Toufik Rezig – Top Earner in World Global Network

Who is Toufik Rezig?

“Start small and work your way up in everything you do.”

This is a lesson we are going to learn from one of the most respected and celebrated MLM top earners; Toufik toufik_rezig_president_goldeRezig.

As of March 2015, Mr. Toufik is the best mlm top earner in World Global Network mlm and 23rd in the world of multi-level marketing in the globally.

This in my in my opinion is not a small achievement, considering a fact that World Global Network is a new player in the mlm business.

Mr. Toufik is a super network marketer who is trying everything in his capacity to achieve what no marketer has ever accomplished in the history of MLM business.

In my opinion, he has successfully achieved this!


Just imagine a human being with blood and flesh, just like you and me making a whole $300,000 per month and over $3,600,000 a year with an entirely new telecommunication company that started in late 2010.

Is this man not going places?

Especially considering that most businesses fall flat on their face in the first 5 years. But to do this with an MLM company that is practically brand new?

Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself!

Background of Toufik Rezig and His Journey to Making Money with MLM

Toufik Rezig is a French multi-millionaire in the mlm business; marketing and distributing products from Wor(l)d GN company.

He is highly respected member of Wor(l)d advisory board who has made his name in the mlm industry from a humble beginning.

Toufik Rezig graduated from University Paris- Pantheon-Assas, and since then he has never stopped working hard to achieve his dream of achieving his millionaire dream in life.

Which begs to question – what are you and I willing to do to achieve our dreams???

Toufik Rezig attributes his success in the mlm business and make money with MLM to inspirational CEO and Founder of World Global Network; Fabio Galdi.

When he visited him, he was so inspired by his technological inventions that he never hesitated to start marketing his company’s telecommunication products and mobile apps. Toufik saw a business opportunity of his lifetime and wanted to make sure he utilizes it to its full potential.

Smart move Toufik!!!

Mr. Toufik started small and has moved up to be an mlm top earner in world Global Network and 23rd in the world of mlm business in the world. He is a very talented entrepreneur and a motivational speaker capable of speaking more than four international languages. Some of the languages he speaks fluently are French, English, Espanyol, and Italian among others. This has greatly helped Toufik in expanding his business empire worldwide.

Rezig is a 10 time president millionaire, who won an amazing Villa in Kosh Samurai, Thailand and a has been able to buy a BMW 6400 dream car; thanks to the world Global Network’s dream car bonus he has achieved. This car is so fantastic that it clearly shows the excellent opportunities that wor(l)d GN gives to its network affiliates.

In an interview, Toufik Rezig said,” I want to be biggest mlm networker that ever lived in the world.” That is what he is doing every day while taking millions of dollars to the bank.

Toufik Rezig has been nominated in the mlm networker of the year in 2015; at the business for home together with other make money with mlm top earners. He is the only nominee from World Global Network, and he currently has 51 votes occupying the 32nd position in the rank.

He is a proud member of the millionaire club in World Global Network and a renowned international leader. Toufik Rezig’s classy lifestyle has enabled him live a life of style and elegance. He can afford a birthday celebration tour to Saudi Arabia, as well as other things like owning a fleet of luxury cars, apartments and villas.

Toufik knows he is rich, that is why he is living his life like there is no tomorrow.

Toufik Rezig Awards and Accolades

Toufik Rezig is surely an award-winning marketer and networker. He has won so many awards that naming them each will require a different article and page altogether.

Since his humble beginning as a fresh graduate, he started his journey to being the most respected elder in the world Global Network achieving one award after another.

Some of the qualifications Toufik Rezig has achieved include:toufik-rezig-president-millionaire-world-global-network

  • hundreds of bronze and silver medals
  • tons of gold 1 stars
  • gold 2 stars and gold 3 stars
  • multiple platinum diamonds
  • white diamonds
  • blue diamonds
  • black diamonds
  • several President gold achievements
  • president platinum
  • president diamond
  • president millionaire 10 times


Mr. Toufik has also won a prestigious villa in Thailand and a world class luxury BMW car that speaks volumes of the power and position he occupies in World Global Network Mlm Company.

For further details on what Toufik Rezig has been up to, let us have a close analysis of the World Global Network Company. Shall we?

The World Global Network

The Word Global Network abbreviated as Wor(l)d GN is a Wholly Owned subsidiary telecommunication, ICT, mobile advertisement, and a renewable energy company; founded in 2011 in Italy by Fabio Galdi.

This mlm Company previously had its headquarters in Italy and Singapore before shifting them to the United Kingdom.

Currently, World Global Network has over 100 branches in all parts of the world with its principal offices being in the UK, Russia, United States, Moscow, China, Ireland and Singapore. This mlm company is currently headed by CEOs Alfonso Galdi and Roberto Forlan.

Background of World Global Network

World Global Network was founded in 2011 by Fabio Galdi, if you allow me to repeat. This Company is a product of thorough research and technological analysis of the then telecommunication gadgets and application for over ten years by its founder.

The world global network company is currently a global multi-million dollar mlm corporation that operates in more than 100 countries in the world.

Wor(l)d is listed in the prestigious Over-counter market in the United States of America , the Direct Selling Association and Singapore Business Federation , which are all legal authorities in place to ensure the following strict code of ethics in the direct sell entities and customer protection.

This MLM mission is to develop new technologies, and share it with others so as to generate investment opportunities that will change the lives of people, while making the world Global Network a leader in the mlm direct selling industry.

