Tamilla Polezhaeva

Tamilla Polezhaeva – Oriflame Top Earner


The first thing I read about Tamilla Polezhaeva is that she died in 2011. But she definitely lived a fulfilled life while she was here on earth. Tamilla was the first Diamond President Director at Oriflame. Additionally, she was the only Sapphire President in the history of Oriflame.


Tamilla joined Oriflame in 1996. Before she started her MLM career, she was a college student. Another first for Tamilla: she was one of the first Oriflame consultants in Russia. She was able to build her home-based business by offering Oriflame products and sharing its business opportunity with family and friends. Tamilla held business meetings, one-on-one presentations, and conference calls.


Like other top MLM earners, Tamilla was able to achieve success by focusing on helping others accomplish their goals. She was a top MLM earner, making $100,000.00 per month in residual income. Whenever one of her customers decided to become an independent distributor, Tamilla did all she could to help them set up their business. She was so good at what she did that Oriflame used her business plan system throughout the company. Tamilla is the one who put Oriflame on the map.


Although Tamilla left this world, her legacy within the multilevel marketing industry lives on. Her husband Vladimir and daughters Margarita and Snezhanna will continue operating her business. Those that knew her say that Tamilla believed that everything was possible. At Oriflame, she was a true leader and icon. Tamilla Polezhaeva was one of the most successful direct sales marketers of all time, for any company.


Her Words


I watched a video of Tamilla Polezhaeva, and I can see how she is such an inspiration. She says that finding a business that you can work with is as important as making the money. Tamilla went on to say that women can find success in network marketing, and it should be the reason for them to join. She and her husband now enjoy the life they were meant to have.




For years, Tamilla and Vladimir were a strong force in building Oriflame’s Russian market, as well as its market around the globe. They also work in forming the business structure that included helping associates become great entrepreneurs, achieve time and financial freedom and helping those in their downline do the same.





I will admit, yet again, I had never heard of Oriflame, but this time I have an excuse. Oriflame is a European MLM company. Oriflame Holding AG was established in 1967 in Sweden by Jonas and Robert af Jochnick. Besides personal care items, Oriflame also offers nutritional products and accessories. Magnus Brannstrom currently serves as CEO.


Today, Oriflame is offered in over 60 countries worldwide. If you want to know how successful the Oriflame network marketing business, let me tell you. It has over 3 million distributors around the globe, and its annual sales are over $1 billion. The name “oriflame” comes from the royal banner of medieval France.


As a distributor, you can start earning money the same day you join. Whether you want to start your own home-based business, or you need some money on the side, you should look into beginning a direct sales career. The motto at Oriflame is: “Your dreams. Our inspiration.”




Oriflame products are big time in the European, African, and other markets overseas. I read that of the 60 countries Oriflame is present in, it is the beauty product sales leader in over half. This is no surprise, because when I checked out its website, there have to be well over 100 products available. I saw everything from a skin buffer to an envelope clutch purse. I am not trying to be sexist, but this is definitely a MLM business geared towards women. What women anywhere in the free world don’t like to see pretty makeup and jewelry?


But Oriflame has a men’s line as well. The tag line at the top says, “Men like to look good too.” I guess I have been corrected on my earlier comment. Men are offered everything from anti-aging cream to dress watches.


Oriflame product reviews are mixed. Some folks like the makeup, except the mascara which is said to be nothing special. One pertinent Oriflame complaint came from a young lady in Africa. She said that she received a goody bag, and she was very excited to try the products.


She was enjoying everything until she got to the foundation. I will not repeat what she exactly said; I will paraphrase it. She said that when she looked on Oriflame’s website, she only noticed one shade for dark skin tones, mind you, Oriflame has huge markets in Africa. With all those different skin tones in that region, as well as the other regions such as Brazil and Columbia, how can you only offer one dark shade? Like she said, that isn’t cool.


Oriflame has more than 40 years of experience in the beauty industry, so you know it must know something about making folks look, feel, and smell good. Furthermore, there are more than 90 scientists who work to perfect its formulas and create innovative, progressive products that are on-trend and will meet customers’ needs.


Everything sold at Oriflame starts at its Skin Research Institute. Here, sophisticated science is used to develop one-of-a-kind technologies that put Oriflame over its competitors. The next stop is at the Product Development Centre in Dublin, Ireland, where the information is used to either improve an existing product or create a whole new one.


Sustainability is a high priority at Oriflame. To make this planet better, natural ingredients are used that coincide with Oriflame’s eco-friendly policies. Oriflame is one of the first companies to use plant extracts in their skin care products, and it optimizes the use of renewable plant resources.




Oriflame states that its objective is to be the number one relationship marketing business in the industry. It operates on the core values of togetherness, passion, and spirit. Having these values is what has helped Oriflame succeed in such a competitive business. Moreover, these values have served as its guide in making this planet a better place.


Oriflame really believes in beauty. They believe that when you look good, you feel good. You are then ready to go after your dreams. Their work starts with your dreams. As an independent distributor, your dreams serve as Oriflame’s inspiration. When you enroll with Oriflame, you are encouraged to dream, set goals. The best part is that you have a partner to help you along the way. Its culture is based on respect for and a belief in others.




Oriflame compensation plan is one of the few in which you can earn money right when you sign up, which by the way, costs nothing. There are two way to earn money with Oriflame; by selling products and by inviting others to join Oriflame. A great tool that Oriflame uses is a catalogue. Distributors can feel the ease when all they have to do is just show the catalogue to potential customers, instead of trying to describe the products.


Just like with every other multilevel business, the bigger your team, the more you earn. And you have all the skills and training you need, courtesy of the Academy training tools and events.


Pyramid Scam


I have to go here, so I researched to see if there has been any legal action that alleges Oriflame is a pyramid scheme. Well, there is some news. In 2010, the Iranian government arrested five Oriflame employees and shut down the Tehran office for allegations that it was operating an illegal pyramid scheme. Moreover, tax officials seized documents and halted operations.


That was it, except for those individuals who believe that every MLM business is a pyramid scam. As one person said, every corporation in the world has few people on the top and many people on the bottom. So does this mean that every corporation operating an illegal pyramid scheme? The difference with Oriflame is that it does offer its associate direct selling with tangible products, and moreover, the main focus is on sales. Pyramid schemes focus on intangible products and memberships. As I have said before, it is entirely up to you what to decide.