Trish Schwenkler

Trish Schwenkler – ASEA Top Earner


One thing I have discovered while writing about MLM is how inspiring and motivational the stories are. I really didn’t expect this, especially at this income level. It is quite rare you find people willing to help someone else reach their full potential, financially or otherwise.


Now, you will find plenty of folks who are all too willing to tell you how they didn’t have anything growing up, how they got their millions, and how they now can drive a pimped-out vehicle and live in a mansion with a built-in home theater. What you rarely hear is the part about helping others achieves success.


Oh, you will hear some philosophical talk about this, that, and the other. Honestly, people need guidance, leadership, and pertinent information on what they need to get six figures in residual income. Yes, you must believe in yourself and have confidence, but you also need goals and a business plan. People need to know where and in which direction they should put their hard work.


This is just like if you have a family. Your choice in a significant other and your children are a direct reflection of you and what is important to you. I remember I read an article about a man who had become a millionaire. When his children were interviewed, his daughters spoke about spending their father’s money and meeting famous pop-culture celebrities. I didn’t hear one word from them about going to college, giving to charities, etc.


I read another article about another man who was a millionaire. When this gentleman was interviewed, he spoke about how he considers everyone who works for him a family member. He went on to say that he runs his business the same way. If someone who works for him is in need, he helps them just as he would his sister or brother.


When his children were interviewed, do you want to know what they spoke of? His son, who was now a part of his business, said that he enjoyed helping the people in his community, especially since a large portion of them didn’t speak English and were elderly. His daughter (who is in the business as well) said she was glad that she could go to college and not have to worry about costs or taking out student loans.


I admire people who are more than just their money and accomplishments. I love to hear about leaders who actually know what leadership really is. It is not just standing on a stage and telling people what to do. It is walking up to folks and speaking to them one-on-one.


If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you know I wrote about a multilevel marketer who talked about how when any member of her team is in need, she flies to their home and stays with them until the issue is resolved. What dedication and unselfishness she displays.


I read recently about how some network marketers say one thing about how they reached their level of success, but then it comes to the forefront that they do something entirely different. Why would you lie? I don’t know about you, but I would rather you tell me you don’t want to share any information with me than to just give me false information.


I guess what I am trying to say is that you have to be careful about who you consider as a leader, and who you are willing to follow. Simply put, some people are full of it. A person’s true character will always manifest itself at some point, no matter how phony some people try to be.


Any interaction you have with a person over a period of time is a relationship. And like with any relationship, it can be good or bad. Moreover, it needs to be nurtured. What I am saying is that working with or for someone is a relationship. You want the interaction to be positive and fruitful. As you can see with top MLM earners I write about, these are the ones that do the best in business.


Take for example, Trish Schwenkler. She is a MLM top earner with ASEA. Her and her husband, Bob, have been in the network marketing business for over 20 years. How good of a leader are these two? They have earned the title of Triple Diamond ASEA Leaders, with more than 24 Diamond Leaders working at their home-based business. Their team consists of individuals worldwide, from countries such as Ireland, Denmark, Germany, or Italy.


Trish is a member of the ASEA Advisory Council. Trish & Bob are also members of the ASEA Millionaires Club.




Trish Schwenkler began her career in MLM in 1993. She was the mother of three children, and as a stay-at-home mom living in Boise, Idaho; life was good for her and her family. One day, her husband Bob came home and told her that he had lost his job due to downsizing. Bob went to work as a consultant, and Trish started a career in the direct selling industry.


As Trish’s career as an independent business owner was taking off, the roles switched as Bob now took care of the children. Her mission was to “make a living and make a difference.” Although she was working hard, eventually it paid off. In four years in network marketing, she was making in a month what Bob earned in a year.


After seven years, after earning the highest rank in the company, and after grossing seven figures of yearly income, Trish and Bob decided to leave, so they sold their business. I know, I didn’t know either that multilevel marketers could sell their businesses. You really do learn something new every day.


Trish tried a couple of network marketing businesses, but she didn’t feel any were a good fit for her. In 2009, she discovered ASEA , and she found her new home. Here’s the thing: Trish had heard of ASEA, and people were calling her about ASEA, but none of the people followed up with her after the initial phone call. She says, “If they did, I might have joined their team.” As I was saying before, it is bad when you say one thing, and your actions say something completely different.