Their vision is to be the first global mlm network that is driven by technological innovations, led by professionals with passion on the innovations and built by people who share World Global Network’s benefits, and changes with others.

The World Global Network Products

PhoneSpaceSTATIONWorld Global Network mlm is one of the global player in telecommunication and technological equipment. The Corporation produces world class wp4u smart phones and tablets, Lumina glasses and space system apps that include: space meet, space cloud, Alice, space travel, space VoIP and space postcard. These products are out of innovative technology that is geared towards bringing a more desired change in the market of telecommunication and ICT.

Achievements and Recognition of World Global Network

The CEO of Wor(l)d Global Network was nominated in 2012 as one of the best emerging CEOs in the mlm industry, and the company ranked the 8th most visited company website in the world of mlm business by the Business For Home website.

It is in 2014 that the Wor(l)d GN won its first award( Solar International Awards), through its Project power solar energy project under the UN Global Compact Awards.

The company’s world-class products and mlm business opportunities have led it to be recognized globally as one of the popular companies in the world of mlm ventures. Some of the famous bodies that have recognized the World Global Network include:

  1. Business for Home
  2. World Finance Group
  3. Wall Street Journal
  4. Forbes Magazine
  5. and in various articles in Yahoo.

The company is currently one of the make money with MLM that is known in different places of the world.

How Affiliates Earn from Wor(l)d GN

The Wor(l)d GN affiliates are the most valuable business partners in the World Global Network. The company therefore rewards its partners, with arguably the best innovative pay plans in the modern mlm industry. Since the company’s goal is to improve the livelihoods of people in the world, it has come up with ten competitive pay plans for its business partners and affiliates.

These are:PAy Plan World Global Network

  1. retail bonuses
  2. team volume commission
  3. license bonus
  4. money box
  5. unlimited brick development bonus
  6. residual earnings
  7. generation bonus
  8. advancement bonus
  9. BMW dream car bonus
  10. Special Annual Holiday bonus among others.

New mlm distributors join World Global Network by buying one of their products that enable them join World Pay’ remuneration plan. This pay plan gives you access to either affiliate partner, master or power master business profiles.

The affiliate business profile allows you to start in the retail bonus, the TVC and lets you start your first earnings in Wor(l)d Network MLM industry. The Master level is an advanced business profile that enables you to participate in all bonuses and career plans. The Power Master is the most advanced business profile level that allows you to share all the business opportunities and Wor(l)d Global Network services and products.

The power master is a complete profile dedicated to gold pack owners or the power Unit members. It has all the benefits of the master pattern and generates a total volume of revenues from NRG products.

The Basic Rules of Wor(l)d Global Networks

To activate your mlm business in wor(l)d global network, you will be required to have 20CV, which will make you active in the mlm business for 30 days. This is calculated from your last purchase of the minimum 20 CV from your local stock center or an affiliate store. This activation will allow you to take part in the pay plan depending on the membership level.

Wor(l)d Global network pays its commissions to its members based on 40 CV, which is the company’s minimum volume. 40 CV size corresponds to a commission that is worth $8 while 400 CV corresponds to commissions that are worth $80.

Anyone who wants to become a team developer is required to place one brick on your left side and one brick on the right team, made of masters or power masters. This essential step in wor(l)d global network mlm allows you to achieve a team developer status, which will allow you to participate in a full master pay plan.

For you to be eligible to receive a supercar bonus and the dream car bonus, you will have to take part in the company’s generation bonus by starting to save in the personal money box.

When in the commission CAP of World GN, you can receive a maximum of a team commission of over $50.000 a week as a master in each business center you have. CAP commissions are however payable at a maximum limit of about 50% of your turnover. The amount that will be excess will be subtracted from the commissions that are paid to each affiliate. Wor(l)d GN commissions are closed at 24:00 of every Monday in Los Angeles, United States of America.

How does Wor(l)d Global Network pays its Commissions

Wor(l)d Global Network has a very fast and reliable system of paying commissions to its affiliate members and marketers in the Network.

This is how they do it.

Whatever you have earned, is credited to your commission wallet in their system, and you can transfer them to your preferred bank account at any time of the day. They however, charge a $25 administration fee in case you gave an incorrect bank account details.

Wor(l)d GN also requires you to declare your earnings to your tax authorities, as per the various laws in your country, regarding the sales of international products and services.

The retail commission bonuses consisting of Brick bonus and Start Bonus are immediately credited into your wallet. The rest of the bonuses and commissions are credited to your account on a weekly basis after the completion of a weekly commission period.

For you to earn a brick development bonus, you must sponsor two masters; one on your left team and the other on your right team and enable them to sponsor others within the first 30 days.

If you achieve this, you will earn your brick development bonus and the $20 that is associated with that status. You should however ensure you put your sponsors in the right positions as it will be difficult to change them after they have been registered in that area.

Money Box Bonus is the most yearned for status in the Wor(l)d GN mlm company. For you to achieve this, you should make sure your minimum 20CV remain active for at least 12 months continuously. This means that you should not have any interruption on your subscription in each month until the end of the 12 months period.

Wow – sounds like a great pay plan.

I am curious to know what you think about it though. I am curious to know if it is a difficult thing for you to talk to your friends and family and get them involved in a MLM company with you. I know for me, that was one of the most difficult parts. Still is.

Tell me how you do it below: