-owned and financially stable. Amway has been this way for more than 40 years.




Amway compensation plan operates pretty much the same as other MLM business. As an Amway distributor, you earn bonus money from your retail sales and from the sales of everyone in your downline. As your team grows, so do your rewards. You can earn income from not only retail profits, monthly performance bonuses, monthly and annual leadership bonuses, cash bonuses, and business incentives.


The great thing is you have the support of Amway along the way. You get business tools, training, business management, and order management from knowledgeable leaders. With your upline, you get the motivation, advice, and mentoring you need. Having an Amway home-based business is all about people and connections. If you need help on how to beef up sales, you have access to sales advisors.


Amway has something called The Learning Center. The Learning Center offers free online training courses that help you with your sales, build your business, and establish your confidence to do your best for your business. Every independent distributor has the opportunity to receive local & national advertising, sponsorships, and events. Bottom line: you are never alone with Amway. To get started with Amway, you have to first become a distributor so you can set up with your compensation plan.




The product line grew from the LOC laundry detergent SA8 that debuted in 1960, the hair product Satinique that debuted in 1965, and the cosmetic line Artistry that debuted in 1968. Today, Amway has over 400 products, and over the years, the product lines have grown tremendously. Some of the other Amway brands include:


  • XS
  • Personal Accents
  • Bodykey
  • Body Works
  • iCook
  • Artistry Men
  • Glister
  • Clear Now
  • Legacy of Clean
  • Body Blend
  • eSpring
  • Atmosphere


Pyramid Scam


When you have a multilevel marketing company this huge, you can expect some sort of controversy. Amway’s pyramid-like distribution system has been the basis for some accusations from a number of sources who allege that Amway is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.


In 1979, after being accused of running a pyramid scam, the FTC ruled that Amway wasn’t running a pyramid scheme. The reason is that the company doesn’t compensate its distributors for recruiting people to enroll with Amway. On the other hand, it did find Amway guilty of lying about the income of its distributors. This is probably why these direct selling businesses are putting right on their website that not everyone who signs up will be a millionaire.


Here is another thing about Amway. There have been accusations that some teams operate like a Big Brother organization, with intimidation and paranoid behavior towards anyone who is critical of Amway. People say that there is also enormous involvement of distributors who are making minimal income. However, every top MLM earner says that in order to get the income you desire, those six and seven-figure incomes, you have to put in the work.