Thomas Schmitz

Thomas Schmitz – DUBLI Top Earner


Thomas Schmitz is a millionaire living in Dubai. He has been married to his wife Stephanie since 2012. In 2013, he became a father to a daughter, Lucy Maria Celestine. This year (2015) marks his six-year anniversary with the DubLi Network. Thomas has been featured in the “Network Marketing Success Magazine.” He was interviewed for an article titled, “What is it that REALLY works?” Thomas also serves as the director of World as One LLC.




Again, I have never heard of DubLi Network. Established in 2003, DubLi is a multilevel marketing business that offers memberships to customers so they can shop on the DubLi online merchant website. Everything from entertainment to clothing to travel is offered. This MLM company was founded by Michael Hansen.


If you are seeking to earn extra income, or you want to become an entrepreneur, this one’s for you. You receive earnings from the millions of DubLi products and services people purchase on a daily basis. As an associate, you earn money from your marketing skills through DubLi referral-based program. With this business model, DubLi has become the top e-commerce network marketing company in the industry.




With word-of-mouth advertising, which is always the best form of marketing, you can generate traffic to DubLi’s products and services, earning money for every item or service purchase. This is where you earn long-term residual income. Just ask Thomas Schmitz. As a top DubLi earner, he makes $100,000.00 in residual income.


As with all multilevel marketing businesses, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule. DubLi lets you enjoy having your own home-based business without the risks and costs of being an entrepreneur. You get to be in business for yourself, not by yourself.


With offices all around the world, Ominto, Inc. is the parent company for DubLi. DubLi partner program gives businesses a professional and reliable web presence. DubLi is available in over 100 countries. By using relationship marketing, DubLi saves money on advertising, allowing it to spend more money on commissions.


To think about how this MLM works, think on this: what if you earn a commission every time someone did a search on Google or made a purchase on Amazon? That’s right. Your income would be long-term and non-stop.


Just like other direct sales businesses, you earn money every time your loyal customers refer someone, you earn bonus money from those purchases. It’s the same concept, just a different company.




There are plenty of not-so-nice comments about the DubLi pyramid scam. The first that was a DubLi complaint was the cost. To begin working with DubLi network marketing business, you have to purchase a start-up package that is priced close to $600. Ouch! You are now considered a business associate.


Next, as a business associate, you have to buy a business package that costs $99. This is so you can start earning commissions. After two months with DubLi, you have to buy a VIP monthly qualification voucher to operate the DubLi back office system. The cost is $50. If you do the math, this can really add up! And like with all MLM businesses, there is no guarantee you will earn six figures; you might not even earn two figures.


Additionally, there are other memberships you can purchase. The prices range from $600 to $6,000. I am not kidding. I am not an accountant, but it would seem that the majority of the money made with DubLi comes from membership purchases and not from product sales.


Another DubLi complaint was the customer service, which I have read from many users as being horrible. One gentleman signed up, because he liked the idea of receiving cashback on his purchases. However, when it came time for him to get his cashback, he didn’t get a dime.


He said that he contacted DubLi, and after numerous attempts, they kept telling him that they had no idea when his money would be available, and they had no more information to tell him. Mind you, he transferred the money to his online banking account, and per DubLi policy, it should have been ready for him in five days.


There are those that allege that DubLi is nothing more than a product-based pyramid scam. Business associates have also complained about not getting a refund when they changed their minds about joining. One customer even said that DubLi keeps charging their credit card and they cancelled.


I just read that DubLi is have problem with the SEC. The first thing that one consumer group noticed is that DubLi’s Fort Lauderdale office is actually a virtual office. This might be way it is difficult for those who want refunds to get them. There is also the fact the accounting firm that DubLi chose to work with has been in trouble with the SEC itself.


Lastly, there are reports that DubLi has been losing profits since 2012. In 2012, the company reported losses totaling around $12 million, and in 2013, there is a report of losses close to $15 million. As some people have said, you might want to think twice before signing up with DubLi.