The Truth Behind G1E

GIE Review

I am pretty sure you at least have heard about Global 1 Entertainment or G1E if you have landed here.

What you are maybe looking for is more information or an appropriate G1E review and trust me you are in the right hands.

I would like to assure you that this is going to be one of the most detailed analyses about G1E Company.

So, feel free to make yourself comfy, get ready for the ‘show’, by grabbing a cup of your favorite beverage or whatever that makes you relax!

Let me start by saying that Global 1 Entertainment Company is a network marketing company in its own class. I am saying this because it has a unique approach to the popular multi-level marketing business and it is at the fore front in the growing gaming and social networking trend in business today. This is why G1E Global Entertainment is definitely meant for majority, but not everybody!

As I said earlier, G1E is a network marketing company just like other wellness and electricity deregulation companies in the world.

Global 1 Entertainment  pays its business partners up to 70% of all the profits they generate. With that said, I would like to let you know that this is not and will never be a get rich quick scheme, and I have honestly never seen one.

So, please look somewhere else if you are looking for such an opportunity before you waste your precious time reading this G1E review!

Since we have now separated the chaff from the wheat, I will dive in and without any bias and let you know what is G1E, its products, compensation plan, legitimacy, and ALMOST everything you have been looking for about Global 1 Entertainment Company.

What is G1E?

Global 1 Entertainment used to be referred as Infinity 2 Global (I2G), before it changed its name to G1E. The main reason why they decided to change the company’s name is because their former name did not capture all of their products.

So today, the company is called Global 1 Entertainment, and it is for sure a Global entertainment company, to say the least. G1E company is however a network marketing company. The company is the king of the entertainment industry having a variety of products that include digital gaming, social media platform, fantasy sports, sporting betting, holiday packages and online casinos.

What I mean by referring to network marketing, multilevel marketing or mlm is the fact that you only invest in a business once and then you are paid a lifetime recurring commissions for the rest of your life. It is good to note that this is a totally different business model than those in traditional businesses.

Who Owns G1E Company?

Global 1 entertainment (G1E) is a private company that was founded in Kentucky, USA in the year 2013.As I said earlier the company was founded as Infinitely 2 Global or I2G before it finally changed its name to G1E. Further research on this topic shows that the company never wanted to be seen as a casino company but a network marketing business. The company was founded by Rick Maike, an established multilevel marketing professional who is also the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

So, how Much Does It Cost To Join G1E?

You will first need the G1ETouch software, for you to get an access to Global 1 Entertainment. The software can be got at a subscription fee of $19.95 per year. Touch business software will however enable you integrate all your social media accounts into a single platform.

I can say that the software is definitely worth its pricing, because of its amazing features. For instance, Touch business software comes with music sharing, video sharing, group functions, chat and a viral blogging system.

The G1E system is divided into 3 levels that one global business partners can use to make and share money. The first and the lowest level is the player level. In player level, a partner joins after paying a onetime fee $249.95 and a subsequent monthly fee of about $25 USD. The second and middle level is called the Roller. In the Roller, a player is required to pay $749.95 and a subsequent fee of $50 in each month. The highest level possible in Global1 entertainment is the Very Important Persons level abbreviated as VIP where to join my friend, you will first need to pay a one-time fee of $1499.95 with of course a monthly subscription fee of $75 USD.

Now, what do you get In Return from Your Product Subscription?

Let me Start with the G1E Touch

G1E is a master of online presence. The software enable you combine and manage all your online communications, online marketing and social media from one center. This means that all your social networks will be in one place, and you can even create your own channel, which you can use to do live broadcasts, video chat and post unlimited number of images, audios and videos.

G1E touch will also enable you post to every social media account you have at once, with a single press of the button. The software enables you communicate with the world instantly while at the same time building your online business.

The importance of G1E Touch software is unlimited. For example, you can host all your webinars to a countless number of audience and share all your records, screen, video chat, and live broadcast with anybody in any part of the world. It is all in one ultimate screen sharing software that many will skip meals just to save enough cash to buy!

G1E Fantasy Sports

Global 1 Entertainment has a fantasy sports center where you can create, show your skills, and share your profits, even if you lose or win a game just like any other fantasy sports websites. The good thing is that you will have no salary caps. There will be games every day, your draft is not limited and everything you win will be deposited into your PayPal account, almost immediately.

G1E Boardwalk

This is G1E’s social gaming platform that has games such as keno, Slot machines, bingo, blackjack, Poker and many others. These games enable you earn a token after an extended period of time or it can be purchased or better still be gifted by your friend. Many people pay to play games online nowadays, but G1E is quite different in that you share all the profits you make from playing those games with the company.

Velocity Casino

Although gambling is both legal and illegal in some parts of the world, I believe it can be health if it is treated with moderation. G1E is not a casino business by itself, but is in partnership with a reputable casino company to make gambling a profitable venture. I am saying this because there are hundreds of online casinos, but almost none will share their profits with you.  Global 1 Entertainment is fortunately here to fill this wide gap.

Velocity Sportsbook

Sports betting is currently a thriving industry. There can bet on almost anything, ranging from basketball, soccer, horses, dogs, cricket, boxing athletics and many more. Yes, the betting industry continues to grow since its inception. As much as you may not agree with gambling, the sport is here to stay with thousands raking in millions out of the business venture. Fortunately for those interested, G1E has a very lucrative plan on sharing the profits got from the betting industry.

G1E Compensation plan

There are basically five possible ways one can make money with Global 1 Entertainment.

Although it might sound complicated at first, it is a very simple venture if you get relevant guidance. You will however at first get one off percentage commission, when a new person joins the business and then earn much more based on what Global 1 Entertainment company calls business volume.

In simple terms, business volume are points you acquire depending on how developed is your G1E organization. If your business has reached a much higher level, then you will be able to earn commissions and bonuses without any further effort. Without further ado, let me run you through the 5 levels you can use to earn cash through Global 1 Entertainment Company.

  1. Fast Start Bonus

A fast start bonus is 10% cash paid a G1E member, when he registers one new team member at either VIP, High Roller or in a Player level. The 10% commission however differs depending on the level which your new member enrolled in. This will be 10% of $1499.95, $749.95 or $249.95.

  1. Binary Income

To qualify for a binary income, you must have had at a total of at least 600 business value (BV), 300 BVs to both sides; your right leg and left leg. You must also be fully qualified, always active and ranked at the player level or higher. You will then be able to earn a binary income of at least $40 to $60 USD for every 600BV, depending on your level.

  1. Start Matching Bonus

This G1E partnership level allows you to earn a matching bonus of up to 5 generations in your team and within your organization.

  1. Leadership Polls

You can also earn a Global Leadership bonus as you go up the G1E compensation plan. You will be able to earn a percentage of some profits each month, plus a one-time cash bonus at every level you reach.

  1. High Roller and VIP Exclusive Earnings

When you reach the VIP or High Roller, you qualify to earn a shared percentage of the total profits G1E makes from the Sportsbook products.

So, Is Global 1 Entertainment a Pyramid Scheme?

I am very sure this is the question everybody will ask before joining any mlm business, so let me clear it up before we continue.

Majority of failed online and offline entrepreneurs readily brand legit businesses as pyramid scams simply because they never worked their way. But various researchers have shown that the problem is not with the business or its products, but on the entrepreneurs.

So, Global 1 Entertainment is a legit business just like any other network marketing business out there. It is however unique in its own sense and style but requires hard work and dedication just like any other business venture for you to be successful. I have always said and will always repeat that any business is viable, until you prove it otherwise through trying. Do not just speculate!