Trish joined ASEA through an acquaintance. She joined the ASEA business, because she wanted a place where she could promote the products with passion and veracity. Trish loved the fact that ASEA promotes health and well-being. Based on redox chemistry, the goal of ASEA is to improve the life of everyone on the planet.


When Trish joined ASEA, she came into the company with many years of experience in network marketing. Out of respect, she didn’t try to recruit the people she had worked with at the other direct selling businesses she was involved. That says something about her integrity.


She did have a lot of business connections and the reputation of solid business building on her side. Trish still puts 100% into her independent business, but she states the terrific products truly sell themselves. People are looking for products that delivers energy and vitality.


According to Trish, they believe in purpose and principles more than ego and economics. ASEA wants to leave to be one of the most-respected businesses in MLM. Who exactly is ASEA? Read on and find out.




Founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah, ASEA is a privately-owned MLM company that focuses on cellular health. ASEA means “from the sea.” Founder Verdis Norton served on the board of a biotech company that was performing research on redox signaling molecules. In the past, he has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies become more profitable.


The aim was to keep cells protected, rejuvenated, and functioning at optimal peak. ASEA offers ASEA redox supplement (water) and RENU 28 (skin gel).In order to reach the masses, it was decided by Norton and his board to offer their products via multilevel marketing.


Today, ASEA operates in 25 countries worldwide.  This year, Direct Selling News named ASEA as one of the top 100 MLM companies in the world. ASEA continues today in researching and developing products that promote cellular health.


ASEA Compensation Plan


When you become an ASEA consultant, you have to remain active in order to earn your bonuses and commissions. There are seven ways to earn money with ASEA, such as:


  • Sales – you earned a commission on every product sales
  • Preferred Customer – you earn a bonus for every customer that order a pack of product via autoship
  • Fast Start – you earn for every person that you recruit that purchases a product pack
  • Director – you earned a bonus for if you reach Director status within 14 days of becoming a consultant
  • Team – you earn a bonus if you create two teams within your business (min. 300 GV for each team)
  • Executive – you earn a shared bonus as you move up the ranks of ASEA
  • Check Match – you earn a check for every associate you have sponsored, and the people he or she has recruited




Trish Schwenkler states that the reason ASEA is so successful is that the company addresses the needs of so many people. Associates are happy that they now make enough money to cover their car payments and not have to take money from paying another bill. In these economic times, the joy in being able to pay your bills is a sign of success in itself.


People today are turning MLM into full-time business opportunities. They are leaving their regular, 9-5 job, and working for a place where they feel appreciated. Appreciation in most corporations is working at a position, giving your time and energy unselfishly, just to be let go due to downsizing, restructuring, or whatever insignificant term is used.


The bottom line is you give your all to this relationship, and all you get in the end is goodbye. There is no dedication or commitment to keeping you employed or care about how you are going to take care of your spouse and kids. Multilevel marketing gives you the chance to grow your business to the level you desire.




Now, Trish & Bo Schwenkler are reaping the rewards of their prosperous business. If Trish wants to go to San Francisco and visit her daughter, she can. She loves the fact that she does something she enjoys, so this is why promoting and selling ASEA products doesn’t feel like work.


Her motto: carpe diem (“seize the day”). She says if you want to make changes to your life in order to live a fulfilled one, “go for it.” Trish Schwenkler lives a life filled with purpose, which includes assisting to improving the lives of other people around the world.


Trish says she lives by the quote from Zig Ziglar: “you can have everything you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.” By concentrating on helping her team, her downline, Trish gets what she wants and needs. She believes that it is not what you have that counts, but the person you become in the process.


Personal growth is the backbone of how she operates her business. Simply put, Trish had to get Trish in the right place in order for her to make her business and her team prospers.


You want to know what her first sponsor told her? He said that where she ends up in five years depend on the books she read, and the people she associated with. Isn’t this what I have been saying over and over again on this blog?


You can’t be successful with the same mind frame you have coming in. In order to be a success in MLM, you are going to have to make some changes. Your old ways and the friends you hang around with, especially if they are not goal-oriented, aren’t going to cut it any longer. It is no different than when you want to be successful in life, period.


I was glad to discover Trish Schwenkler. Her story and her success with ASEA gives me and others encouragement to step out on faith and get the life that was meant for us. If she can do it, so can you!