Hall of Fame Superstar!

Tetsuya Fujisawa is a NuSkin mlm top earner, a multi-millionaire, and a hall of fame superstar.

Mr. Tetsuya is so successful in NuSkin, simply because he seized a business opportunity that was present where he was, worked really hard in it and jumped every hurdle on his way, with zero prior experience.

This is a true spirit of a modern entrepreneur in my opinion, isn’t it?Tetsuya_Fujisawa

As an entrepreneur and a retired multilevel marketing professional, I fully understand how difficult it is to rise from zero to hero and becoming somebody in the world of direct sales business. As a result, I am going to take you through the journey of Tetsuya Fujisawa of NuSkin enterprises as slowly as possible, because Mr. Fujisawa is among the few people who have shown the world how relationship marketing businesses can positively change our lives, if done well.

All in all, there is no need to rush when discussing one of the very prominent men in the world of network marketing business, simply because current and prospective millionaires like you hate rushing.

So, before I bore you up with my slow millionaires writing spirit today, let me first re-introduce you to the magical Tetsuya Fujisawa!

Who is Tetsuya Fujisawa?

Tetsuya Fujisawa, ladies and gentlemen, is a NuSkin award winning distributor, and MLM Top earner in NuSkin enterprises.

This humble man from Japan is also a millionaires’ club member and mlm hall of fame celebrity. Tetsuya Fujisawa is so wealthy, that counting his NuSkin networking marketing money without a calculator can take you months to complete. HA!

Mr. Tetsuya of NuSkin is currently in the top 100 list of all time mlm top earners in the world and in the top ten list of NuSkin Top Earners.  Mr. Tetsuya Fujisawa is a real self-made millionaire who earns recurring commissions from NuSkin while having fun in one corner of the world. He therefore makes a passive income of over $165,000 per month and a solid $1,980,000 per year.

Read on and you will be equally surprised and inspired!

Speaking of being inspires – check out the video below from my good friend and mentor, Brad Campbell.

Biography of Tetsuya Fujisawa of NuSkin Enterprises

Several personal development coaches have said now and again that one of the factors that prevent the majority of us from being successful in life is our continued concentration on our past failures and status quo, rather than looking for solution to our challenges.

I was forced to remember and connect with this today, after reading the story of NuSkin millionaire; Tetsuya Fujisawa, which I am here to share with you.

Tetsuya Fujisawa is a very down to earth man from a very humble background; to say the least. He was born in one of the poorest villages in Japan. A village that does not even know when the next meal will be and where it will come from! Their neighbors obviously never expected anything positive to come from the Tetsuya Fujisawa’s family, but not until the NuSkin business opportunity came by!

Tetsuya Fujisawa lived a life of uncertainty that not even his extended family knew well about. He has nevertheless put all that behind to become one of the most celebrated NuSkin relationship marketing millionaires!

Tetsuya Fujisawa therefore grew up in Japan, went to school in a small village in Japan, got married there and he had never dreamt of leaving his home country, leave alone boarding a plane. Tetsuya Fujisawa is however a very humble individual, and it is not easy to distinguish him from the crowd, unless when in his classy rides!

Tetsuya Fujisawa is happily married and always traveling the world and inspiring others to starting their entrepreneurship journey.  A single meeting with him will surely change your perception of life and MLM business opportunity forever, according to the few people that have shared with him.

Journey in NuSkin Enterprises

Tetsuya Fujisawa knew nothing about multilevel marketing and the whole of direct selling business, when he was first introduced to NuSkin. His keenness and attention to details however helped him to start out with the NuSkin business opportunity. So when he heard of NuSkin business and its products, all he initially did was listen, take note and go his way to research more on the opportunity, before being judgmental.

So, Tetsuya Fujisawa first heard of NuSkin products from a friend, who was also new in the business.  The idea of selling products and earning a lifetime income from it sounded both interesting and funny.

So he asked himself all kinds of questions, as he rested in his living room that evening.

