Tom & Bethany Alkazin

Tom & Bethany Alkazin are Vemma top earners in Vemma nutrition relationship marketing business. While everybody is dreaming of making enough money to afford a house near the beach and live a financially free life, this multi-millionaire couple is busy planning how to achieve that dream the fifth time in a row! Don’t worry guys; I will elaborate on this later!

Tom & Bethany Alkazin are currently die hard network marketing millionaires with Vemma nutrition, and very close friends to the Vemma CEO and Founder Boreyko. The family has had a very humbling journey in mlm business to becoming the best paid network marketers in Vemma Nutrition Company. Bethany and Tom Alkazin are also the only couple to earn a star pinnacle in Vemma nutritional company and on their way to earning the newly introduced Legend rank in the Vemma business.

The Alkazins are Vemma royal ambassadors and big time top earners in the Vemma Nutrition multi-level marketing business. They are one of the few families that have successfully incorporated all of its family into the same line of business, and mind you, they are very proud of that! Their gorgeous three children are not only into the Vemma nutritional business, but also very successful Vemma product distributors; just like their parents. This obviously shows that they admire and take their parents as role models, in my opinion!

Tom and Bethany Alkazin of Vemma Nutrition are one of the hardest working and dedicated billionaires; who have definitely made it in life! The couple understands Vemma direct selling business inside out. By that I mean, Tom and Bethany Alkazin were there when Vemma International was formed, inaugurated and in the setting of its policies and the whole Vemma compensation plan. I advise that if you really want to know anything about Vemma, just contact the Alkazins, and you will definitely be sorted!

I mentioned earlier about the Alkazins being successful in Vemma Nutrition, and trust me I wasn’t kidding! This couple is simply magical when it comes to making money in network marketing businesses.

The couple had been in three mlm companies before joining Vemma and has simply left trail of REAL money flowing to their bank accounts. The couple now makes approximately $175,000 recurring commissions per month, just from Vemma and an ungodly $2,100,000 per year, while of course having fun! Are you surprised? Then allow me to add that the couple had earned over $18,000,000 USD since joining Vemma Nutritional business! My friend, wait until I tell you where this family come from, where they currently live, what they own, what vehicles they drive, their journey in Vemma mlm and of course, their future plans!

Background of Top and Bethany Alkazin

Tom and Bethany Alkazin are a multilevel marketing celebrities from the United States of America. The family is popularly referred as the business family, because everybody in their family smells of mlm money, starting from their elder son Chris, and second born Brad, Amy together with her husband David. Tom and Bethany Alkazin is a true reflection of how life can change through entrepreneurship, and I am not saying that you must get involved in network marketing businesses to be successful!

The Alkazins are a multi-millionaire family with a REAL DREAM home in Carlsbad, California in the United States of America. Yes, everybody have a dream home I included, but the Alkazin’s home is definitely unrivaled.

Tom and Bethany Alkazin’s home occupies a whole 6,000 square feet, bordering the Pacific Ocean! Their home my friend has a world class swimming pool, a fully equipped basketball court, a guest house for their numerous multilevel marketing friends and a separate home office house.

The Alkazins property is one of the few homes in the world that makes you feel that you are on top of the world, when inside! I hear that Tom bought this magnificent property when he was in Amway mlm business and when he started out with network marketing business! So, if that is the case and he wasn’t as successful as he is today in Vemma nutrition, what can he possibly afford today! Is it the limousines the family rides in? Or is it the Private planes, yachts and expensive vacations? Just a food for the thought!

Tom and Bethany Alkazin has had no other career apart from the arguably prolific multi-level marketing business. By that I mean that Tom is a programmer turned network marketing guru since quitting his first job to join Amway, when just 23 years.

Since then, Tom grew through network marketing, and got married to a diehard network marketer; Bethany Alkazin .Tom and Bethany Alkazin now literally eats, walks, sleeps and of course talks mlm business. The case is true to his beautiful and lively wife Bethany Alkazin.

Tom and Bethany Alkazin have also assimilated all of their children into the multilevel marketing business, showing all the world how they trust the mlm industry! The big question is, will they survive in it with all the Vemma Scam allegations and Vemma Complaints on the air today?  I wasn’t born and will never be a doubting Thomas, but let us wait and see!

Tom and Bethany Alkazin’s Journey in Vemma Nutrition

Tom Alkazin was first introduced to the mlm industry in August of 1975, while he was only 23 years old and not married. Can you imagine that the now highly rated Vemma Nutrition network marketing super star was lured to join the industry by a dinner offer? Yes, and this is how it unfolded!

The now filthy rich and Vemma top earner and legend was one day in the offices of his first job as a programmer after graduating from college when he received a call that eventually changed his life forever. What was this call like ladies and gentlemen! It was his close friend’s mother who called him, requesting him to accompany her son; Richard to a business meeting that he had no clue about.

Tom had known his friend Richard for a long time, but never knew and wasn’t interested in attending that business meeting! So, he said no and he meant it until Richard’s mother mentioned a dinner offer, and she Heard “YEES, I will definitely go!”

