Tony and Jessica Rush

Tony and Jessica Rush are a dynamic duo and Empower Network business multi-millionaires who lead from the front. The couple is an unparalleled example of the capability of individuals if they believe in themselves and take that important action of changing their lives. The couple devoted their lives into the Empower Network MLM Company and they have shown the world that everything is very possible if you develop killer mindset!

Count yourself lucky if you are in Tony and Jessica Rush’s empower network Extreme Team, and I know of several individuals who can testify to my claim! Because I do not like mentioning names, let me simply say that Tony and his wife are consistent leaders and business mentors in their team. They simply over-deliver when it comes to giving their members free tips, tricks and additional trainings on how to make money online.

Tony and Jessica Rush’s culture of sharing and invaluable coaching and mentorship has enabled them become top earners in Empower Network LLC.  Several members in their team have also experienced incredible success through their hands, but they have been blessed more. The couple make $153,000 USD per month and are among the elite members in Empower Network toearn such a fortune just like Brad Campell who ‘fortunately’ left the business to invest in a local lead generation business, which has changed the lives of thousands of people in the world.

Back on Tony and Jessica Rush’s story and journey before it gets overshadowed by the incredibly blessed Brad Campell.

Let us therefore start with the history of their family…

Biography of Tony and Jessica Rush

Tony Rush and Jessica Rush is an empower network business multi-millionaire family. The couple is blessed with three sons and a Dachshund they call Bentley that does not know it that it is a dog. Tony and Jessica Rush currently lives in their dream home in Dothan, Alabama in the United States of America.

Tony Rush is a feel good type of a guy who love travelling, having fun and being with his family. This is all he missed before joining the empower Network and guess what! He is currently wealthy and having fun! I will definitely explain all in my next step, so do not feel that I left you hanging!

Tony and Jessica Rush’s Journey in Empower Network Business

Tony Rush worked in a corporate business before he was introduced to Empower Network, but that is not how he simply himself in Empower Network marketing business.

This is what really happened…

Please note that Tony Rush never liked his corporate job from the first day in office…he simply never liked it because it went against all his wishes and dreams in life. First, the pay was way below the average, he spent over 150 days overseas in a NORMAL year, and he hardly spent time with his family; leave alone the long hours he spent in office when not representing his company abroad.

The family had a challenging life and Tony was at the center of it all. So, just like any other man he had to look for a way to simplify things up and that is the channel that Tony Rush followed, but he never started it with Empower Network business.

Tony Rush and his wife Jessica Rush rushed into MLM businesses and hopped into one direct sales company to another. They sold all sorts of products including medical insurance cards, nutritional supplements, miracle fruit juices and many other crazy staffs distributed in relationship marketing businesses. Tony Rush was still not satisfied with the results the life they led.

Tony and Jessica Rush were almost giving up when they pumped into an audio file from one of the Empower Network affiliate marketer. Tony was busy struggling with his office work when he was first introduced to an audio file from one Bob from Empower Network business. He listened to the Audio, marveled at the opportunity that it presented and never wasted any minute to call the person who made the audio file.

To cut the long story short, Tony Rush booked an appointment, which eventually took him 48 hours before he was connected to his ‘life safer’. Tony Rush then was presented with one of the most intriguing presentation that he had never hears in his life.

The Empower Network business opportunity was so convincing that Tony Could not even wait to go home for a consultation with his friends and family, before joining. Tony Rush joined the business and that is how a millionaire in the making was born, ladies and gents!

Tony Rush Firing his Boss…

It was exactly after a month in Empower Network multi-level marketing business that Tony and Jessica Rush tripled his salary at his full time corporate company. Tony Rush was extremely excited and you know what, he just walked one morning to his boss and gave him one of the most abrupt bye bye! And that is how his dream life that he enjoys today became a reality!

Tony and Jessica Rush are now very successful mlm top earners living a life like no other. Tony Rush is currently an Empower Network top earners, together with other relationship marketing geniuses such as Justin Verrengia, Michelangelo Lopez, Aaron Rashkin and Brad Campell ; who has broken records with his very simple and replicable A,B,C model of lead generation business that is taking over the internet business world by Storm. The few individuals who have joined his business call it the ‘savior’, and you can only know why they think so by joining in rather than working on rumors!

Tony and Jessica Rush’s Awards and Accolades

Tony and Jessica Rush are a full time Empower Network marketing multi-millionaires who have consistently featured in the mlm top earners in various companies since starting out in 1996.

