Tetsuya Shibatomi

Tetsuya Shibatomi – Neways Top Earner


Like fellow top Neways earner Margie Aliprandi, Tetsuya Shibatomi has achieved financial and personal growth. And there is no better multilevel marketing company to begin your entrepreneur career with than Neways International.




I have just recently learned about Neways. Of course, it is a direct selling provider of personal care, nutritional supplements, and cleaning products for the home. Man, I didn’t know there were so many health and wellness network marketing businesses. Although it originated in the US, Neways products are now offered in more than 20 countries.


When Neways was established in 1987, the company was called “Images and Attitudes.” The owners, Thomas and Leslie Mower, changed the name to Neways in 1992. Even though the manufacturing facilities are in Salem, UT, the headquarters are in Springville, UT.


In 2006, Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm out of San Francisco, CA, bought Neways. Golden Gate Capital is also the owner of another famous MLM business, Herbalife. During 2012, Neways went through a restructuring process, and Robert Conlee was named CEO and chairman of the board.


For more than 20 years, Neways has been helping people to prosper and achieve wealth building. It accomplishes this by developing high-quality products and a great direct sales opportunity for you. Neways products are safe, effective, and they don’t contain any harmful ingredients. The goal here is to make every residence on this earth healthy with items that combine the best of nature and science. The motto at this network marketing business is: “Nature creates it, science refines it, and Neways delivers it.


Neways looks forward to enhance your wealth, health, and well-being. While other health MLM companies created products with questionable ingredients, Neways decided to develop an alternative line of items that didn’t contain potentially harmful ingredients. The number one product at Neways is Maximol Solutions, which is a liquid mineral supplement.


When Neways Japan opened in 2001, it became the third-largest MLM company in the history of the company. Neways all over the world continue to grow by providing innovative products and a chance (for anyone who wants it) to spend more time doing the things you love.


Tetsuya Shibatomi


Tetsuya Shibatomi is a prominent achiever in the Japanese MLM industry. There are those who say that Neways Japan wouldn’t have gained the notoriety it enjoys if it hadn’t been for the hard work of Tetsuya Shibatomi. He is an outstanding independent distributor. Tetsuya not only serves as a Crown Diamond Ambassador, but he is also a member of the Advisory Board. Over 40 years ago, he went to the US on his own. After spending some time in corporate America, he opened a successful Japanese restaurant in Seattle, WA.


Tetsuya was living the “American Dream.” Then September 11th happened, and his dream suffered. But he didn’t let this get him down. He started a network marketing career with Neways. The person who convinced him to enroll with Neways was his sister, Mamiko Nonami, who is a Crown Diamond Ambassador in Japan. He has learned to embrace two ideals with Neways. First, “to introduce how great Neways is to someone with the right way.” Second, “Neways brings health, wealth, and happiness to family.”


Although his policies are simple, it is his winning attitude of looking at things from a different perspective that has made him a remarkable Neways associate. Due to his success as an entrepreneur, he travels around the world, spending a considerable amount of time in both Seattle and Tokyo. His team consists of members from every corner of the globe, and he deliver support to his downline through meetings and events. This is why he is a Neways Speaker of the World!




Neways products are said to be the perfect combination of science and nature. This multilevel marketing company wants to help you maximize your health and beauty with items that are created with positive ingredients. Neways has a list of over 2,500 ingredients scientific questionable ingredients that are not used in any of its products. Everything manufactured by Neways is done with safety and effectiveness in mind.


Neways offers high-quality nutritional, personal care, and household products. The motto for this outstanding MLM business is: “Nature creates it, science defines it, and Neways delivers it.” When researching what ingredients to use, Neways takes extra care in the selection process. For example, the personal care products never contain phthalates, DEA, or talc. All of the health and wellness items don’t have any heavy metals, microbes, or pesticides.


Decisions on what ingredients to use is made by a group of worldwide scientists so each formula is safe. Neways has created a Scientific Advisory Board. This group is made up of researchers and academics that make decision with your health in mind.


As Neways has grown over the years, it has cultivated innovative manufacturing practices by using the latest technologies. From research to development, every product created by Neways goes through rigorous testing. The testing consists of looking for certain items that causes toxicity in animals and humans.


Additionally, they look for things that might cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, and may be carcinogenic. Neways is really picky about who its supplier is. All suppliers must comply with the high standards set forth by the Food and Drug Administration.


Product reviews have been mixed for Neways. There are those who say that these items are a tad pricey, and there are those who say that the products deliver on what they promise. One customer stated that the problem was that there wasn’t enough information on any of Neways’ scientific claims. As a matter of fact, the scientific backing that is supposed to be about each product could not be found.


In the past, there have been a few issues with the company’s ethical practices concerning its products. In 1993, a weight loss product was recalled after it was discovered to contain a huge dose of diuretic furosemide. In 2004, Neways was convicted of criminal charges when a product was discovered to contain human growth hormones.


In 2008, the Japanese government stop new distributors from enrolling when it discovered that Neways was spreading false information on its competitors. Neways was telling folks that if they used its competitors’ products, they would die from deadly diseases.


There are some reviews that state that you, as a consumer, can find the same, if not better products at any retail store. The lure, according to some, is that you are enticed by the products, because Neways promises to help you make a six-figure income.




There hasn’t been any Neways complaints to the BBB in a few years. One complaint that I read about said that one problem with Neways is that the burden of explaining the scientific information on the products is on the distributors when it should be on the company.


This is something new to me about Neways International. It is no longer called this. In 2013, the name was changed to Modere when it was bought by Z Capital Corporation. The rebranding involved new ownership, new pricing structures, and new business strategies.


Furthermore, Neways got a new compensation plan and business model. Nonetheless, there is no mention of these changes on the Neways website, so it is hard to know what new happenings is going on with this direct sales business. simply put, there is no public knowledge on any of this.