How can you sell a product and earn forever from it?

Where does the company get all the revenue to pay you for a lifetime?

Little did he know that he will soon be answering these questions, when recruiting distributors in his NuSkin Organization.

Tetsuya Fujisawa one day decided to accompany his friend to a NuSkin meeting, so as to see and hear how the business was being conducted from the horses’ mouths.

And yes, he met and interacted with them, and returned home a totally changed man.

Mr. Fujisawa had no money to start off in the business, but knew from the bottom of his heart that NuSkin Business was a viable venture. Tetsuya Fujisawa therefore borrowed some cash from his other friend to kick off his NuSkin enterprise business. His friend was initially reluctant to give him the cash, but eventually yielded in, after pleading with him for some time.

Tetsuya Fujisawa wondered how to start selling his products without first knowing how they work. So, he did himself a favor by first using them.

What better way to sale a product, then to use it!

Tetsuya Fujisawa then used all the money he had borrowed to register and buy products, and later tested them out.

Even if Mr. Fujisawa was registered in NuSkin, he never had enough cash to buy other products, and really struggled to maintain his NuSkin membership active.

The love Mr. Fujisawa developed with the NuSkin enterprises products however made him work hard to make sure he is back into the business. He therefore went back to his village, did odd jobs here and there until he got enough money to enable him go back to his NuSkin business opportunity, and yes he finally did!

Tetsuya Fujisawa was so committed and dedicated in his NuSkin business that it took him several weeks to start distributing NuSkin products and recruit other individuals into his team, although it was a challenging experience. People in his country never even understood what he was talking about, but he never lost hope.

It was after sometime that few people however saw some sense in what Mr. Fujisawa was doing and eventually enrolled in the business, enabling Tetsuya Fujisawa earn his first ever commission from NuSkin enterprises.

This made him so excited that he could not help himself from mentioning it at every meeting he attended.

Yes, I would think that would jump start someone’s excitement, don’t you?

I remember when I made my first real money and how so excited I was, still am!

Here is another show of the money that I see in our group. (almost daily) But please, I am not showing you this to show off….I am showing you this to show you that this is real!

I mean REALLY real!

Real results!

Not like those jacked up Clickbank screen shots or PayPal pics that we see, that if you look REALLY closely, you will notice that they are months, maybe even a year old!


I want real results, right now, in the moment. No more than a month old.

Point in case:

Avi_ Who is brad campbell

Ok, I am getting off track.

I tend to do that at times.

Now back to the rest of the story of our MLM Top earner today!

His journey in NuSkin mlm business became easier as he had at least some success story he could refer to, other than using those from other distributors who had had success in the business.

Then NuSkin money finally started to flow in and the desire to expand his business topped his agenda. Tetsuya Fujisawa in fact used almost all his first earnings from NuSkin to invest back into his NuSkin business, and he has never regretted making that decision.

Mr. Tetsuya Fujisawa is now a very wealthy man.

Entrepreneurship has changed his life, taken him from the remote villages of Japan to taking vacations and living a lavish life in various parts of the world.

Although he is super rich, he has not forgotten where he came from. This is the reason why Tetsuya Fujisawa is one of the most prolific philanthropists in the history of MLM top earners both in NuSkin and in the world.

Tetsuya Fujisawa Awards and Accolades

Tetsuya Fujisawa has turned out to be a great network marketing leader not only in NuSkin enterprises, but also in the whole of multilevel marketing business in the world. He is a millionaires’ club member and an mlm hall of fame celebrity.

Tetsuya Fujisawa has risen from struggling to maintain his active membership in NuSkin enterprises to becoming one of the most successful executive members in the company.

He has therefore achieved several executive positions in  NuSkin, qualified for several leadership bonuses pool and has won various success trips that had made him and his family travel and explore the world. Tetsuya Fujisawa is simply a leader to follow and replicate, if you really want to achieve success in NuSkin Enterprises.

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