It is at the meeting that Tom Alkazin’s life changed forever. Tom was so excited to hear of a business that you can build once and it continues to pay you a residue income forever! He was so amazed and so curious to start.

Although Tom Alkazin was so poor in marketing, he knew deep within himself that he will give it a try. So, what next! The now Vemma Nutrition Star went home very inspired, but he had one problem though, he was only 23 years and very broke!

Tom Alkazin however knew one friend that he can tell anything and get instant help! So, he headed straight home and narrated the whole story to his mother, who like any mother believed and encouraged him to give it a try.

After his narration, Tom Alkazin borrowed $1,000 USD dollars from his mother and promised to pay back is some few months, and he surely did. It happened that the first company he wanted to invest in is the mlm giant Amway Global. Tom had an initial plan of making a mere $200 per month, but God had a bigger dream for him!

Tom Alkazin was then sponsored by his high school friend, Richard who sadly quit the mlm industry after only a short period of time! Tom Alkazin was then simply fired up, given that he had a $1,000 debt that he had to pay.

Tom Alkazin was then mentored by one of the great people and minds in the network marketing industry and that is how he also met Bethany, who is now the love of his life, if you know what I mean.

Tom Alkazin while in Amway used to listen to cds from his mentors as he drove by. Some of the great minds in the mlm industry that inspired him include Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Bob Proctor to name just a few. This is how Tom and Bethany Alkazin knew that personal development is the best investment you can ever do in your life!

Even if all the mentors I have mentioned above were of great help to Tom and Bethany Alkazin’ s multilevel marketing millionaire stardom, the mentorship he got from Vemma nutrition’s Founder and close friend, Ben Boreyko is incomparable. This is one man who knows Tom inside-out. Tom Alkazin is therefore a complete photocopy of Ben Boreyko’s attitude, hard work and partly his behavior.

Tom and Bethany Alkazin therefore joined and started to work seriously together on 1987, when he sponsored them in the Matol Botanical business, New Vision International network marketing business and later Vemma.

Having watched Bereyko become successful in Amway, build New Vision International and finally help him launch Vemma nutrition Company, Tom and Bethany has seen it all in mlm business. Although they are not very good at recruiting, the family focuses mostly on people who are really interested in Vemma Nutrition and the whole of multilevel marketing business.

It is through this that they have managed to build a very strong team in Vemma that consist of more than 250,000 members in their downline. They have one of the arguably most dynamic Vemma networks in the world, having touched almost all parts of the world including Vemma Italia.

I can as well say that, Tom and Bethany Alkazin are Vemma brands! I know you are asking yourself why? So let me safe you some time by explaining! Tom and Bethany Alkazin’s worldwide business makes sales that are worth 40% of the total sales that Vemma makes! Now, tell me what will happen if the Alkazin decides to shut down their Vemma business! That is why I called them the Vemmas, ladies and gentlemen.

Tom and Bethany Alkazin’s team is extremely strong and have also made hundreds of millionaires in their downline including their son; Brad Alkazin. Some of other millionaires in their Vemma Downline include, Linda Proctor from Vemma Canada, Jeff and Elizabeth Hooks from Vemma usa, David and Wendy Graham from Vemma Usa, Lanny and Deena Morton from Vemma USA, Billy McSwain from Vemma USA, Peter and Marie Francis from Vemma Australia and many others.

Tom and Bethany Alkazin are also incredible motivational speakers and presenters. Tom has featured in numerous YouTube videos, audio recordings, websites, facebook posts and tweets marketing Vemma Global products. Some of these presentations have been criticized as being Vemma scam but that has not stopped him from making more and more presentations!

Tom Alkazin simply knows that he needs everybody so as to survive in network marketing business, but he does not surely need anybody in particular. That is how Tom deals with critics and rejections when in his business! All in all, Tom and his family are having the time of their lives, travelling to all parts of the world, while Vemma global pays for it! How sweet!

Tom and Bethany Alkazin Awards and Accolades

Tom, Bethany Alkazin and their three children are one of the most respected Vemma network marketing experts. Tom and Bethany Alkazin have watched Vemma get launched, being managed by their close friend and mentor, win several Vemma scam allegations and also fail others like the recent FTC closure and Vemma property seizure!

Back to business..

Tom and Bethany Alkazin have won almost all the awards, commissions, and bonuses with Vemma Nutrition. Name them all starting from the ambassadors’ awards, Star Royals awards, Star executives to star pinnacle and you will be referring to the Alkazins.

Tom and Bethany Alkazin has in fact travelled the world courtesy of the Vemma business opportunity. The family has earned every bonus that comes with a particular achievement in Vemma.

Tom and Bethany Alkazin for instance, earned $500,000 USD for achieving the Star Pinnacle award, which was the highest ever achievement in Vemma Nutrition, before introducing the Legend achievement, which the family is after. The biggest challenge and worry is whether they will be able to achieve it after FTC has shut down Vemma Nutrition for allegation of Being a pyramid scam or better still being called a Vemma Scam. I am definitely not a judge here, but time will tell!