Tony Rush was awarded the prestigious Rising Star achievement, after emerging as the number one recruiter in Empower Network; after working with the company for just 90 days.

Tony has Co-authored a book called “it’s Time…For Network Marketing” and he is an intentionally acclaimed expert in home based businesses. He has made numerous appearances in podcasts, radio talk shows, and he is currently a business consultant in several entrepreneurship companies. Tony Rush’s name is like a song in various online businesses success stories, and better you get used to it early because it will continue for a really long time!

Tony and Jessica Rush currently travels the world, appearing as a guest speaker in a number of cities all over the world. Some of the cities he has addressed thousands of relationship marketing professionals include in The United States of America, Sydney Australia, Cancun in Mexico, Rome in Italy and many more.

He has also shared a stage with the world’s best celebrities, including Michael Losier, who authored the Law of Attraction, a renowned actor Bob Proctor, Author Lynn Mc Taggart and Phil Keoghan who host the Amazing Race.

Tony Rush currently hosts one of the biggest MLM shows in the world, other than serving as one of the executive marketing council of a very big direct sales Company in The United States of America. Tony Rush hosts a show called “Wake Up To Success” and is listened to thousands of relationship marketing professionals in all parts of the world.


Empower Network Review

Welcome once again as I take you through what is empower network? Is empower network scam? Empower network products, empower network compensation plan and many many more.

I however have to say that the various empower network reviews and scam advises are utterly ridiculous and confusing. As much as we agree that this is a man eat man society, I cannot understand how a grown man or woman can spend hours to write something which is totally faulty. Today is not judgment day and I am therefore try to give an honest review and opinion about empower network reviews without being biased. So, let us get rolling!

To begin with, let us first know what is empower network?

Empower Network LLC is a home based MLM business opportunity that was created to solve various challenges facing online entrepreneurs. Empower Network has unique products that are in form of marketing trainings, commissionable direct sales, relationship marketing tutorials and much more.

The History of Empower Network

Empower Network multi level Marketing Company is a brain child of David Wood who once lived in a van. I will also not forget to mention his friend and proactive online entrepreneur David Sharpe, who partnered with him to achieve the massive success Empower Network Company has today. The two gentlemen however had something in common other than being name sakes!

David Wood was homeless for a good number of years and had really suffered in the hands of poverty and financial insecurity. On the other hand David Sharpe was a perennial drug addict and an equally broke dude. These two gentlemen were in short totally broke, but their past has surely not defined their future. Many people might love them or hate them, but trust me they are millionaires unlike many of us out here!

We are fond of hearing that every dream is valid, but people like David Wood and David Sharpe of Empower Network mlm are here to prove it to us! What started out like 50 confused internet marketers trying to figure out how to change their lives has turned out to be an international corporation that thousands of people are benefiting from!

Empower Network was however launched on the last day of October, 2011, and was initially registered as a small business company. The company’s sales have however exploded, paying out millions of dollars in commissions, after being in business for just a year. Empower Network mlm has however stood from the crowd for its blogging platforms, affiliate programs and tutorials on traffic generation.

Empower Network is defined by its ‘unique’ Blogging system…

Yes, empower network is a unique blogging system according to their site and its faithful marketers…which of course various empower network reviews vehemently refute. As promised earlier, I am here to give you an unbiased insight about the Empower Network business, and that is exactly what I will do.

So, the equally worshipped and criticized Empower network blogging system enabled each and every subscriber and affiliates own a free website, customized just for them and their businesses. And this marks the end of their ‘uniqueness’ if I put majority of the online empower Network reviews into consideration.

It has however been proved that very few people really make it big through this free blogging formula. Majority of its subscribers and former affiliates have said that this is true because they are provided with very few lead generation and SEO optimization tips at that stage. The Empower Network Company however claims that lead generation is part and parcel of the network, so they give its customers a kick off in making their first sale online, and I cannot agree enough!

Empower Network Products

The Empower Network products have been and are still the center of criticism by various online reviewers. Majority of Empower Network reviews and pyramid scheme advisers have argued that Empower Network does not have ‘actual products’, unlike other established MLM companies such as Amway or Herbalife. I however does not agree with them, although majority of them are service (training) related.

My Verdict: Empower Network has real products, although it is in itself a service Company.

Here are the Empower Network products to support my above claims:

  1. Viral Blogging System

If you are accompanied by empower Network affiliates and you hear them talking of Blog beast or ENV2, just know that they are referring to the Empower Network’s viral blogging system. This product is indeed a viral blogging system because it allows newbies get a customized blog to help them kick off their online businesses. You will however get access to this free blog after subscribing to their system with$25 USD per month.

  1. Inner Circle Members

Inner Circle membership is a subscription service within the Empower Network Company. For you to get access to this membership or products as they call them, you need $100 USD per month. The main products here are uplifting testimonials and wonderful success stories with some training. The products are worth every penny as many have found out!

  1. Empower Network’s Viral Blogging academy

Viral blogging Academy is the cornerstone of all other Empower Network products. It is simply a series of trainings that contain several tutorial videos and approximately 90 action plans. These videos show you how you can maximize your earnings from your online businesses, and you will need to pay $297 USD so as to access this product for a lifetime.

  1. High Ticket Academy

High ticket academy is a product that has three webinars. The Webinars are all about how to sell ticket items. You however need to pay a onetime fee of $ 497 before you get access to these webinars. This product is nevertheless unpopular in the Empower Network LLC, because it requires you to make a call before you sell a product. You are doomed to fail if you do not know how to have a decent telephone conversation!

  1. Costa Rica Intensive

The Costa Rica Intensive product is simply an online business mastermind footage in Costa Rica. The product is full of golden nuggets and great content, to say the least. You will require a onetime investment of $500 USD, before being allowed to access the product.

  1. Internet Traffic Formula

As the name suggest, it is an Empower Network product that shows you how to generate scalable traffic into your website. It is a relatively good product, but you have to first path-ways with an incredible $997 USD. Majority of online reviews say that the Internet Traffic Formula product is not worth the price tag it has, but it is up to you to decide, after all we don’t know the motives of those reviewers.

  1. $15K per month Formula

These are numerous high quality and unique webinars that guides you on how you can generate $15K USD per month, repeatedly. These webinars are so far the number one products empower network has ever produced. If you have the cash, you can try it out and I know you will never regret it!

  1. Then, the $3,500 Masters Course training

Empower Network calls this an advanced high level training, and yes it surely deserves the title. It is in high definition and is meant for individuals who want to take their business to a completely new level.

So, in short, this is what Empower Network calls ‘products’! So according to you, do they qualify to be called so?  I will love to hear your opinion about this discussion…

The Empower Network Compensation Plan

The Empower network compensation plan is very easy to follow and extremely simple. I will therefore summarize it in a few sentences. But before I do that, I will like to bring to your attention that Empower Network switched to this simple compensation plan as from June 2014.

So, let us get rolling with our discussion…

For a start up, you will need $19.95 USD per month for you to be allowed to participate in the Empower Network business opportunity in the first place!

After the activation, you will be a qualified affiliate ready to sell any Empower Network products to the world, and the most interesting thing is that majority of their products pay approximately 100% commissions.

The Viral Blogging Academy pays 67% commissions for every sale made, while The Masters Course pays a whopping 85% for every referral made. If you do your calculations well, it will be $200 and $3000 USD dollars respectively for every referral made in each plan.

In reality, Empower Network offers you exactly two possible ways to earn commissions. The first and most common one is by selling a product to an individual who does not activate his account or qualifying to market products in a particular level after buying it yourself.

Empower Network’s compensation plan is unique in that you give up every 2nd, 4th, 6th, and a 5th sale thereafter on the company’s eight products. Empower Network(EN) also has a weekly bonus incentive that is given out to affiliates, depending on the number of Viral Blogging customers you introduce into the network each week.

Empower Network Complaints and Pyramid Scheme Allegations

Here is where the real deal is, ladies and gentlemen. I have spent days reading and analyzing various Empower Network reviews and Empower Network pyramid Scheme allegations and I have to say they are just a desert of mixed feelings and uncultured accusations.

I have come to realize that majority of people who support the EN are either affiliated to it or just paid to do so. Others who are also against the empower network MLM are either people who failed to make a dime in EN or who are affiliated to other competing companies such as Wealthy Affiliate Network.

Try reading all those reviews and you will be confused and utterly misled, just like the way I have been in the past two days. I even read one website claiming that David Wood operates his Empower Network business from Cuba, so as to avoid the long arm of the FTC in the US, while others shamelessly claim the Empower Network Founders David Wood and David Sharpe were millionaires in other MLM companies; but chose to live in a van for some few days before starting the Empower Network Company. Very interesting revelations, but I chose to brush them off as pure lies. Thank you for your time!