Tim Foley

Tim Foley! Yes, Thomas David Tim Foley of the Amway Global direct selling business is a really blessed and an all-round individual. Other than building a very success Amway business that we are going to explore in details, Tim Foley is an accomplished musician and National Football League superstar.

In short, Tim can be described as a songwriter, drummer, pianist, guitar genius, poet, a fulfilled football star, a philanthropist and a leader of his Amway business.

Talking of Music, Tim Foley has composed several music hits that he had also performed during his sister’s wedding, his private pilot’s death and during the burial ceremony of his Father.

Tim Foley has also played for the Miami Dolphins for over 11 years, and was one of the football players that won NFL league cup unbeaten in the year 1972. Tim was as result called into the Pro Bowl team in his career, where he eventually won two Bowl rings, which he hardly wears.

In terms of character, Tim is a very humble Amway celebrity. He is extremely wealthy and has won numerous awards. Mr. Foley does not however publicly display all those awards, or even the many pictures he took while playing in the NFL championship for 11 seasons.

Tim, however, has an unparalleled charity track record, and he is still extremely generous! Tim Foley has for instance won several philanthropic awards, including the Amway Hero award in 2011.

To cut the long story short, Tim Foley is a celeb in every sector, but his experience with Amway business is breathtaking! He worked his way up from having a debt of $4 million to making a passive income of $150,000 per month, Courtesy of his Amway International business.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard as I explore the touching story of Thomas David Foley aka Tim Foley, and his journey in Amway relationship marketing company.

The Biography of Tim Foley of Amway

Thomas David “Tim” Foley has lived one of the most legendary lives, but from a very humble beginning. Tim Foley lost his real parents at a very tender age, but that was not the end of his life.

For your information, Tim, his sister and brother were all adopted and that is what they came to know as their family, until they lost their foster parents in 2005. I think this perfectly explains the many names Tim Foley has.

All in all, Tim Foley was born in 22nd January 1948 in Evanston Illinois. He weighs approximately 88 kgs and he is about 1.83 meters tall. Tim Foley was already a celebrity as a professional American Football player, before his name was entered into the millionaire books as a direct selling entrepreneur in Amway, since 1981.

For instance, Mr. Foley made his name while schooling at the Loyola Academy in Wilmette Illinois, and later in college at Purdue University.

It is however in Purdue University Football team that Tim received the prestigious all American honors as a cornerback in 1969.

To complete his football career, Tim Foley played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League for over 11 seasons. It is after his football career that Tim Foley was named into the Popular Bowl in late 1979, where he in fact won two Pro Bowl rings.

The legendary Tim Foley is currently a loving father and the Amway direct selling superstar. He currently lives in his dream in Lakeside, Florida and always creates some free time to be with his children; Tommy, Katie and his grand children Mary Grace, who is about six years old and Emily Faith, who is over four years old.

Thomas Foley aka Tim Foley is always moving. If you do not find Tim working in his Amway business office, you will definitely find him discussing and playing Football, basketball or better still limping his way to his home to be with his lovely family.

Yes, Tim Foley limps as a result of an injury he picked while playing for the Miami Dolphins back in 1980. This is in fact an injury that ended his football career.

Before moving to Tim Foley’s journey in Amway global, I don’t want you to point fingers at me by not clarifying that Mr. Thomas David Foley aka Tim Foley was a smart and strong individual in his youth life, but had issues with his confidence.

All in all, Tim is now very confident, thanks to the Summer Officer’s Training Program that his brother recommended to him.

Journey of Tim Foley in Amway Global Business

Tim Foley before joining Amway

Tim Foley of Amway was a full time football player, who ventured in a fitness business. Tim is that type of individual who always thinks ahead of his colleagues. This is the attitude that led him to start building a fitness center as he advanced in his football career.

Thomas Foley however became a serious fitness businessman, when his Football career ended in 1980s, after having a nasty knee injury.

Tim therefore went full-time into the fitness business in mid 1980, and invested a good amount of time and money into the same. Nevertheless, the fitness business was a total failure.

Tim Foley and other business Partners found out that they were having a debt of approximately $4million and it was still increasing fast at an interest rate of 24 per cent.

Tim became very frustrated as an individual and almost reached a point of losing hope with life, before the ‘God sent’ friend to his father bailed him out. This was Tim Foley’s turning point in life, and he lives to be grateful to this man.

Tim Foley in Amway International

Tim Foley was finally free from debt, but never wanted to hear anything to do with fitness business again. Mr. Foley did not however know on what business opportunity to venture in next!

The most interesting fact about Tim Foley is the fact that he lives a football life, even today. His lessons in life are all drawn from his football career, even the Amway relationship marketing idea itself.

In short, it is his teammate who told him about the direct sales business, and specifically suggested the Amway Company.

Tim Foley however never rushed to join Amway Global; he had to first consult his coaches and football teammates; something he does even today, when he is in dilemma.

After weeks of consultation, one of his close friends and football teammate who was then a football coach endorsed the idea. Thomas eventually joined the Amway business, although he currently says that it was out of frustrations and desire to make money for his family.

Tim named his Amway direct selling business ‘Quixter’ businesses. Tim was however afraid of failing in the direct sales business as he had failed in the fitness business, but decided to give it a try.

Success in Amway…

Tim Foley has been an Amway independent distributor since 1981. He has experienced massive success and has turned out to be one of the most respected leaders in arguably one of the oldest relationship marketing company in the globe.

Tim has used the advice he got from his American Football career to build one of the largest and most dynamic teams in the direct selling industry. His Quixter business now has tens of thousands of distributors in its downline and it is still growing.

Mr Foley has successfully proved wrong the notion that the Amway direct sales business cannot work outside the US by building one of the largest downline in North America and then proceeding to have several members in his downline from Amway Australia, Amway Spain, Amway brazil and many other countries in the world.

Tim Foley believes that his success is a result of hard work and reading many books and watching motivational documentaries.

Tim Foley, however, advices his down line to always set achievable time bound goals and work towards them, without looking back.

Tim says that the only way to succeed in life is by enjoying what you are doing. Tim however adds that success in relationship marketing comes with a lot of perseverance. You should therefore learn to live an uncomfortable life and for a long period of time, before you start experiencing some fruits in the industry!

All in all, Thomas ‘Tim’ David Foley is currently one of the very successful individual distributors in the Amway business. He is still as excited as he used to be when he was new in the relationship marketing industry, meaning that he has a promising future ahead

Tim Foley Awards and Accolades

Tim Foley has had a very fulfilling life, to say the least. Tim’s life has been a life that is full of cash, fun and fame. All these are however nothing when compared to the number of awards and recognitions Tim has received in his life so far.

To begin with, Tim Foley had won the Amway hero award in 2011, for his philanthropic work of building houses for the under-privileged in Guatemala; under a partnership project Amway had with the Habitat For Humanity International.

In Amway business, Tim has won numerous awards courtesy of his very successful downline. Tim so far has numerous silver awards, multiple diamond awards, countless double Diamond awards and several triple Diamond awards.

Tim Foley has also won a good number of Crown Diamond awards, Crown ambassador awards and the ultimate US founders Crown Ambassador among many others.

Tim Foley of Amway business has also featured in various television networks as a motivational speaker and direct selling business mentor. The most memorable appearances Tim has made include when he used to work as a Radio Announcer for the Miami Dolphins and pre-season color commentator for the Football contest in the University of Miami.

Mr. Tim Foley has also been featured in several top magazines and websites, both as a professional football star, and as an Amway multi-millionaire celebrity.